7 Best Motherboard For 9900k In 2021 [Reviews and Buying Guides]

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Nothing can satisfy an avid gamer or a professional who needs some hardcore service from their computer system, more than a powerful processor that is fast, smooth and does not heat up too soon. All these features are satisfied when the components inside the CPU are working in sync and are compatible with each other. You can buy the most powerful and expensive processor in the market, but without a compatible motherboard and the other components, you cannot get the best out of the device. So rather than investing in the most expensive option available, smart buying is always the key. This is where you need to do some research about the products trending in the market at present. But guess what we did again to save your time and efforts? Read further to know about it.

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The i9 9900k processor has become the talk of the town for its powerful features and significant improvements in comparison to the predecessors from the brand. If you have bought this processor for your device, the best way to do justice to its unparalleled features is by choosing the most compatible motherboard. The best motherboard for i9 9900k can not only house the components you want but also give you scope for an upgrade in the future. It can even improve the overall speed you experience from the device. So, whether you are playing the most graphics-intensive video game or performing a complex video edit, rest assured the computer will not crash in the mid-session since your processor and motherboard is working in sync.

We have listed the seven best motherboards for i9 9900k, which have some commendable features that make them the ideal pair for the 9900k processors. We have also kept the brand reputation, warranty, features, size and compactness and lastly the budget in mind as we prepared the list. Hence, everyone will find a suitable choice that meets his or her requirement as well as the budget they have.

Best Motherboard For 9900k Reviews

1. Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Ultra

Unlike its predecessors, this model from Gigabyte is equipped with the latest Z390 processor. If one wants a motherboard that is compatible with i9 but is budget-friendly, one can surely consider this product. It has good RGB lighting and supports 8th, 9th and 10th generation Intel Core processors. It has good thermal design and fin arrangement that prevents damage due to overheating. With an advanced processor and decent thermal design, this motherboard is a good choice for applications that require high processor performance and usage- like video editing and gaming. It has a preinstalled Input/ Output shield. 

It has RGB LEDs in two corners, away from the center and the motherboard supports RGB Fusion and RGB strips. Its RAM does not exhibit buffering and has two channels. It also has a USB turbocharger, which helps in connecting mobiles to the device and ensuring that they charge fast. The motherboard is of the type ATX and comes in full size with a 12 phase power output, making it the best motherboard for 9900k.



This product is an apt fit if one wants to attach high- end processors and is looking for a flagship motherboard. Though it is specifically designed for 8th generation ad 9th generation Intel Core processors, it can also support lower, less advanced versions. It has great cooling systems and good interlocking systems. In terms of wireless connectivity, it supports the latest and most widely used WiFi standards, making it a good choice for the best gaming motherboard for i9. 

There are 4 slots, one each for the DDR4 RAM. That is, DDR4 RAMs are not built-in features. It has a VRM cooling system, which is pretty advanced and helps in evenly distributing the heat away from the processor. It has a built-in I/O shield, which has already been mounted onto the motherboard. It has 2 USB ports and can handle up to 64GB in total. The motherboard also has extension cables for RGB strips and an RGB header that is addressable. The model featured the standard RGB logo.


3. ASUS TUF-Z390

If one is looking for a motherboard with solid design, one can consider buying this model. It is an i9 9900k motherboard and supports the processor to a good extent, though the compatibility could have been improved. This motherboard supports both the 8th generation and 9th generation Intel core processor. If one is a hardcore gamer, this model may be an apt fit because it supports the streaming of videos whose quality is 4K and above. Further, this offers decent fps while gaming. This motherboard is of the type ‘ATX’ hence it is reasonably large. 

The maximum memory of this motherboard is 64GB. With regards to its DDR4 memory, it has 4 DIMMS. It has 6 USB ports- 2 USB 1st generation ports and 4 USB 2nd generation ports. Since it has Z390 chipset, the processor embedded on it offers decent speed, but that is not really on par with other motherboards available in the market. However, if one wants decent overclocking capabilities at a low price, one can consider this model. 



On the outset, this model might seem pretty similar to its predecessors but there are subtle, albeit impactful changes. Aesthetically, it resembles a printed circuit board. It has an advanced VRM of form 12 + 1, which boosts the power of each of the motherboard components. The VRM system also helps the motherboard overclock to high limits of the i9 9900K. When it is overclocked, it supports a whopping 128GB memory. It has several relevant USB ports, which adhere to the latest and commonly adhered USB standards, technology, and compatibility. In terms of storage, it has M.2 slots and 6 SATA6 slots. Along with these, heatsinks are also attached. 

Like other motherboards, it also has PCIe slots with armors that protect them from any damage that might happen while inserting and using the PCIe cards. Further, the armor helps in protecting the PCIe cards if any damage were to happen to the motherboard. The device also has slots that support Nvidia graphics cards and multiple AMD cards. If compared with other Z390 motherboards, this might seem expensive but one must also consider the unique features that are packed along with this product that set it apart from other products for Z390 processors or motherboards that support different processors. The device has a high features/ cost ratio and gives good value for money, thereby being one of the best i9 motherboards


5. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming PRO Carbon

This is a flagship model that is very budget-friendly and offers good performance. This is based on the Z390 processor. Though the model is designed with Intel Core 8th and 9th generation processors in mind, it supports lower, less advanced processors as well. The motherboard has 2 M.2 slots, 6 SATA6 slots, and customizable RGB ports. One can also add a heat sink if one wants to. The overclocking feature located in the BIOS is easy to utilize. Hence, true to its name, it is a laptop that is meant for intensive applications like gaming and is a pretty good choice for people who expect to have sturdy workstation design. One can even call it the best gaming motherboard for i9 9900k. 

The UI is very user- friendly and navigation through the BIOS is easy, even for novices. The setup and installation procedure are made very simple, due to the exhaustive and informative documentation that accompanies each product of this version. However, the Mystic Light program interferes with other RGB control mechanisms. The motherboard gets automatically synced to the keyboard without giving the user the option to browse color themes before finalizing. 

To prevent the interference of Mystic Light with other control programs, it is recommended to delete it after configuring the motherboard’s RGB settings. However, if one is looking for a solid build, high end, and unique features at a relatively lower price, one can definitely go for this model.


6. ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I

For users who expect both aesthetics and solid performance from their motherboards, this is a great choice. This product supports ATX, is compatible with all Intel Coffee lake processors, possesses 12 phases VRM, and fits the i9 9900K perfectly. If one is about to build a small PC or a PC of small form factor, this perfectly fits the bill. When overclocked, this can support up to 64GB and its RAM configuration consists of 2 DIMMS. However, this motherboard can be used for mini ATX builds and cannot be used for bigger ATX projects. It has only one PCIe slot and does not have additional slots for expanding the memory or inserting alternate graphics cards. 

It has all the necessary USB ports and also features an inbuilt Wi-Fi, which is pretty unique, considering its price. However, the RGB system has some issues related to compatibility. Further, the M.2 slots and the graphics card nearly overlap and it is difficult to use headers for the front panel on this product. Still, this offers good performance for small ATX builds. If one wants to make bigger, heavier ATX builds, one is recommended to go for an ATX motherboard accompanied by a tower case.



If one wants a motherboard which is packed with a lot of features and also has the capacity to efficiently handle and offer the best support to demanding processors like i9 9900K, this model is the best fit. It is a flagship motherboard and has the capacity to handle 5GHz without the need to overclock. The RGB lighting has great aesthetic appeal and can handle fusions, color profiles, addressable headers, CPU fans, etc. it has two channels and its RAM configuration comprises 4 DDR4 slots and can handle up to 128GB. It can support all the generic USB ports, which are spread all over its body. 

The motherboard has an inbuilt premium network and audio controllers. There are 4 PCIe slots and one can easily install multiple Nvidia and AMD cards on the motherboard. Since this is an E- ATX motherboard, it requires a complete tower case for it to function properly, making it one of the best mobos for i9 9900k. However, for a motherboard supporting the Intel Coffee lake processor, this model is very expensive. Further, it does not have a 10GBps Ethernet port which is found in other motherboards having similar features and pricing. The storage performance could have been improved, but this does not have a huge impact on user experience unless one is very particular about storage features.


The Best Motherboard For 9900k Buying Guide

When buying a motherboard, one must check whether the product has all the basic features and must examine whether it has extra features, especially users who are going to extensively overclock the motherboard for getting the best out of their i9 9900K. Many products also have competitive features like inbuilt Wi-Fi etc, but the user must ascertain whether the features are worth investing upon, based on the usage.

Before finally buying the product, one must check the size and form factor of the motherboard and examine whether the product perfectly fits with the tower case. Otherwise, this would lead to the incompatibility of the motherboard with the tower case, which would reduce the overall performance and support of the motherboard towards i9 9900K. 

Most motherboards have only a basic RAM configuration which comprises of 2 slots with 2 DDR4 DIMMS. This might hinder overclocking and might make the device function slower and even crash, especially when one uses it for gaming. Most games being developed these days require 4 DDR4 DIMMS slots. Hence it is wiser to choose a motherboard that has 4 RAM slots. 

This is an important factor that must be considered. Based on one’s requirements and usage, one must decide the amount of money to be invested on a motherboard which has all the features one would need. 


The VRM module helps in regulating voltage by converting the input voltage into something smaller and more suitable for the microprocessor to function. This way, it prevents overheating and overdrawing of current and ensures the safety of the processor. 

This is generally present for hardware enthusiasts who tinker a lot with their motherboard. It increases the aesthetic appeal of the motherboard since it is a built-in accompaniment. 

Every CPU embedded onto a motherboard has its own cooling fan. Additionally, there is also a passive heatsink that draws away heat generated from the CPU and distributes it evenly amongst all parts of the motherboard. A heat sink is also installed atop the VRM. Further, one can also install thermoelectric coolers, heat pipe coolers, and water circulating coolers, based on one’s needs. 

Final Verdict

With this list of seven best motherboards for i9 9900k, you now have a plethora of choices for getting the maximum output from your processor. Apart from the ones we have listed here, there are other options too which you can install on your device but it is wise to test them out first. These options, on the other hand, are tried and tested by us, so that you can take a certain decision skipping the testing phase. Therefore, with your choice made easier, you can now make an informed decision without having to worry about too many technicalities.

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