7 Best TV Antenna Amplifiers In 2020

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The main purpose of the Antenna amplifier is to turn your poor TV signal into a usable one i.e. it amplifies the signal that an antenna transmits and also increases the sound. These are not limited to TV other devices such as Mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, radio also make use of an antenna. Many times, your TV antenna is receiving weak signals that can ruin your viewing and listening experience. 

The TV amplifiers make sure that you can watch television without any transmission breakdown or any interruption making your viewing and listening experience better. It plays an important role in the overall quality of the transmission that a TV receives. There are a vast number of lookalike devices that make it difficult to choose the right fit for your TV. There are quite many companies that produce TV antenna amplifiers, some of them are good while others are moderate depending on several factors such as supported frequencies, noise level, warranty, Gain, etc.

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In this article, we provide a detailed analysis of how these tv antenna amplifiers work and what benefits they provide. We have a unique list as well which contains the best tv antenna booster so that you know which are the best tv antenna amplifiers in the market as verified by various users. A detailed buying guide has also been provided to aid you in the process of buying the right antenna amplifier for your usage.

What does TV antennas amplifiers do?

An amplifier has the basic task of boosting the TV signals so that a larger signal range is achieved and more channels may be viewed. These amplifiers also cause weak signals to be caught and amplified i.e. made viewable more clearly. Generally, these amplifiers are installed in a manner that signals received are split amongst the connected televisions. Therefore, in layman terms, a TV antenna amplifier boosts the signals your television receives and makes weak signals much stronger.

An amplifier becomes essential in the following situations:

  • The length of the coaxial cable that connects the television to the antenna is more than 50 feet
  • The television signals have to be split in between televisions at different places or different rooms
  • The antenna is set up indoors and there is too much disturbance such as from the roof, etc.
  • The distance between the antenna and nearest transmission tower which distributes signals is more than 20 miles

Best TV Antenna Amplifiers Reviews

1. Winegard LNA-200 Boost XT HDTV Preamplifier

The Winegard XT TV is the best tv antenna amplifier present in the market. It provides clearer signals and more range. It is required for use with an amplifier, but this can be used with any passive or even a non-amplified antenna. The innovative TwinAmp Technology has been applauded by customers as it individually amplifies VHF and UHF signals that provide unmatched and brilliant performance. 

The noise and interference levels are also quite low on a non-amplified outdoor antenna. The noise is as low as 1 dB because of the unique Boost Circuit Technology. A technical benefit of the Winegard LNA-200 is that it has separate bands. This increases the signal handling capability to very high levels and has a downward effect on intermodulation. 

This helps maintain a very clear signal way so that you don’t suffer from weak or faulty signals. A major reason why people prefer Winegard is the customer trust that it has established. Since 1954, Winegard has been working consistently and diligently to provide the best quality and all products are manufactured in the USA. Overall, a great product with a lot of useful features. 


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2. GE Outdoor TV Antenna Amplifier

Taking pride in being America’s #1 antenna brand, GE brings to you a top-notch and value for money product – Outdoor TV Antenna Amplifier. This antenna can clear up any low strength fuzzy or pixelated channels, which ensures the viewers only get what is the best. The best part of this Antenna Amplifier is its durability and sturdy built. It is totally weather resistant and we recommend it highly for any outdoor requirements you have to fulfill. However, it can also be used indoors and provides the same brilliance of performance. 

It has the Pure Amp Technology for crystal clear transmission and filters any unwanted noise and also blocks 4G/5G or LTE signals from obstructing the transmission path. It also features the input and outputs coaxial features that allow it to get connected or be compatible with many different antenna brands and their antenna variants. It is true that with GE what you see is what you believe and this antenna truly makes a statement with its resilient design and valuable features.


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3. Winegard LNA-100 Boost TV Antenna Amplifier

An affordable version of the LNA-200 by Winegard is this LNA-100 Antenna Amplifier. It delivers an increased range and makes sure you can watch more channels just because of this antenna alone. Just like the other model, it also features the Boost Clear Circuit Technology for increased range but the lowest noise levels. 

This tv antenna amplifier can boost any non-amplified antenna. It also has a Bandpass filtering which reduces the RF signal interferences. This antenna takes to power through a coax cable connection. We may say that this antenna amplifier resembles a lot of features of the LNA-200 but the best part is its price. At this price and with these amazing features, Winegard LNA-100 is the best if you have a compact budget.


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4. Antennas Direct 4-Port TV Distribution Amplifier

An Amazon’s Choice product and a high-quality product that provides stellar performance are the Antennas Direct 4-Port TV Distribution Amplifier. It allows at most 4 TVs to be connected and is safe not only from outside but also from inside. It has a compact design that is meant for professional users. 

It is weatherproof as well i.e. rain, heat, etc. cannot damage this amplifier to extreme amounts. It is a durable amplifier that makes sure performance is never hampered and maintenance remains minimal. It has a 7.5 dB amplification for every single port that is more than sufficient for every kind of customer. The lifetime warranty that the company provides shows the undoubted trust which the manufacturer and company have in their amazing product. 

A downside that certain customers have highlighted is no protection. Although the CPA4 by Antennas can withstand weather conditions, with continued usage it tends to become extremely hot because of the metal body. Nonetheless, if performance is what you are looking for – Antennas CPA4 is bound to satisfy and fulfill all your needs.


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5. Channel Master Ultra Mini TV Antenna Amplifier

Another space-saver, yet a heavy-duty antenna amplifier with amazing performance and enhanced range is the Channel Master Ultra Mini TV Antenna Amplifier. It has a single output port which has an amplification of 15 dB Although it is not compatible with satellite TVs but works with all other TV antennas and CATV Installations. It can increase the number of channels by increasing the range and also reduces pixelization. 

It promises an improved signal strength and customers have provided testimony for the same. It is weather-resistant as well and comes with a powder coating that allows for easy outdoor installation in addition to indoor usage as well. This product has been lauded for giving customers a professional experience as it strikes the right balance of amplification and avoids the damage due to over-amplification as well. 

The gold-plated precision machine F ports in the device also portray how conveniently this tv antenna amplifier distributes the signals without giving a below-power performance or a deteriorated quality.


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6. Antronix Amplifier, Cable TV RF Broadband

Another high-performance yet nominally priced amplifier is the newly developed Antronix Amplifier. It is a four-port amplifier with a passive return system. This means it is suitable for in-house usage and amplifiers with passive return systems are widely used for residential purposes. It provides amplification of +7.5 dB per port. 

It also reduces pixelization and boosts OTA signals for distribution across multiple TVs. A note of caution is that this amplifier is not compatible with systems having an already existing pre-amplifier but supports all standard and digital TV Services. It must be noted that coaxial cables do not come along with the package. 

A drawback that may be noted is that it has a noise figure of 3 dB while many other amplifiers provide a noise figure of 1 dB. But this is not a serious issue and the benefits of this amplifier outweigh the minimal drawbacks it has. It has a self – resetting circuit as well which provides sufficient protection against any short circuits as well. Overall, a brilliant product at a reasonable price.


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7. RCA TVPRAMP1Z Preamplifier for Outdoor Antenna

Last on our list is the RCA preamplifier designed specifically for outdoor usage. It might be a bit expensive than other best tv antenna amplifiers but has premium features and delivers a stellar performance. It is created specifically for outdoor purposes and can boost signals in those areas where the strength is low. It has a switchable FM trap that reduces interferences from any FM signals. 

It also has the unique Smart Boost Technology which allows the amplifier to show channels with low signal strength clearly without any disturbances. It separately amplifies the UHF and VHF signals which provide optimized and unhindered performance. It comes with a 1-year warranty on parts and a 90-day warranty otherwise as well.

This might be less at this price tag, but this is designed especially if you are traveling to remote locations where signals are not easily available and even if they are available, they are not very strong. The RCA Preamplifier is a good tool to make sure even the slightest of the signal is visible clearly.


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Best TV Antenna Amplifiers Buying Guide

Finding the best TV amplifier could be a difficult job, as there is a wide range to choose from. The best TV antennas let you watch for free from major networks even if you cut the cord the cable goes out. There are quite a few important particularities that you should focus on which makes things much easier for you to buy from.

Lower the value the better is its signal amplification and better the sensitivity. Noise levels near about 2 dB or even lower than this is suitable and generally recommended. Noise level exceeding 4 dB and up to 6 dB are generally understood as pretty high and not suggested for usage.

It is a simple thing to understand. You need to find the amplifier which supports the frequency i.e. UHF or VHF reception and purchase the same. However, various amplifiers generally support both VHF and UHF frequency and maybe a good choice if your television passes both types of frequency. Another new feature that may be useful is separate VHF and UHF amplification which is present in various good amplifiers such as Winegard LNA-200.

It is a simple thing to understand. You need to find the amplifier which supports the frequency i.e. UHF or VHF reception and purchase the same. However, various amplifiers generally support both VHF and UHF frequency and maybe a good choice if your television passes both types of frequency. Another new feature that may be useful is separate VHF and UHF amplification which is present in various good amplifiers such as Winegard LNA-200.

This is a factor that must be considered appropriately before you purchase an amplifier. Warranty must always be studied as a future investment instead of an additional expense. This is because if you incur any damage throughout the warranty period, it will be covered by the company and if you would have not taken the warranty then the cost of getting it repaired yourself would far exceed the initial high price you might be paying.

Thus, the warranty must be seriously considered so that you have cost savings in the future. Various models come with 1-2 years of warranty, some with as large as Lifetime Warranty such as by GE and some have as low as 90 days of warranty. 

You must decide where you want to put the amplifier because different types of amplifiers are available as per the location such as the roof type amplifier. Generally, it is advised that you install the amplifier on the roof or even the attic works well. However, you must ensure that signals are capable of entering through the roof or wall where you install the amplifier.

The height of the antenna can be directly linked to the range your antenna supports. Generally, it is preferred that an amplifier is installed at a high place or any elevated position so that signal reception and amplification is better.

You must decide beforehand how much you are willing to pay for an amplifier. These amplifiers may cost $40 or even more while you may also get cheaper ones at $20. We would say for $28-$34 you can get a durable and trustable amplifier. Do make sure that all your requirements are fulfilled at your desired price level.


Generally, the amplifier should be placed on an elevated place and a roof is the best. The attic is also sufficient and a suitable place for the amplifier to be installed. However, it must be made sure that signals can pass through the roof or walls where the amplifier is going to be mounted upon.

It is not necessary to have an amplifier but if you live in a place where signals are less or the transmission tower is at a long distance, then it is generally advised to have an amplifier in place. This ensures low or weak signals are amplified and made visible clearly.

It all depends on the signal loss you are facing. The gain must be covering the signal loss and not over-amplify as well. Thus, an amplifier with a gain of 12 dB – 20dB is sufficient, however, if the signal loss is more you may purchase an amplifier with a higher gain.

If you are looking for an antenna amplifier for outdoor usage, it is important you purchase a durable one and with an outside protective cover. Generally, many antenna amplifiers are made for both for indoor and outdoor usage and we would recommend Winegard LNA 200 but if your budget is low you may purchase amplifiers from Channel and Antronix.

Final Verdict

We have discussed a detailed list of the best antenna amplifiers after taking into account various considerations. This list can be trusted as all reviews are verified and are bound to provide you with useful insight about what different antenna amplifiers have to offer and what is their performance in terms of various parameters. These parameters include their noise level, gain provided, number of ports, warranty, etc. 

We have also provided a detailed guide to help you find the best antenna amplifier for your needs at a reasonable price. As a final note, it is imperative you first understand the requirements that you have and post which find the antenna amplifier containing all desired features. In this way, you can find the best-priced antenna amplifier which is bound to provide you with a satisfying experience.

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