Audio Services Not Responding – Fix Latest Guide 2021

Everyone in this world knows that Windows is one of the leading operating systems in the world. It is mainly known for its secure and stable environment. But there are some times when you can encounter unwanted issues, such as audio services not responding. If you get to know the audio service hasn’t been running on Windows properly, you will require identifying the given issue and opt for troubleshooting right away. However, it can’t be denied that many users get a similar experience. 

Most people will choose to run sound troubleshooting for fixing the audio problem. However, some might get disappointed because the troubleshooter cannot fix the problems of the sound devices and show this message: audio services not running. But there is no problem at all, and if you encounter this problem, you can even solve it on your own without asking for help from professionals. In this article, we will assist you to see if this problem occurs in your Windows.

What is Audio Services Not Responding to?

If the audio services not running occur in Windows7/8/10, then it might mean various things. You may know that the features of audio require particular drivers in the system. They do make sure that hardware and software components are connected to the required applications.

If the driver is not running correctly, then it could lead to audio problems. There can be various types of errors, which you can get in your computer and when the audio service stops working. There are many reasons for the audio services not responding to Windows 10

Causes of Audio Services Not Responding

The windows audio service not working is a pervasive problem on any desktop or laptop computer. Unfortunately, there are many reasons for audio services not working on windows 10. 

  • Audio services fail or stop working because of the technical issues in the problem. 
  • Windows operating systems might fail to read the audio, or it might fail to read the audio instructions. 
  • Sometimes updating the operating system can cause some problems while playing the audio files. 
  • There can be an issue with the audio settings. 
  • The malware or bug could be affected by the audio components. 
  • The audio units such as speakers might get damaged. 
  • The auto drivers might get outdated and corrupted. 
  • The CODEC in the system might be corrupt or malfunctioning. 
  • The operating system might not have loaded or restarted the components correctly. 
  • The application form in which the audio is playing might be defective as well. 

In this article, we will deal with some methods required for fixing the audio service not working issue.

Ways to Fix the Audio Services Not Responding Error

If there is damage, then there is a repair solution. There are many reasons for getting audio service issues; you can explore some solutions that can help you repair it. 

Method 1. Check Out The Hardware Issues And Sound Settings

Check out the hardware issues and sound settings before making any drastic steps to fix the audio service problem in your Windows operating system. 

  • First, go to the taskbar and click on the sound setting to check that it is enabled or not. You should also check whether the speakers are connected with the system or not.
  • Next, check out the level of volume. You can even check the headphones, internal connection, and also the media player which you are using. 

Method 2. Restart The Audio Service System Of Windows

If you don’t know the cause of the audio service, which is not responding, you can try restarting the windows. If your windows services are not correctly loaded or contain malfunctioning, then restarting can be your best solution and also fix it. Here are the steps of restarting the audio service in different versions. 

Step 1:- Click on the Start menu, and now, opt to click on the Run prompt, and press Windows + R to launch the application. Once it is launched, opt to enter the command “services.MSC” for launching the Windows services. 

Step 2:- Now, you will get the list of different services; you will have to locate and choose “Windows Audio” and then “Windows Audio Endpoint Builder.” 

Step 3:- You can opt to right-click to get the context menu and select the restart audio services.

Step 4:- After that, you can even visit the properties from the menu to enable the Startup Type.

Method 3. Update Audio CODEC

The Audio CODEC driver on Windows might have become outdated. If it has happened, you can update the CODEC to fix the issues, such as Windows cannot start audio services on the PCs or update the drivers. 

Step 1:- First, Click on the start menu and then open Run Prompt. Enter “devmgmt.msc” on it. Next, you can visit your PCs settings for launching the Device Manager. 

Step 2:- Once the Device Manager opens up, then you can expand the “Sound, video, and game controllers.” After that, you will have to select the installed drivers on the Windows and then Right-click on them

Step 3:- After that, update the software driver for launching the dedicated wizard. It has an option to select for auto looks up for its latest version and then follow the click-through method for updating the drivers.

Method 4. Re-install, Rollback Or Reset The Audio Drivers

Instead of updating the drivers, you can even choose various operations which are related to it. This method is simpler for fixing the audio service problem and even fixing the other driver-related issues. 

Step 1:- You will have to launch Device manager on the PC and choose the installed drivers. 

Step 2: Then, opt to right-click on the audio driver, go to properties, and select the driver’s tab. 

Step 3:- For resetting the driver, you will have to click the “Disable” button. After that, wait for a few minutes and follow up the same step for enabling the driver again. 

Step 4:- You can even uninstall the drivers and install all the drivers entirely from the official website. 

Step 5:- If the update fails, then you can even select “Roll Back Driver” for going back to the driver’s previous version.

Method 5. Disable The Audio Enhancements

If your audio service is not running in your Windows 10, this problem might be related to the audio enhancement property. This feature is used for enhancing the audio, and it might cause a clash with the other process. For fixing the audio service error in Windows 10, you can check out these quick steps. 

Step 1:- First, click on the start menu and look out for the “sound” for opening up the settings, or else you can directly go to the Control panel to do the same. 

Step 2:- Once the sound settings are launched, it’s now time to visit the playback tab, then choose the default audio for Windows 10. After that, do a right-click for visiting the device’s properties. 

Step 3:- Now, you can navigate to “Enhancements” of device properties and check out whether “Audio Enhancements” is turned on or off. If it is turned on, then you should turn it off.

Method 6. Run The Audio Troubleshooter

If you have tried everything and nothing is working, then you can take the help of an Audio troubleshooter. If the operating system has a small glitch causing the audio service issue, then a troubleshooter will be enough to fix the issue. 

Step 1: You will have to launch the Control panel on Windows, select the items, and then click on the troubleshooting. 

Step 2:- From the sound and hardware section, you will have to click on “Troubleshoot audio playback.” 

Step 3:- It will launch the dedicated wizard, which you can follow with the click-through method. In the end, the wizard will automatically identify the problem and give the way to fix the audio services problem on Windows.

Method 7. Check Out The Windows Audio Endpoint Builder

The audio endpoint builder is the service that plays an important role in playing sound files on the computer. Suppose everything is perfectly fine with the audio services and audio is not playing in PCs, then you might restart the service to fix the audio services problem in Windows 10. For restarting it, you can follow these methods. 

Step 1:- At first, opt for opening the “Run Box”.

Step 2:- Now, put “Services.MSc” and click “Enter”. 

Step 3:- Find out Windows audio endpoint builder.

Step 4:- Now, opt to right-click and choose the restart option. 

After all these, you will have to restart the PC to check out whether the problem is solved or not. After that, you contest any video or audio files from YouTube. If audio builder services don’t fix the problem, then you must try out another method.

Method 8. Add The Audio Services And Network Manually

Apart from the corrupt and old drivers, audio services problems can be caused due to the firmware problem. For example: – the local service or any other network on the system might not respond. In order to quickly fix these given audio services problems, manually, you may opt for enabling the services. 

Step 1: You will first have to go to the start menu, find out the Command prompt, and then open it. 

Step 2:– After launching the application, you will have to enter the commands and click on enter. For example, commands are: – net localgroup Administrators /add local service, net localgroup Administrators /add network service.

Step 3:- Once you have put the command and they are processed, then restart the system and check out if the audio services problem is solved.

Method 9. Re-installing Of The Speakers

If the audio services are not working in Windows 10, you can try out the Anti-virus scam. Sometimes, the audio inputs installation might become corrupt, which can cause the problem. Also, speakers might be experiencing problems. This might happen due to incorrect installation. You can follow these steps for re-install or uninstalling the speaker. 

Step 1:- First, remove the USB which connects the speaker with your PC. 

Step 2:- Take out the plug of the speaker.

Step 3:- After that, clean all the speaker wire and cable 

Step 4:- Restart your PC. 

Step 5:- Then, re-install the speaker on your computer. 

The PC will install the speaker automatically once it is connected to the PC. You can play audio files and fix the audio services problems in Windows 10.

Method 10. Try Out Anti-virus Scan

The windows ten audio service not responding will be fixed if your PC contains a virus. The virus might cause issues with the audio drivers on the PC. If a virus is present in your computer, it can damage the sound drivers and create issues with playing sound files on the computer. In addition, a virus might corrupt the audio drives. You will need an antivirus scan to scan your Pc for detecting the virus and removing them. Follow the method for doing an Anti-virus scan. 

  • First, you have to launch the Anti-virus application
  • Then, Go to the Scan section
  • Start full scan operation
  • Remove the viruses from the computer. 

The anti-virus program will scan your PC to detect the virus, and if found, it will remove all viruses from your computer. The audio service problem should be fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

  • How to enable the audio services on Windows? 

You will have to open up the “Run Prompt” and enter “services.msc” for launching the window. From there, you can easily choose the audio service and enable or restart them. 

  • What audio problems can be fixed? 

You could fix most software-related and firmware issues at your home. But, if the hardware is damaged, you must visit an expert instead of fixing it by yourself. 

  • How to fix the Windows Audio problem? 

You will have to find various ways to fix the Windows audio services problems from the list given above. You can go to the running prompt, open up the services tab, and restart audio services to fix it. 

  • How to check the code of audio error?

The error will give you an explanation of the problem. If not, then you can check it out online on the Microsoft website. 

  • How do you find out the corrupt sound files? 

There are lots of applications and repair tools available to fix out the corrupt audio. For example, if an audio component of a video gets damaged, you can take the help of the Wondershare Repair application.


Enlisted were some ways to fix the audio services not responding to Windows 10. All these methods to fix are tested and tried already to ensure your issue gets resolved. Moreover, this article is written based on experiments and hard research. You can try out every method yourself and choose as many as you like depending upon your need at the moment. This way, you can also fix these audio issues on your own without paying a lot of money to an expert. 



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