7 Best Monitor For Eyes In 2021 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

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If you can feel the strain in your eyes after working for long hours on the computer screen, then it’s not because you have become old (or you might be!) rather it’s the fault of your computer screen.

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With the extensive usage of computers for longer periods in the office or home, it is common for people to have a little distress in their eyes. But what’s not common is people not taking proper precautions to avoid the strain. So, to make your life easier, we came up with a solution and a list of the best monitors for eye strain for you. Using computer screens for prolonged periods is not just harmful to those who are ageing, but for millennials who study or work as well. Computer screens emit blue light that makes you blink less and hence, your eyes feel pain. Hence, we suggest you look at these fine quality monitors and protect your eyes in the long run as your eyes are the most precious gift.

Note: All the eye care monitors we shortlisted comprises three important technologies that are Flicker-free, Blue light filter, and brightness intelligence. These technologies aim at reducing the strain in the eyes as well as eye fatigue. This will ultimately help you become more productive at work (or gaming) and perform well!

Best Monitor For Eyes Reviews:

1. BenQ GW2480 24 Inch Monitor

If you are a gamer, this monitor by BenQ is not for you. But if you are a content creator or someone who uses the internet for office work for longer hours, then you should welcome this one into your home because this is the best eye care monitor for you. The colours that this monitor displays are quite good but if you feel the need to change the colours, you can do that as well with the help of themes.

This 24 inches 1080 pixels monitor has a response time of about 5 to 8 m/s since it is an IPS panel. It comes with a 178-degree viewing angle which is perfect to cover large areas of the screen and stream videos. This comes with built-in speakers and cable management. Its flicker-free and low blue-light technology aims at reducing eye strain and headache. The design is stunning and one can feel the luxurious feel of it. You can either keep it the conventional way or wall-mount it.

2. Viewsonic VA2855SMH 28 Inch Monitor

Another contender for the best monitor for eyes is the Viewsonic VA2855SMH which is an ideal one for office work as well as home entertainment. It allows you to create a peaceful and relaxing environment for your eyes so that you can forget about the strain and direct your efforts towards work or games.

It features a large screen of about 28 inches and full HD 1080p resolution so that you can experience stunning clarity and sharp images. Moreover, it comes with 178-degree large viewing angles that add up to the whole viewing experience. It also features the Superclear Pro technology that produces super sharp and beautiful picture quality with the help of its 16.7 colours and true 8-bit colour combination. It further has the unique view mode feature and the most important, flicker-free and low blue light technology as well which makes it the best monitor for eye strain. However, the design of this monitor is quite basic and the price is a little high, the features that you get in this are top-notch and worth the price tag.

3. Asus MZ27AQ 27 Inch Designo Monitor

If we had to pick the best computer screen for eyes among the list that we created, we would choose the Asus MZ27AQ monitor over anything else. What an astonishing piece it is! It is no doubt, on the higher end side but if you bring this into your home, it would change the whole vibes of your place. It feels luxurious to work or stream videos on it and we bet you can never turn your back against it once you get it.

Now, enough of the appreciation, let’s talk a bit about its grand features. It is a 27 Inch Quad HD display monitor that has 1440p resolution and an IPS display panel. Its ultra-slim design, extra widescreen, and bomb audio altogether make your gaming or video streaming experience remarkable. It comes with a 178 degree wide viewing angle and superb video feature that makes a person who loves nature enjoy it closely through their computer screen. It also features the eye care technologies that block blue light and flickering which in turn helps you with reduced eye strain which is what made us include it among the best eye care monitors list. Lastly, its best feature is that it has stereo 6W speakers with a 5W subwoofer that provides powerful and good quality audio.

4. Viewsonic VX2457 24 Inch Monitor

Something that you won’t get in the most expensive monitors, you can expect from the Viewsonic VX2457. It is the perfect monitor for those who love gaming but experience eye distress now and then. It has features specially designed to eradicate eye fatigue and protect the eyes of the gamers that use computer screens for long hours.

This one is a 24-inch monitor, that is comparatively small among the ones mentioned in the list but its features tell a different story. It has a 2 m/s response time which none of the monitors that we mentioned has so if you do not want blurring or ghosting during your favourite action/comedy movies, then this is the one you must pick. It supports 1080p resolution and is a flat LCD monitor with a TN panel. It features the AMD Freesync and has a 75 Hz refresh time which aims to eliminate problems such as screen tearing or visual stutters. One important feature that makes it the best monitor for the eyes is the eye care technologies such as flicker-free and low blue light filters installed in it. It also has a black stabilization feature which enables us to see dark scenes by brightening them up.

5. BenQ GW2280 22 Inch Monitor

Who doesn’t want to own a monitor through which one can enjoy extraordinary visual experiences, right? If you feel the need to have one then get yourself the BenQ GW2280 which is even one of the best monitors for eye strain. You’ll thank us later for recommending this peach because it has got just the right amount of features that can take care of your visual experiences as well as your eyes.

This one is a 22 inch full HD 1080p display monitor that has an IPS panel along with 178 degrees of wide viewing angle. Its 8-bit colour display provides viewers to have the best graphics and sharp clarity of images. It has ultra-thin bezels and still manages to incorporate a built-in cable management system. It provides the VESA mount capability and 5 m/s response time. It also features the three ultimate eye care technologies that are flicker-free, low blue light filter and brightness intelligence which makes it the best computer screen for eyes.

6. Viewsonic VP2468 24 Inch Monitor

Another great piece from Viewsonic is the VP2468 which has some extraordinary features so that you have the most wonderful visual experiences. It is a 24-inch monitor whose priority is to take care of your eyes while you work or enjoy watching your favourite series or movie! However, we recommend this monitor for those who have work-related to content creation such as video/graphics editing.

This comes with a full 1080p resolution and the Superclear IPS technology that offers remarkable colour representation so that no one complains about the quality of the pictures and graphics on it. The design of this monitor is well finished but there is nothing extraordinary about it. Although it has great connectivity options such as the availability of two HDMI ports, four USB ports, a display port and a lot more, it doesn’t have any inbuilt speaker. It consists of anti-reflective coating, flicker-free and low blue light filter technology which makes it a great pick for those who experience eye fatigue and strain.

7. Asus VP28UQG 28 Inch Monitor

Even if we could, we wouldn’t have excluded the Asus VP28UGQ from our list of the best monitors for eye strain. It has the popular Asus eye care technologies installed in it which makes it a phenomenal choice for people who want to take care of their eyes, their fatigue, and strain. Moreover, if you are looking for a monitor that has a 4K resolution, this must be your pick!

You can expect a smooth display and highly precise images with this monitor as it has a 28-inch ultra HD display along with 4K resolution. Thanks to the AMD Freesync technology, you can now enjoy a tear-free and stutter-free display. You can adjust the temperature and enable night lights if you want to with this monitor as it is installed with the Asus eye care technologies such as flicker-free and low blue light filter. It has a 60Hz refresh rate and 1 m/s response rate which is (believe us) amazing because you cannot get a response rate less than this.

Best Monitor For Eyes Buying Guide:

One of the most important things before choosing the best monitor for eyes is the factors you should keep in mind. These will help you make a better decision because now you would know what your requirements are.

The first and foremost thing to look for is the kind of eye care technology the monitor has. Make sure the eye care technologies include at least flicker-free and low blue light but if it has the brightness intelligence as well, then it’s a plus point! It is important to have these technologies installed on the monitor as they can reduce eye strain and further fatigue if any.

The next thing to look for in the best monitor for eyes is the type of Panel that the monitor has. Majorly, there are three types of panels: TN, VA, and IPS. You do get more variety of Panels but they are mostly rare and on the expensive side. With TN panels, you can expect a high refresh rate and response time but the colour accuracy and wide viewing angles are not the best comparatively. On the other hand, if your priority is to get the best colour accuracy and good viewing angles, then you should go for the IPS panel however, their refresh rate and response time is poor. Go for the IPS panel if you are a video/graphic editor, and for the gamers, the TN panel is the best.

If you have a good budget, then you must go for a 1080p resolution and at least 27 inches in your eye care monitor. Why we recommend going for these stats is because as you go higher in size and resolution, you get more clear and soft images on your monitor. This can also make your eyes strain less since you don’t have to put pressure on your eyes to see a clearer picture.

Refresh rate refers to the number of times an image is projected on your monitor in one second. So, if the monitor has a 60Hz refresh rate, then it can project an image up to times in one second. Response time is the amount of time that your monitor takes to jump onto another colour state. The higher the refresh rate and the lower the response time is better but these factors should only be considered if you are a gamer. We recommend you to go for a 60Hz refresh rate and 5m/s response time if you just want a monitor for entertainment purpose or office work.

This is probably not the most important aspect to consider while buying the best computer screen for the eyes but if you find an ergonomic monitor then it’s a bonus. This feature allows you to work or play games or watch movies conveniently for longer durations. This will enable you to adjust the height and the position of the monitor according to your needs.


There is no one size fits all even when we are talking about the panels of the monitors. This is because there are three or probably more types of Panels. TN panel is perfect for you if you are a gamer and want a better refresh rate and response rate. To understand the concept of refresh rate and response time, go through these heading in our buying guide. On the other hand, if you just want a monitor for work related to video editing or graphic designing, pick the IPS panel. If you want to play safe and want a balance of all the features, go for the VA panel.

A large monitor surely works better as it offers more clarity in the images that are displayed on the monitor. However, we recommend that if you want a big size monitor, go for a 27-inch monitor that has a 1080p resolution. This way you won’t experience any stuttering or tearing of the images and have no strain in the eyes.

Get the best monitor for eye strain! Alright, but jokes apart, you cannot stop the work just to eliminate the eye strain, right? But there are a few things you can do such as: adjust the height and brightness of the monitor, adjust the lights of your room where you work, take breaks in between or limit screen time, eat good food, and wear the right eyewear if you have to.

High brightness can be irritating to the eyes and hence, we suggest you lower the brightness to the level that you are most comfortable with.

The more, the merrier is the case with eye care monitors which means the more features, the better it is for your eyes. Eye comfort mode is a setting that helps you work in front of the monitor for long hours. These settings include reducing blue light and adjusting the colours of the screen. Hence, you experience comfort and less eye fatigue with this mode. Therefore to answer the question, Yes.

Final Verdict

Now that you have the best buying guide and the best monitors for eyes laid out in front of you, you can decide for yourself. Explore these options and give your eyes the monitor it deserves. With all the options we shortlisted for you, we hope you find the one best suited for your eye and can help you reduce your eye strain and fatigueness. Although, we suggest you visit a doctor if the eye strain seems heavy and dangerous to you.

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