7 Best Airflow Case in 2021

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Just like our body cannot survive without air or water, our devices need their own cooling system to last longer.

But why are we telling you this? Imagine the condition of your CPU if there was no Airflow case lodged inside; what would happen? It is likely to crash every 30 minutes and will not turn on for the next 30 and eventually the components are going to melt. We don’t want that, do we? This is exactly why the best airflow pc case for the CPU is so important. We are always at our computer round the clock, and this cooling system becomes even more necessary. This component is particularly very important if your device has high specifications and put to heavy-duty usages like online gaming and graphics editing. Such devices are likely to get heated up faster with so much going on at a time and hence, the airflow case must be in optimum condition and powerful enough.

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A little information on why we choose to talk about airflow case: Airflow cooling, as well as liquid cooling, are two different methods of maintaining your device temperature. However, the airflow cooling system is more traditional which has fans that circulate the hot air and let it out while letting cool air inside through the vents. For a very robust computer, an airflow case with very powerful fans will be necessary. So when you are buying a specific PC, first have a look at the airflow case and its specifications. A PC, which has a decent-sized airflow case with powerful fans, is likely to last much longer than a fancier and slimmer design where the airflow vents are neglected out of the design.

Therefore, without further ado, we will introduce you to seven such best airflow pc cases, which are universally compatible with the most popular PCs. You can find them easily on Amazon and the best part is you get the best value for the money that you pay.

What is an Airflow Case and why is it required?

An airflow case has fans. The fans on the top and rear exhaust heat and the one at the front and back usually take in cool air. A best airflow case is important for a PC case as it removes the heat. This airflow regulates the entry and exit of air. The hot air comes out from the top and more air is taken in than what is let out. This is called a positive airflow. If the situation is vice-versa and if more air is let out it means that there is an issue in the airflow case.

Computers use electricity which is a type of energy and thus it produces heat. This heat can destroy the computer. Even if one part gets heated, the whole computer can be spoiled. Removal of heat can increase longevity and decrease damage to the PC. There are many options available for the same in the market but the best one is the airflow system. The airflow PC case protects most components of the computer and best airflow cases keep these components cool by eliminating heat in an orderly circulation. 

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1. Fractal Design Meshify Mini C Tempered Glass

This compact ATX mid-tower case has an angular asymmetry for high airflow and an edgier look. There are options of ATX, mATX and ITX motherboards to choose from. It has an ATX design layout which allows intelligent space utilisation which leads to an unrestricted airflow. This airflow allows an inside look as it has a tempered glass to see through. It has great storage space for you to store five drives. 

The mesh panel at the front intake air and exhausts heat for a streamlined airflow. It comes with dust filters which makes the maintenance easier. Even though it is compact, it has a large tower and seven mount fans with a multi radiator water cooler for maximum optimisation and cooling. This case is black and has a sleek, edgy look. It comes along with the best Prisma fans. There are vibration-dampening rubber grommets which facilitate silent functioning of the fan.  

2. Lian Li PC-O11DW 011

An ATX mid-tower case with three types of motherboard options- EATX, ATX, MicroATX. This white case has a dynamic tempered glass on the front chassis body. It is of aluminium and tempered glass material with tempered glass at the side and both tempered glass and aluminium at the front for a classy and rich look. It has a tower system like PC-010, unlike their previous versions.  

You can install three 120 mm fans and three 360 mm radiators. It allows dual PSU for supreme efficiency. It has 4 layers to prep code protection from dirt. It looks very good. It has eight cooling systems and multimedia posts. This case comes with rubber vibration dampeners for minimised noise. 

3. Thermaltake Core P1 Tempered Glass Edition

One of the new additions to the Core P series, this air cool case is a wall-mount and tempered glass chassis. It has a mini ITX case and a mini ITX board which measures 6.7” x  6.7”. The front I/O panel can accommodate two USB 3.0 ports and one HD audio. With a 5mm thick tempered glass, it protects the internal components and also gives an inside look. 

The maximum height of the cooler is 170mm, the maximum width of the radiator is 122mm and the maximum PSU length is 180mm. It has AIO and DIY liquid cooling systems and allows either horizontal or vertical placements. The main notion behind the development of this device is “maker movement” as it is mainly built for makers and has a demountable modular design.  It also facilitates 3D printing. The layout is 3 way and it is designed for the three uses: wall mount, horizontal and vertical placement. 

4. Cooler Master MasterCase H500M ARGB Airflow ATX Mid-Tower

This airflow case has an ATX Mid Tower with a C I/O panel motherboard. The I/O panel has, USB 3.0 port USB 3.1 with a type C port and audio in and out. This colourful case is not just good looking but great at its job too! It comes with covers for clean building, which give you the option of showing off the PSU if you want. 

The four tempered glass panel not just protects but also gives you the option of showing the PSU. These panels are interchangeable so you can opt for mesh panel to have better airflow or glass panels for an aesthetic, good look. It includes addressable RGB fans which cycle with different colours. This case includes graphic card support which relieves force and implements longer and better graphic cards. This case has combined functions of airflow and water cooling too. 

5. Corsair Crystal

The Corsair crystal airflow case is a MicroATX case with ATX motherboard support. This is a high-performance case with three tempered panel glasses and RGB colour fans for a cooler look. The three layers provide great protection.  It has four expansion slots for better performance. With a room for six 120mm case fans, there is optimum airflow and a direct path for airflow cooling. 

This case comes with three radiators- one at the roof, one on the floor and one at the front. It is compact yet functional making it an apt choice for home or small offices. The maximum PSU length it can accommodate is 225mm and the maximum CPU cooler height is 170mm. 

6. Cooler Master N200 - Mini Tower Computer Case with Fully Meshed Front Panel

This is one of the most updated and latest to the Cooler Master’s N series. It is a compact ATXPS2 air cooling case with MicroATX and miniITX motherboard. It is the first mini tower that includes 120mm or 240mm radiators at the front. The I/O panel of this case supports a USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0. 

This fully-meshed front panel allows smooth airflow. It has an edgy and asymmetrical design for a better finish. This is one of the most interesting additions to the N series. It is best for windows 10. It has water cooling too and supports graphic cards. This case supports a 240mm liquid cooling radiator, graphic cards with a maximum length of 355mm and air CPU cooler height which is up to 160mm. 

7. Cooler Master MCB- Q300L

The master box MCB -Q300 L is one of the best air cooler cases to choose from the MasterBox range.  It is compact and hence very practical. It has an ATX PSU Support with two types of motherboard support options which are MicroATX and Mini-ITX. The 6 orientation I/O panel can accommodate 2 USB 3.0. This compact air cool case is functional, modular and provides a thermal performance for better performance. 

It is most preferable for office and school uses.  It can be set up at six different locations, thus providing a lot of options. You can also have a view of the inside due to the acrylic transparent mesh panel. The best part about this is the extra space for the Motherboard tray which leads to easy management and function. It has magnetic dust filters which help in keeping the case clean. 

Best Airflow Case Buying Guide

Buying an airflow case is a big task. It’s a heavy investment and to get the maximum results out of it, we need to select an ideal one which is within a suitable price range. While buying the best airflow case 2020, there are certain things to keep in mind:

Make sure that the case has positive airflow and not negative airflow that means more air should come in than going out. 

There are two types of flow- airflow and static pressure. The choice between these depends upon our requirements. Airflow fans are silent and take up space whereas static pressure ones exert air with great force so they are suitable for restricted airflow. 

We all want efficient airflow cases with good looks. But our major concern should be its efficient functionality for the betterment of our PC. These days there are many LED and aesthetically pleasing cases available but not all are good at the core job of airflow. We spend copious amounts of money on good looking cases and don’t get anything out of them. Therefore, check the features and quality first and then the looks! 

Ideally, there are three sizes available- full tower, mid-tower and mini ITX. The first two- full tower and mid-tower are apt for the most common motherboard- ATX motherboard and the micro ATX too. Mini ITX can only fit in the mini ITX motherboards. So depending upon your motherboard, choose the right size. 

Make sure the air flows from front to back or bottom to top and not any other way. The exhaust fan should always be on the top due to the scientific reason that hot air goes up. 

The air case should have a mesh panel as it maximises air intake.  You must install high-performance fans. Your airflow case must have a dampening device to eliminate the sound. 


To start with, you need a minimum of one to inhale the fan and one exhaust fan. But for better quality and efficiency, it’s better to have more intake fans than exhaust fans so that positive airflow is enabled. 

Ventilation is directly related to cooling. The fans matter, but if the ventilation at the front and bottom isn’t proper, then the hot air will remain inside itself. 

You can increase the airflow by installing more fans, managing the cable, regularly dusting and by increasing the speed of the fan. 

Take a piece of tissue/towel/ stiff paper and keep it at the front of the fan. Look out for the dust accumulation. If it’s a lot, then the case needs cleaning. 

Another way to check is by keeping a piece of towel or tissue at the front of the fan and checking the amount of air coming out. Now open the case and check the amount of air coming out. The amount of air will be more with the case opened. If there is a lot of difference in the amount of air when the case is opened and closed, then you need to fix it. 

Both have their own merits and demerits. Water cooling is more impactful and makes less or no noise but it is dangerous as there is a risk of water leaking which can cause major damage. Thus, most people choose airflow for their PC. 

Final Verdict

Airflow cases may not have any technical contribution to making your PC more powerful but it is the component that keeps your PC going for long hours. Therefore, it is understood that you must get the best airflow pc case in order to make sure the device is running smoothly for a long time. We have listed above some of the best airflow pc cases available today which are compatible with most of the devices. They are listed based on their performance, quality, brand reputation and their price range and compatibility with different devices so that you can make an informed decision while you invest in any of them.

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