6 Best Compact Gaming Keyboards in 2020

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PC Gaming is all about having an exuberating experience. To provide you with a better gaming experience that is space-savvy and cost-effective, we bring a list of the best compact gaming keyboard that is destined to add a new level of energy and fun while you are gaming. For PC gamers, it is always a point of trouble if they do not have the proper equipment. From mouse to headphones, everything must be top-notch so that you have the best gaming experience.

If you do not have the proper equipment for gaming, it will not provide you with satisfactory results. In addition to this, a keyboard is of paramount importance as it is the input point for almost all important controls. It is obvious to all those into this arena, that a normal keyboard cannot suffice your gaming needs. It may not be quick enough or its size might be large enough to cause dissatisfaction. 

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Whatever, be the case, it must be ensured that you have an accurate gaming keyboard for your use. It is beneficial to go for compact ones, however as per your gaming techniques and requirements, you may look out for larger ones as well.

When gamers go out to purchase such equipment, a perplexing situation is created. Companies offer low priced models with the promise of great quality. Some products, on the contrary, are pretty expensive and customers are unaware of the worth of such products. This leaves many buyers puzzled. This happens especially when you are purchasing an item as specific as a compact gaming keyboard. 

But worry not, we bring to you a detailed list of the best compact gaming keyboards present in Indian markets. A detailed buyer’s guide is also provided to make sure you are on the right track of buying the best small gaming keyboard.

Best Compact Gaming Keyboards Reviews

1. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro - Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Our top choice for the best compact gaming keyboard is the 87 key – HyperX Alloy FPS Pro. It is undoubtedly the best you can get to enhance your gaming experience massively. It is built for rough and tough usage, so do not worry about any damage or problems with keys. It has a detachable cord making it portable and the ergonomic design adds to the comfort of using this for gaming. 

It ranks high in terms of reliability and precision. This is because high accuracy and soft pressure are ensured by the metallic resistant springs of the keyboard. Customers have lauded the keyboard for its amazing lighting options and look at the keyboard. Since they can choose from 6 different color LED lights, it adds to the charm of enjoying your favorite game. A unique N Rollover function helps in keeping a tap on the different functions of various keys. In a nutshell, the HyperX Alloy FPS Pro is destined to provide top quality gaming experience to all buyers.

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2. Redragon K552-RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Another 87 key compact keyboards, that is a true value for money and a genuine threat to our number 1 best small gaming keyboard is the Redragon K552-RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. If you have a compact budget, go for this one without any hesitation. The best part about this keyboard is its solid built and strong resistance. Don’t worry in case of a close game, this keyboard can withstand your hard hits and the pressure. 

The ergonomic design is sufficient to provide a comfortable position for your hands while you play. An innovative feature is that apart from 5 different colored lights, the user gets the option of creating their preferred design. This is a superb feature at such an affordable price. A crucial factor, though, is its limited ability to connect with Mac OS. Nevertheless, an amazing gaming keyboard which is worth every penny you spend on acquiring it.

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3. DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 60% True RGB

Next on our list, is an amazing compact gaming keyboard that can-do wonders and enhance your gaming experience to unimaginable limits. It is 60% true RGB and has the benefit of being used wired as well as wirelessly through Bluetooth connection. At such an affordable price, this is a very attractive feature for all gamers. 

The best part is its size and number of keys. With just 63 keys, it is much smaller than its counterparts and the lighting options are also surreal. In total, it has 7 lighting choices to offer which can be regulated through keyboard keys. 

If you are looking for a space-savvy keyboard which is truly very small, then DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is the best for you. What lures many gamers is its multiple usage options. You can connect it to your I-Pad or maybe a smartphone and enjoy gaming on the go as well. At once, you may connect it to 3 different devices. This is truly an amazing feature, that makes this gaming keyboard much more reliable and durable.

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4. RK61 60% RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

If you have small hands, then you must have faced the problem of finding the perfect keyboard for you. This problem persists specifically with many gamers. But worry not the RK61 gaming keyboard is a great option for those who want to purchase the best small gaming keyboard. It might be a bit expensive, but its looks, features, and durability are destined to leave you spellbound, once you start using it for gaming. 

The keycaps are not very thin and the overall build is very solid and sturdy. Users may choose from Red Switch or the Blue or Brown Switch. Gamers generally go for the Red Switch while those who wish to do typing or other stuff purchase the Blue or Brown Switch. The backlight is filled with 18 different options to choose from. A plus point is its compatibility with Mac OS and Bluetooth connection feature which allows you to connect with your tablet, smartphone, etc. Hands down, the RK61 Mechanical Keyboard is a lucrative option for all gamers.

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5. E-Element Z-88 RGB 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Next on our list of the best compact gaming keyboard is the E-Element Z-88 RGB 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. It has 81 keys and various functions such as pause, print, etc. have been tied up with different keys to ensure multiple functions being performed by the same set of keys. This makes it small and convenient to use as well. The size is a mere 12 inches which makes it immensely handy and portable as well. 

The keys have anti-ghosting enable to make sure your gameplay is always smooth sailing. An innovative feature is that of swappable keys that allow you to replace or decide which key performs which function or becomes the input point for a specific set of commands. Customers have rated this as the most durable compact gaming keyboard. The solid built and sufficient resistance by keys ensure rough and tough usage with no fear of repairs or persistent damages. To sum up, the E-Element Z-88 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has all it takes to be the best small gaming keyboard.

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6. Keychron K2 Wireless Bluetooth/USB Wired Gaming Mechanical Keyboard

Last on our list is a gaming keyboard that can give you elite looks, premium feel, and some amazing features at a bit high price tag. If you have an expansive budget, without any hesitation purchase the Keychron L2 Wireless/Wired Gaming Keyboard. It has an aluminum frame and provides 84 keys for usage. Not only the lighting can be customized as per your choice, but even the design of the keyboard be also personalized. 

This makes it costly, yet very popular and trusted. It has the option of wireless connection as well which adds to the convenience and ease of use this keyboard is bound to provide. It comes with an internal battery as well. If you prefer something tactile, you may go for a blue or brown switch but if you are a pro or noob gamer, we recommend going for the red switch. On the whole, it is the best compact gaming keyboard for those who are willing to invest a little extra in purchasing a gaming keyboard.

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Factors To Consider When Purchasing a Gaming Keyboard

If you are looking to transform your Computer desk into a gaming zone, there are few necessary types of equipment that you must get perfect. These items hold paramount importance in ensuring that your gaming experience is unhampered and seamless throughout. One such device as we have discussed above is the gaming keyboard. 

Compact keyboards have become increasingly popular and because of their specific design, they add to the charm of the game. They are space-savvy as well and can be carried as well while you are traveling with ease. Apart from our list of the best compact gaming keyboards, we are providing you with a detailed explanation of certain factors that you must take into account before you purchase a compact gaming keyboard to suit your needs. Here are a few important considerations:

There are generally two kinds of switches available: mechanical and membrane. Here are some differences between them and some points to remember:

  • Membrane keyboards are not at all recommended for gaming. Go for mechanical switches without any doubt
  • Mechanical switches provide a more tactile experience and hence are better suited for gaming.
  • Mechanical keyboards use a switch for a successful keystroke, unlike Membrane ones which use rubber dome or plastic membranes. This ensures quick command output.

Specifically, the different types of mechanical switches and their differing impacts on gaming are:

  • Blue: They provide a bit heavy click feel and are generally used by typing experts. Still, certain gamers prefer these.
  • Brown: These are good compact keyboards for typing and require less force applied for key clicking. They create less noise as well.
  • Red: These are the most convenient to use for gamers as they produce the least noise and give a light feel when used.
  • Black: These were once the favorite of gamers but have become outdated today.

Lights behind your keys can add to the oomph factor of your gaming experience. Night gamers specifically love to choose a keyboard that gives them sufficient customization options. Therefore, decide your priorities and find a compact keyboard offering sufficient backlighting options.

Anything that can perform multiple functions is a pretty efficient device. The same is the case with such gaming keyboards. What if you could play on your smartphones or tablets with the same gaming keyboard you use on PC. This can elevate your gaming experience but requires you to pay a bit extra. It is again an individual choice to decide if he/she wishes to invest in a wireless compact gaming keyboard.

It is of utmost importance to find the right size which provides you comfort and trouble-free gaming experience. Generally, ergonomic design is recommended for a compact gaming keyboard. However, you must find out how many keys you want, what is the preferred size, etc. This can help you save money and buy the exact product that fulfills all your needs.

Last, but definitely, a major deciding factor is a money you are willing to invest in buying a compact gaming keyboard. Firstly, remove this myth that the best small gaming keyboard is always expensive. We have discovered awesome options that cost less than $50 while we also have some premium options. Thus, it becomes imperative that you decide beforehand the maximum you wish to spend and find the best gaming keyboard as per the stipulated price consideration.


This is something that cannot be generalized. Certain keyboards are extremely quiet while others tend to create a bit of noise while in use. This requires sufficient research and detailed study into our reviews as given above. Mechanical keyboards may produce some sound, but if that’s something more than normal depends on different models.

A definite Yes! This is because they have a lifetime of 50 million key presses which makes them increasingly durable and trusted not only by gamers but also by many typists.

It is not necessary but recommended to go for a compact gaming keyboard with backlight customization available. It is immensely useful for night gamers, but since mostly they are present in almost all compact keyboards, you may lookout for the one that provides the most features at the lowest price possible.

It all depends on individual preferences. If you like to connect your smartphone or tablet with a keyboard then it is extremely enthralling to use a compact gaming keyboard for gaming on small devices. However, if your usage is limited to PC then you can avoid paying more specifically just for this feature. This is because many of the expensive compact gaming keyboards have high prices just because of this specific feature.

Final Verdict

A gaming setup requires some top-notch genuine quality equipment to make sure the gamer has a hassle-free joyous experience. One such device is a gaming keyboard. It is extremely useful if you purchase a compact gaming keyboard as it can provide the benefit or space-saving and portability. We researched and analyzed customer reviews to curate a unique list of the best small gaming keyboard available in the market. 

You can choose any of the discussed gaming keyboards for a worry-free enjoyable experience. However, we would recommend you to go through our elaborate buying guide and get answers to some important buying considerations. In a nutshell, it is important to understand what are your needs and then find the best compact gaming keyboard that fulfills all the requirements at the best possible price with the guarantee of durable quality. 

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