Avast Cleanup Review – Key Features and Pricing

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The brand that is known to each and every computer owner of the 1990s and 2000s, Avast comes with a quite good reputation of being an antivirus application. It is not just an advanced tool that promises high security, but the Avast also boasts of amazing results in the lab and benchmark tests. When it comes to the antivirus applications that we used on our personal computers back in the day, Avast was the first one to come up. If you are asking ‘Is Avast Cleanup worth it?’, the answer is a definite yes. The application is quite feature-rich and the tools that it packs will offer you the ability to optimize the computer by clearing all the junk, it significantly boosts the performance. 

You must have found a plethora of advertisements where you will find multiple cleaners that claim to offer free services, Avast packs the same tools but at a cost. We would highly recommend avoiding such free apps as there are high chances of them being just bait used by hackers to get into your computer. With Avast, there is a sense of reliability and trust, these two things play a significant role in ensuring you are putting your data at risk.

What is Avast Cleanup?

is avast cleanup premium worth it

In straight words, it’s an optimization tool for your computer that will make sure that the device is running smoothly. The process that it will follow is by organizing the files based on the category followed by running a clean-up for the registry. There are numerous users who are always in search of some kind of tool that can help them boost up their computer’s performance, that’s the reason why optimizer applications are in such high demand. We are trying to compile a Avast Cleanup Premium review so that you can get all the info in one place. 

This premium tool offers a very clean and intuitive interface that will be used to easily navigate through the tools. It will not just organize the files and clear the junk, but the tool will also ensure that the essential drivers and software are updated to their latest versions for an optimum level of performance.

Why Does Cleaning Up Old Files Matter?

The primary reason behind this is that the computer will need more memory to process the data every time if it’s loaded with files and folders. There are high chances that you haven’t used/opened these files in a long time and here, we are going to briefly discuss why it’s necessary to clean up older files and folders. You must know that every time you access a website or open a folder/file on your computer, it creates a log of it and it keeps piling up. It takes not quite long for the low-storage computers to get all cluttered up and eventually fetch down the performance.

There are also high chances that the old files will be easily infected by the viruses and the malware that might enter your computer through an unsecured website. The applications that are just lying unused will also carry a potential threat of being infected by malware as they are not updated to their latest versions. It’s best to delete them. The most basic cleaning that you should do is run the Avast Cleanup to at least clean up all the cookies, cache, and other unnecessary logs.

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Avast Cleanup Features:

The junk file detection system that Avast offers is highly advanced and quite extensive. There is no doubt while answering the ‘Does Avast Cleanup premium work?’. It definitely works. However, you must know that if your processor and RAM have become a bit dated, there is not much that these apps will be able to do. It will help in keeping the disk as optimized as possible. Avast feature-rich applications will find the junk no matter where it’s hidden on your computer and let’s go through a few features that you should know about the app. 

  • The Disk Cleaning feature allows you to get rid of all the junk and it will also delete the footprint left by any uninstalled app. 
  • The Windows computer comes with a registry where it registers an entry every time you install a new software application. Avast Cleanup will help you in cleaning up this registry. 
  • The Sleep Mode will let you temporarily turn off the apps that you aren’t using. These apps will be eating up the resources and turning them off will boost the performance. 

is avast premium worth it

  • There is also a browser cleaner that will help users in cleaning outmoded plug-ins, cookies, and more.

Avast Cleanup Premium Review: Pricing Information:

avast cleanup premium review

There is a free version of the application that you can install, but there’s nothing much that you can do with it. The paid version is where the real treasure lies and the pricing structure is almost similar to other Avast offerings. There are methods that you can opt for to save some bucks. If you are buying a multiple device pack, it will cost you significantly less compared to one-by-one. 

Also, you can further fetch the amount down by getting a long-term subscription, say 3-5 years. The Avast Cleanup premium worth it because of the advanced tools that it packs, however, you might find it a bit pricey compared to the available alternatives in the market. 

The features that we have used while putting the antivirus to its paces are complete removal of files that are left by uninstalled apps, disabling the heavy apps consuming resources on boot, thorough cleaning of the temporary junk files, and more. The app will also let you set up the daily automatic scans, as well. Avast Cleanup will also offer you the feature of optimizing the registry by organizing the logs along with looking for disk errors. 

Is Avast Cleanup Free?

Well, there is a free version that you can go for but it pretty much does no good. The answer to the question will be yes and no. To extract the best out of this optimizer and antivirus app, we would highly recommend going for the paid version. A one-year subscription for a single PC will fall around $59.99 whereas if you bump it up to 5 PCs, the same plan will be available at just $10 more at $69.99. 

The users will also have the option to opt for the Avast Ultimate Bundle that has various other apps to offer. It will save them from getting the licenses separately for each app. If you are finding Avast Cleanup a pricey deal, we would recommend checking out a few other cheaper options but they will not be able to match the trust of the brand that Avast has built up over time.

Is Avast Cleanup Worth The Price?

If you have just got a computer and there is nothing quite much that you know about it, the app is definitely a perfect fit for you. We are saying so because all the optimizing and cleaning tasks that it boasts of can easily be done manually by an advanced user. The application will not make you go through advanced PowerShell commands and will do those tasks for you through a user-friendly and simple interface. The question of ‘is Avast cleanup premium worth it?’ has no straightforward one-size-fit-all answer, it solely depends on your skill level.

For those who aren’t very tech-savvy, the Avast Cleanup will be the go-to app for all optimizations and performance-related issues. All they need to do is hit a button and the application will do everything for them, it is also quite helpful in detecting the malicious files.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

  • Are there any other services Avast offers?

Apart from the Avast Cleanup, it offers a few more services such as,

    • Battery saver by temporary disabling the apps that are not essential
    • Driver updater will make sure that all the installed drivers are up to date.
    • SecureLine VPN will let you surf the internet with the utmost protection.
    • It also offers a completely free antivirus tool.
  • Will it boost the performance of my computer?

Yes, the load that is put up by the junk files is enormous and once it is cleaned up, it will significantly enhance the performance. 

  • Is Avast AntiVirus a free tool?

There are multiple apps offered by Avast that are free, AntiVirus is one of them. It will scan the computer and detect all the malware that your computer is carrying.

  • Is there any alternative I can settle for?

Yes, it is quite ironic to see that CCleaner is also owned by Avast and it packs almost the same set of features, price just $14.99. 

  • What is Avast Ultimate?

Rather than getting individual apps, the users will have the option of Avast Ultimate where it will include all the apps that are available under the Avast banner.


There are a plethora of apps that you will find which claim to offer a similar set of features free of cost. A majority of these apps turn out to be just baited by hackers to lure you and steal your data. Avast has gained the trust and reputation of an advanced and feature-rich utility that will be used to keep the computer at optimum performance. 



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