What is DDR4 RAM? [The Complete Answer]

What is DDR4 RAM?

DDR4 (double data rate fourth generation) RAM support, it is known to be one advantage that comes with the 6th Gen Core Processors of Intel. The DDR4, it received the support of Haswell-E processors at first along with the enthusiast X99 chipset but to bring it into the mainstream, it was Skylake Processors that proved out to be the best support. Before talking ahead, there are some questions to be regarded, like “what exactly is DDR4? Why one would need it?” and alike. Well, DDR4 is known to be the fastest successor for the Dynamic Access RAM old generations, DDR2 and DDR3 which provides a high module density and requires a low voltage than the previous versions. DDR4 isn’t compatible with the DDR3 at all and therefore, the same is available only for the PCs (new updated). Just in case if one wants to use the DDR4 on the older PC, it is necessary to provide an up-gradation to the motherboard and the CPU too.  

DDR4 RAM- Advantages


DDR4 RAM, the standard ones runs at 2400MHz and the ECC RAM runs at 2133MHz (this is totally a bump or rather a significant one from the DDR3). Higher bandwidth is denoted through the additional speed and all of it gets used for running the operation smooth, having a quick boot, and also for the purpose of multitasking.

Lower requirement of power and lesser heat

For operation, 1.2 volts are required by DDR4. This amount is around 20% lesser than that of DDR3 requiring 1.5 volts for operation. Around 40 to 50% of the power consumption gets reduced by having a sleep mode that is efficient. Better battery life, it is also received with the power consumption at a reduced level for mobile phones. It also helps save on the utility bills for the desktops as well as the servers. The head at a reduced level as a result of it, for sure the potential can give an extension to the lives of the components existing internally. It might also help keep up with the temperature at a minimum, inside the case.

High-Density Chips

Much more memory is allowed by DDR4 smaller dies, per stick. The DDR3 8 and 16GB sticks are known to be quite expensive as well as rare and they are the better norm with the DDR4. Per stick 64GB can be delivered by DDR4, considering some better server configurations.  

Final verdict

Changes and improvements keep coming in from time to time. As of today, DDR4 is the better-updated version of DDR3, performing better functions and alike. It might not be possible to be used on the older version of the computers or the laptops but with slight changes and updates on the motherboard and the CPU, one can start to take advantage like that have been discussed above. It will surely be helpful and would ensure to provide better efficiency too.


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