Device Not Migrated Error – What It Is And How To Fix It?

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With the advancement of technology, we can use more and more devices with the computer. But now we have to use the standard cable and require the same ports. Every system has a Wi-Fi adapter inside it. But for the adapter to work you have to do settings in your system to connect to the network. There are special software programs to do it and they are called drivers. You have to install the drivers from the system manufacturer’s website. After installing it, you need to check the compatibility with your device. Moreover, if your device is not equipped to deal with the software a problem can arise known as the device not migrated error.

Also, it happens when we update windows to fix some minor bugs or to add new features to the system. Some unexpected problems may occur after the update completes. The problems affect your USB or hard drive to function properly. It can even cause data loss. The error is known as the device not migrated windows 10 error, which can also occur after the windows update. The users complain about the device not migrated USB error with different computer models and different hard drive models. Here’s all about it:

What Exactly Is Device Not Migrated Error?

Device migrated or migration in general means traveling from one place to another. So, when we update our windows, all the drivers must migrate from the oldest version to the latest version to run the system properly. Many times, problems arise during the update process.

Sometimes all the drivers might not migrate from the oldest version to the latest version or some of the files of the operating system may get corrupted, especially when you connect your hard drive or USB to your system. The error which occurs because of these causes is called the USB device not migrated windows 10. Listed are great ways for fixing this error:

Where to See the Message of “Device Not Migrated” on Windows 10 PC?

The hard drive device not migrated is not a usual error that is just going to show up on your PC like usual errors. To find it:

Step 1:- Take the cursor to This PC and then right-click on it and then choose Manage from the context menu.

Step 2:- Then you just have to click on the Device manager to see the list of the drivers that the windows usually require.

Step 3:- Now you have to choose the driver that is not working, right-click on it, and then choose properties.

Step 4:- The error message can be seen under the events tab. You have checked the error and now you can fix it.

Why Do You See The “device Not Migrated” Error?

Windows 10 device not migrated error may occur because of some problem that may have arisen during the update process. Maybe windows update is trying to install an incompatible driver on your system. Maybe the drivers you installed may not have migrated to the latest version. Maybe the file gets corrupted during this process or maybe an incompatible hard drive or USB drive is connected to the Windows PC.

If any of this happens the system displays a USB device not migrated error. It shows on your PC when USB Drive or any external device you have connected to the system, doesn’t respond.

How To Fix “Device Not Migrated” Error?

Every problem has a solution. Let’s find a solution to this problem. The problem of “Device not migrated” can be solved by the following provided hacks. There is nothing to worry about, instead, keep your calm and try all the methods one by one.

To Look Into The System Files

There are cases when system files get corrupted. There is a chance that the device is unable to migrate due to this reason. To correct the situation, follow the given steps.

Step 1- Firstly right-click on the search bar and then type cmd. An option of command prompt will appear in the search list. After that right-click on the “command prompt” option

Step 2- On clicking, a list of options will appear. Search for the option ” Run as administrator ” and then left-click on it

Step 3- Now type the given syntax i.e., sfc / scannow. Once the typing is complete press the enter key

Step 4- Then you will find a system verification will automatically start. Wait for the verification to complete. It will take minutes

Step 5- The system check will detect the error and will fix it. Once the verification is completed, restart the system to check whether the problem has been solved

If it isn’t solved then it might occur the error is caused due to some other reason. In that case, look for the other options.

By Reinstalling the Specific Driver

Sometimes it can be caused due to the incompatibility of the driver. In such cases uninstall the specific driver and once again install it. For doing this, follow the below-listed steps:

Step 1- Click on the start button in the extreme bottom corner

Step 2- In the start menu, type device manager in the search bar

Step 3- An application will appear i.e., device manager. Now click on it

Step 4- In the device manager, search for the specific driver which is acting up

Step 5- On finding it, right-click on it

Step 6- A list of options will appear, search for the uninstall option from them

Step 7- Now click on the uninstall option and confirm the Uninstall of the driver

Step 8- Once the driver is uninstalled, restart the system

Step 9- After restarting, once again install the driver and check whether the problem has been solved or not

If the problem still exists, then do not lose hope and go for the next hack

By Downloading the Missing Driver

Sometimes the system may have missing drivers. Then to make sure things are at their right place follow the steps

Step 1- Open your internet browser and search for the official website of the system’s manufacturing company

Step 2- On the official website search for the option drivers

Step 3- Now, look for the automatic detection of drivers

Step 4- Now, wait for a few minutes for it to examine the system

Step 5- Once the verification is complete, it will show the list of missing drivers. Download and install them to ensure the problem perishes

Hack To Fix The USB Device Not Migrated Error

Sometimes when the USB device is connected to the system. Then, the system can counter USB device migration errors. In that case, try changing the USB port if the error exists on all the ports.

Then, the USB connectivity driver might not be installed. In that case, follow the above-provided hack and install the driver. After doing so check if the problem has been solved or not

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

  • How to fix the device migrated error?

To fix the device migrated error. Check the following hacks,

  • Check the system’s USB ports.
  • Reinstalling the Drivers on the pc
  • By Updating the Windows
  • By Upgrading the chipset drivers.
  • Can we install the drivers manually?

Step 1 – Look for the device manager in the start menu

Step 2 – In the device, the manager looks for the driver. Right-click on it and look for the update option and click on it to update the drivers.

  • When does Device Migrated Error occur?

It occurs when the data is not able to migrate from one system to another device due to incompatible drivers or any hardware problem.

  • Is it safe to uninstall the drivers?

Yes, it is completely safe to uninstall the drivers. Since it can be reinstalled easily.

  • From where can we download the drivers?

To download the drivers, always look for the official website to install the drivers.


After the windows in your system get updated from the older version to the latest version, we can face many issues due to installed drivers not being compatible with the newest OS or when we try to run a USB or hard drive which is not compatible with the system. 

The article explained some of the safest and efficient methods that can be used to resolve the device not mitigated error. And all of these methods have been tested by millions of users across the globe which means you can use any of these fixes without any hesitation.



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