8 Best CPU Coolers For i7 8700k | 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

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The last thing you want is your computer crashing in the middle of any important work or a crucial point in the game. However, it becomes a second nature of your device if it tends to heat up fast and extremely. However, what causes this heating issue? For any computer, the primary reason behind the heating is how much load the processor and the other components take up, in order to run a specific task. For example, if you are mailing and working on MS-Word for hours, there will be hardly any difference in the temperature of your device. However, even half an hour of hardcore gaming can make it steaming hot. The problem is multiplied when the cooler is not up to the mark. There is always a cooling system or air cooler within the CPU so that the heat is diffused and your device gets up and running in no time.

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This is exactly why investing in a powerful and compatible cooler is a basic necessity. As i7 8700k is a popular processor widely available at present, you will find a number of cooling systems designed to be compatible with this model. However, choosing the best is important if you want to get the best value for your money. A powerful and robust cooling system will last for years without generating too much noise and performing its task perfectly for years. In addition, to make sure all other components to keep your device running smoothly, can be installed, the cooling system should be compact. We have listed 8 best CPU Coolers for i7 8700k here for your reference. You can easily take an informed decision when you go through the specifications of all these recommendations and then choose the best one for your device.

Best CPU Cooler For i7 8700k Reviews

1. Cooler Master Hyper 212

For the customized CPU’s, the Cooler Master Hyper 212 is considered as one amidst the best air cooler for i7 8700k. It is an ultimate gaming cooler which helps in even distribution of air and heat dissipation. There are extraordinary four heat pipes that come with a top which has thickened aluminum that acts useful for keeping the heat at its lowest, to avoid damage. Further, the Continuous Direct Contact system, uses these pipes and helps in creating constant heat transfer.

With the direct contact technology, the performance of this cooler is well enhanced, which makes it an excellent choice for the heat dissipator. The cooler at its maximum motor speed (airflow rate of 42 CFM) also produces powerful fins and frail noise (26 dB), and there are speed sensors installed herein for detection and controlling of RPMs to ensure better efficiency during the overclocking and silent mode.

Its design makes it easy for mounting and removing (it won’t get clogged in the computer) the Cooler Master Hyper 212 and its easily installable on Intel core new-generation system and AMD. The compatible sockets supported by it are i9, i7, i5, AMD, AM4, AM3+, FM2+, and the efficiency of this cooler remains the same at all places with the fan having a lifespan of 40,000 hrs.

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2. NZXT KRAKEN M22 liquid cooler

NZXT KRAKEN M22 liquid cooler is the best CPU liquid cooler for i7 8700k, amidst the list of other liquid cooler choices. It is an affordable cooler and comes within the list of AIO coolers. It is 120mm cooler, and in spite of its small radiator size, it does the cooling task better. Apart from the same, the cooler is designed better and is sleek, with the software herein as intuitive.

The software integration herein is an important part too that comes in the processor model, and it sends the data to the cloud server by default (one can opt-out if required). It also provides users with some additional controls for managing the speed and the color of the system and keeps track over speed consistency and keeps informed about the problems beforehand.

This best cpu cooler for i7 8700k provides amazing cooling performance, and one can easily overclock the processor here and maintain the speed and temperature. The fan within this processor has a reliable design with options of fashionable lighting, and the best part of it is the 120mm profile (doesn’t let the cooling unit to take much space). Believe it; the model is easy to maintain and operate.

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3. Corsair Hydro Series

Corsair Hydro fan series model has sufficient cooling capacity, and it handles the computer’s intense processes. It is the best CPU liquid cooler for i7 8700k, a right cooling system, which will be required by the processor for allowing the air to flow comfortably using dual fans of 140mm. The fans are compatible, and makes space for the additional components with stock clearances for the PCIe and RAM and can also be turned off as per the energy amount produced by computer. Further, the cooler has been designed to eliminate almost all the sounds from the system (as it switches itself to 0-RPM mode). It can also be easily controlled using the pulse width modulation using the sensors.

One can even adjust the cooler pump and the cooler for better operation and for adding more power (further stronger program when used). It doesn’t take much of the computer’s space, and the iCUE software used connects the Android or iOS devices easily with the cooler, wirelessly, for better management of the real-time temperature and also the pressure meters.

In this best CPU water cooler for i7 8700k, all the systems are controllable using built-in microprocessors, which are synched. It also has RGB lights at the pump head and the device in the Hydro series does offer one of the best combinations for overclocking and high RAM, and the performance of which is best after installation.

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4. Dark Rock 4 BK021

Dark Rock 4 BK021 is called as the quietest CPU cooler. It comes with the single-tower build and, at its full speed, produces 21.4 dB of sound. The cooler has six heat pipes for swift heat suction and then the dissipation, which is made of pure copper (efficient when cooled).

The fans herein have been designed to achieve perfection and optimization, and its wings have dimensions of 135mm. They can be controlled easily using the PWM modulation (Speed variation as well as for 0-RPM mode). The Cpu cooler for i7 8700k has been airflow optimized using high CFM and the cooling fins, which are wave-contoured. One can easily get their CPU secured through the 120mm additional installation space (if required), and let the motors perform without lags.

The model has engines that provide stability and also reduces the vibration threat (rubber inserts prevents this). Further, there are not any chances of overheating (PWM control and 6-pole fluid-bearing) even when the fan rotates at full speed and the cooler also supports the CPU sockets (almost all).

For one looking for the best air cooler for i7 8700k, this model is the best with three years manufacturer warranty and customer support of lifetime.

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5. Cryorig H7

It is one of the best cpu cooler and works as a system of the single heat sink. This tower cooler has been designed for high optimization in the reduction of the air turbulence and top-notch airflow when it is connected to the motherboards of the new generation or the gaming systems. It further relieves the user with the work when it gets installed on to the i9, i7, or any equivalence processor.

If you are looking for best, this CPU cooler has it all summed in a single fan. It has three heat pipes made of pure copper, and the fans herein bear HPLNTM, which ensures maximized airflow and heat reduction when overclocked. Even the jet fin acceleration and the symmetric fan mechanics herein have been built accurately for ensuring maximized heat from the system, dissipation. The efficient and a controlled quad intake of air and the built-in sound buffering also reduces the noise to the minimum, making it one of the Cpu cooler for i7 8700k.

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6. Noctua NH-U14S

A premium quality single-tower model is how the Noctua NH-U14S CPU cooler for i7 8700 can be defined as. It is well suited for both Intel (i9, i7, i5, i3) and AMD (Ryzen series). They not just offer efficiency but also come with quality and longevity. Using the SecuFirm2 technology, the cooler can be mounted on any system. It also has a system that is multi-socket (suitable for both Intel and AMD systems).

The dimensions of the fans are 140mm, and they are engineered for compactness and comes with all components required. Even during the overclocking (handled using Noctua U-series NH-U14S), there is no noticeable sound, with the running of NH-14S.

Further, no overheating loops can be found, and the cooler provides max RAM clearance and gives the other slots a little more space. They are the best air cooler for i7 8700k, providing high-end performance. Further, the installation is simple, and the intelligent PWM operation herein together with the 0-RPM mode makes sure to stop the fan when not in use. The cooler weighs 1.7lbs, and it is perfectly customized with the gaming PC.

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7. Deepcool Gammax 400

As a Cpu cooler for i7 8700k, Deepcool Gammax 400 is one amidst the best offering efficiency, style, and ergonomic cooling system. It is a high-quality cooler designed for systems that are overclocked and are used for heavy gaming. It has aluminum fins (dissipates heat) and comes with tightly arranged heat pipes (copper-made), which allows heat dissipation and a maximized airflow. It is a single tower fan that is efficient for allowing the passage of the airflow, which is up to 74.34 CFM. It also has blue lighting (glows when CPU and cooler ported together). It is compatible with 130W Intel LGA1366, LGA20XX, and many more.

The air resistance herein is reduced, and there is a requirement for additional power that might be needed for the contact. The size of the cpu cooler is within limits and doesn’t override the other PCIe cards and RAM slots. Extra clearance is provided therein by the single tower fan, and the fan (dimensions are 135mm, and RPM is 1500 at maximum) speed together with the system’s blue light is controlled by PWM controls (monitors performance and ensures noise reduction too).

The cooler comes with easy installation and removal with the same technique. If one wants to add another fan, clips are to be opened, and the fan can be installed in without letting the cooler out of the CPU. Even the noise level produced here is between 17.8dB to 30dB. It is enduring and comes with specifications

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8. Cooler Master MasterAir

Cooler Master MasterAir is one of the famous and the best air cooler for i7 8700k. It has been uniquely engineered with the Halo Holigram aluminum fin. The cooler also has multiple RGB LEDs (28 multicolored lightings that can be synched with motherboard LEDs) and the air-guide armor and comes as a dual-tower air cooler, one solution. For customization of the gaming station, the CPU cooler installation is best for avoiding losses and bursting of IC. It truly has been defined with cut-edge technology.

31dB noise gets produced when the fan works at full speed, and there is a guard armor installed therein, which allows maximized heat dissipation from the base, which comes with 45% extra surface area contact, which enables the efficiency together with the faster cooling process. Further, the cooler also has Direct Contact Technology, which provides direct physical contact for the system and the heat pipes for heat suction (efficient and faster cooling). There are compatible sockets (Intel LGA2011, LGA2066, AMD AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+) and it comes with the PWM technology control, which has lower input voltage signals and senses accurate temperature. It also works on 0-RPM and has been positively serving its users. It is a budget-friendly cooler and worth every penny.

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The CPU Cooler For i7 8700k Buying Guide

When a gamer is ready to spend 100s of dollars or even thousands of it, to ensure their gaming station to be totally in shape and in compliance with the needs of the next-gen gaming, they do look out for better specs to run on their system. This is when it comes to the need for the best CPU cooler for i7 8700k. So, before buying the best CPU coolers, there are some compulsory points to be kept in mind, as mentioned below.

If the space for the triple-fan towering of the cascaded cooling system doesn’t exist, it will be hard to install the cpu cooler. So, ensure to check it on the motherboard before buying the new one. For a small system, big fans will be like a showpiece, rather than being used in the system.

Further, also check the card clearance of RAM and PCIe before buying cooler. The dimensions of a cooler fan should never obstruct the RAM or any other components, and if it does, it is not the right choice.

The requirement of the system can be higher or smaller for the cpu cooler for i7 8700k. For a normal gamer, low-watt CPU cooler will work covering less space and high RPMs and if vice versa, make a guess about the system requirement or from manufacturer website, get a system endurance estimate. 

Best CPU cooler for i7 8700k are available as liquid and air cooler, for the Intel (next-generation) and AMD systems. Ensure to read the specs and compatibility of the system before buying, for low and medium-range CPU; smaller fans work better.

Both are available for the CPUs. It totally depends on the CPU type, watt, and some other features, which cooler would be well-suited herein. They have their own pros and cons, and one should look upon the same clearly before buying. Do not forget to consider the cost.

When the system gets overclocked, they are highly prone to overheat, and it also requires more heat dissipation in a smaller time frame. So, in order to ensure the speed of the system’s clocking, there is a requirement of the efficient cooler (make a choice as per your requirement) so as to neutralize the immense heat within the system during gaming mode.

Check for the fan’s requirement and further look if your best air cooler for i7 8700k comes with fan size or the clearance space availability. In case it is less vertically but can fit components horizontally, one can think of buying cascaded fans.

Further, if there is the availability of space for the 280mm single-fan cooler, one needs to buy an only one-piece cooler and install that.

It may or may not exist but always look out for the feasible, cost-effective components for the system and ensure to buy the best cpu cooler for i7 8700k. The money factor will also lead to choosing in between the air or  liquid CPU cooler but remember, the air coolers even when they are cheaper, they make more noise and take more time for cooling.   

Also, look out if you wish to spend more on the LEDs and its customization options, better support over software, clearance, and mounting options, and see how much the coolers might cost.


The liquid coolers are nothing more than the combination of the core plate, parts and the radiator, fans, and the pipes. Talking of how it all works altogether, when the processor gets heated, the liquid present inside the cooler head, heats up too, and is further pushed towards the pipe, which flows to the radiator.

The liquid herein than flows through the radiator’s top-half, and as it moves, the liquid gets cooled down by the fan, and by the time it reaches the radiator’s end, it starts flowing back across the radiator bottom half and finally towards the other pipe. Once the liquid is reached to the pipe, it flows down back as the cooled liquid, towards the processor to cool it again. This is called the loop.

Varied reasons exist for one to pick the liquid AIO cooler than the Air cooler. They are of compact making and fit easily, help to provide excellent temperature, which can further outperform the air coolers. Apart from the same, they also run quieter, and there exists no background noise with the liquid cooler. So, with so many benefits at hand, liquid AIO coolers exist as the best.

If one notes the sound made by the cooler, one might find it quite distracting. Air-based model is likely to produce noise, but there are some of the models which come with different cases and the borders which absorbs the vibrations and also help to prevent the excessive noise which sometimes acts as a threat.


Final Verdict

Now that you finally have a head start toward shopping for the best cpu coolers for i7 8700k, we hope you can find the best match for your device that not only is efficient but also budget friendly too. However, do note that the quality is not compromised to fit your budget, as a cheaper product is likely to be damaged beyond repair sooner. Apart from the eight options mentioned here, you can choose others too but these are among the best, which are readily available in the market. These CPU coolers are elemental to keep your device up and running.

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