7 Best Monitor For Eyes In 2020 [Reviews]

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Have you also stopped looking at wall clocks to see the time and instead depend on your laptop/phone screens? Or is it just us? These are the small things that no one notices but you have and that’s the reason you landed on this article.

If you use computers daily for extended hours you know that it can be straining for your eyes. The harmful rays of the computer screen are so harmful that it can cause regular headaches in the longer run. To avoid these problems, it is better to take precautions such as getting an eye care monitor. These monitors are specially designed to protect your eyes from the diverse effects of the radiation. These monitors can even be used by people who have sensitive eyes as you can adjust the brightness as well as the temperature according to your requirement. They have an in-built eye-care technology that is meant to reduce the eye strain along with a blue light filter technology which protects your eyes from fatigue.

We have become so busy with our lives that we have failed to notice what our eyes are going through because of the screen’s harmful rays. Taking care of your eyes is not something that can be ignored and it’s better to make a change today than treating the problem later when it might be too late (you know)…

Anyway, here are some amazing and best monitors for eye strain that we have selected for you. Choose the best one according to your needs as well as the budget and make your eyes comfortable while doing all the bone-tiring work.


Best Monitor For Eyes Reviews

BenQ GW2480

When we think about a brand that makes the best computer screen for eyes and is also worthy of its name, BenQ is what comes to our mind. Some of the features that their monitors have include low blue light filter, flicker-free technology, and ambient light sensors which made them the leaders. BenQ GW2480 is a great choice for those looking for an eye care monitor as well who are tight on budget.

It has a 24-inch full high definition IPS panel display and a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution which provides for a seamless experience to the viewers along with protecting their eyes. The ambient light sensor is the best part about this monitor which detects the brightness of the external environment and then automatically adjusts the brightness level and contrast of the display. This feature is beneficial for those who work in dim lights and suffer from eye fatigue. Other than the features that it provides, the monitor itself looks stunning and is indeed a treat for the eyes.



Thin bezel design

Eye care technology

Wide viewing angle

VESA technology




Not the best to edit photos on

Limited connectivity options


ViewSonic VA2855 SMH

A brand that provides a monitor with professional-level features along with eye care technology as well as at an affordable price, sounds like a dream. But with ViewSonic VA2855SMH, it is possible to get it all. It is the best monitor for eyes as it possesses a large 28-inch display which gives the viewers a perfect experience with excellent colour efficiency. This monitor is ideal for office as well as home entertainment purposes.

It offers high-end specifications such as high contrast and SuperClear Pro MVA panel. It also has the flicker-free technology and blue light filter which makes it comfortable to use all day for long hours and not worry about eye strain. It features a full HD 1080p resolution, integrated dual speakers, 60 Hz refresh rate and 16.7 million colours which are great for daily usage. It is considered an efficient monitor as it features a ViewMode technology and has great connectivity options for the users. It also has an HDMI and a VGA connection input through which your laptop, computer and even POS can be attached.



8-bit colour display

Built-in speakers

Large screen with 1080p resolution

Smart ViewSonic ViewMode

Value for money



A bit blurry display sometimes

Difficult calibration settings


Asus MZ27AQ

Got to have a monitor that boasts a stunning look along with protecting your eyes? Get the Asus MZ27AQ monitor. Nothing beats Asus monitors in terms of pure elegance.

This is the best monitor for eyes as well as for someone that likes their monitors to be a bit more stylish and sophisticated. Along with being a good-looking monitor, it also has some high-quality features that made us include it in the list.

It is a 27-inch large WQHD monitor with a wide 178-degree viewing angle. It comes with a flicker-free technology which lets you watch your favourite videos for long durations without straining your eyes. It offers the slimmest bezels and a good variety of connectivity options. It also features TUV certified eye care technology and some of the loudest built-in stereo 6w speakers with a 5 watts subwoofer which takes the audio to the next level. It is a bit on the expensive side but you get what you pay for. It is an ideal monitor for those who have a keen sense of aesthetics. Other than all this, it also has dual HDMI 1.4 input ports and displays ports 1.2 that are available to connect. In our opinion, it’s definitely a win-win.



Ultra-low blue light filter

TUV certified flicker-free technology

Incredible built-in speakers

Slimmest bezels



A bit expensive


ViewSonic VX2457 MHD

If you are someone who plays a lot of games and wants a monitor that is budget-friendly as well as something that doesn’t strain your eyes because of excessive gaming, ViewSonic VX2457 MHD is the one for you. It is considered the best eye care monitor for people who perform various tasks such as reading, gaming, etc. on the monitor.

This monitor has a 24-inch display that supports 1080 resolution with AMD Freesync technology. It is a flat LCD monitor which offers a 75 Hz refresh time along with a panel type of TN. It features a 2 milliseconds response time which is quite fast. This means that anything you do on the screen will process fast without any delay. Its black stabilization feature provides enhanced visibility even in dark scenes. The gamers are a fan of its dual integrated speakers, game mode hotkey and user-customized settings. It has a variety of connectivity options but it is only recommended for casual gamers and not professional photo editors graphic designers.



Fast response time

Implementation of FreeSync technology

Blue light filtering & flicker-free technology




Narrow viewing angle

Thick bezel


BenQ GW2280

As most of the monitors’ size starts from 24 inches, people who have a small desk space may find it difficult to find their perfect fit. Well, those people now have an option to go for BenQ GW2280 as this one solves the problem. Especially made for you, it is a 22 inches display along with a full HD widescreen 1080 resolution. It makes an ideal choice for anyone who worries about eye strain as it has tackled that issue really well.

Just like most of the eye care monitors, it also offers the low light blue filter as well as flicker-free technology that takes care of your eyes while you work for long hours on the screen. But what BenQ did to separate itself from others is that it introduced a brightness intelligence technology. This technology detects overly bright scenes as well as the ambient light in the environment and adjusts the intensity accordingly. This monitor also features a VA panel which offers a much better static contrast ratio than IPS or TN panels.



Perfect for small desk space

Great response and refresh rate

Adaptive brightness technology

Features VA panel




Not the best sound quality


ViewSonic VP2468

ViewSonic VP2468 is the monitor that is designed to deliver excellent colour accuracy which is essential for professional work such as video editing and graphic designing. It not just helps you to be more productive at work but also takes care of your eye strain while you are working for a longer duration. This is a high-end feature-packed and a value for money monitor best for people suffering from eye fatigue.

It offers a 24-inch display and a full HD 1080 resolution along with a 60 Hz refresh rate. It features a blue light filter and flickers free technology which is important to tackle the eye fatigue issues. It has inbuilt HDMI ports, Display ports, and VGA ports that support a variety of electronic devices and even MacBooks. It also comes with an AMD free sync feature that will support you with your non-stop gaming as well as work and increase its efficiency. It fulfils all the requirements needed for a high-performance display. It offers 100% sRGB coverage and 14 bit 3D LUT. It comes factory calibrated and has an IPS panel with high colour fidelity. Told you, we wouldn’t stop naming its features because they are so worthy of note.



Perfect for long hours of work

Designed with excellent colour detail

Various connectivity options

AMD FreeSync

Sound grayscale performance



No in-built speakers


Asus VP28UQG

If you ask anyone about the best monitor for eye strain that provides 4K display under budget, you’ll only hear about the Asus VP28UQG monitor. It has a 28-inch display with 3840 by 2160 pixels which are almost 4 times higher than 1080 pixels that most monitors provide. Now what you can expect from such high resolution is that the pictures and graphics would look much more sharp and beautiful.

This monitor features a lightning-fast 1 millisecond rapid fast response time along with adaptive sync technology for smooth and fast gaming visuals. It has a single display port 1.2 as well as dual HDMI 2.0 that supports 4K display. Its 60 Hz refresh rate is low but it is enough for 4K as it offers a pretty smooth gaming experience. It has a TN panel which means everything displayed on the monitor is going to look colourful while you are playing games on it. Other than these amazing features, it also has the Asus eye care protection technology including low blue light filter and flickers free technology.



4K resolution

Low blue filter & flicker-free technology

Good connectivity options

1 millisecond response time

FreeSync technology



Lack of built-in speakers

Thick bezel


Buying Guide (What Factors To Look For)

You might find every feature of the monitors listed above amazing but do you really need everything? What specifications do you require is something that you should understand and this is why this buying guide is going to be handy for you.



The size of the monitor is something very subjective as it is mostly personal preference and is decided according to the desk space. Monitors can come in sizes from 20 up to 49 inches but the two most commonly preferred sizes are 24 and 27 inches. These are the sizes that provide good productivity and gaming experience without taking up a lot of space. If you feel like small size displays small font texts that are not easy to read for you, go for a bigger size.



Resolution refers to the number of horizontal and vertical pixels on a screen. The higher the resolution is going to be, the sharper and clearer the pictures and graphics are going to look. Here, we are not suggesting you go with a monitor with the high resolution because that suggestion is on the expensive side. All we want to say is, let the resolution be at least High Definition as blurry images tend to strain the eyes due to the force of focus.


Eye-Care Technology

A quite obvious factor that one should consider while buying the best computer screen for eyes is a monitor that has built-in eye caring technology. Some of the best technologies include blue light filter, flicker-free technology, ergonomic design, and anti-glare screen to reduce eye strain.


Brightness & Contrast Ratio

This is a factor that not most people who are looking to buy a good eye care monitor are aware about. We don’t blame them for not looking at this factor because it is something that they are often not told to. Brightness level should always be moderate and not too low or too high so that one can easily be able to look at images clearly. On the other hand, the contrast ratio should always be high as the viewer gets a better quality image on the screen.


Viewing Angle

This factor does not relate to the look and stylishness of the monitor but it is related to how well the person can view the screen from different angles. The viewing angle should always be above 170 degrees which gives a great view of the screen from all sides, corners, edges, houses…


Refresh Rate

It refers to the rate at which a certain number of frames can be seen on the screen every second. All the best monitors for eyes listed above have at least 60 Hz refresh rate which is great for professional or entertainment purposes with eye strain concern. But if you are a gamer, you do have an option to go for higher refresh rates as well such as 120 Hz which means better animation display without having to compromise on the eyes.


Panel Type

This factor is not directly related to the concerns of eye fatigue and strain but it has an impact on the monitors viewing angle. A monitor with TN panel low contrast and narrow viewing angle where eyes could be strained and on the other hand IPS panel have a wide viewing angle and high contrast which is mostly preferred for eyes.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can a monitor help protect the eyes?

The best monitor for eyes is the one that provides an excellent technology of a blue light filter and has a flicker-free technology. It is an added benefit if it has an Ambient light sensor and brightness controller that adjusts according to the surroundings. High refresh rates monitors are also preferred as they serve smooth motion of pixels.


What features should I look for in a monitor to minimize eye fatigue while for binge-watching?

Many surveys have reported that the occurrence of eye strains usually depends upon the amount of lightning an individual is sitting under. If you want a monitor that relieves your eye fatigue while watching over it for hours then you should use curved monitors as they provide less distortion with a broader angle of view. In curved monitors try looking for IPS panel screens with a wide viewing angle of at least 170 degrees.


Which monitor is suitable for long working sessions at night?

Normal monitors emit blue light which harms the eyes which can also negatively affect the sleep cycle. To sustain the long night working hours, look for monitors that come with a blue light filter. Most of the eye care monitors mentioned above do have the low blue light filter.


What resolution should I look for on the monitor screen as it would result in detailed calibration?

A suitable resolution monitor shows how densely pixels are merged. You should compare that on which computer screen the quality of visual content is better. The resolutions are then further divided into PPI (Pixels per inch) so look for best resolution according to your need (720p, 1080p, 1440p, 4k, 8k). But we would suggest going for a high definition resolution.


Which LCD screen/ glass would be best in the low budget category for editing work that would not strain the eyes while working for long durations?

When it comes to the editing part on a screen, it depends on the colour accuracy of a monitor as well as if it’s calibrated or not. We suggest going for IPS monitors as they are suitable as well as a budget-friendly option. They provide large resolution for more content to fit-in appropriately and have the highest range for Full HD monitor i.e. 4K (3840 x 2160). You can go for the IPS panel which provides 8-bit calibration, big in size & go for the darkest black level Monitor.


Final Verdict

If you ask us what the most important specification is that one should look for when searching for the best monitor for eyes, it would be the eye care technology. There is no perfect size or resolution or view angle that would be able to reduce the eye strain as much as an eye care technology could. However, if you feel like even after doing everything there is no significant amount of reduction in the eye strain and you still experience fatigue, you must visit a doctor. Just to get a check-up, you know in case there is something. Also, don’t forget to wear your glasses while doing any activity for long hours.

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