Discord Awaiting Endpoint Error FIXED [Latest 2021]

For an avid gamer, nothing is more frustrating than errors coming up as they play their favourite game. If you are an avid gamer, especially operating from a PC, you should be aware of the Discord app.

Although it is one of the most popular apps, it is not free of flaws. The main complaint that many users have is about the “Awaiting Endpoint” error which can disrupt your gaming experience completely. But it can be solved when you have the basic knowledge of the technicalities and the methods to solve minor errors on the app. Your gaming experience will be enhanced largely when you have a thorough understanding of how to handle discord awaiting endpoint error.

Never again experience slow internet connection or server outrage while you are enjoying your favourite game. Every game can be bagged with success when the network connection is flawless and the loading time is minimal.

In this article we are going to share every detail you will need to avoid the awaiting endpoint discord error and also the different ways in which this problem can be solved. We have also delved into the details of what this error is and what leads to the problem.

What is Discord?

awaiting endpoint discord

To solve any kind of error related to Discord, it is elemental to understand what this app is all about. The first question that comes to mind is what is discord and why is it so important for gamers in particular?

Discord lets players across the world experience the same game like they are playing on the same computer from the comfort of their home. So, team games become a lot more fun and interactive and you can enjoy them with your friends seamlessly.

It is a communication platform that primarily lets the gamers chat without compromising the focus on their gaming. The users can video call or conference, voice call, text and even audio message each other. You can even start your own channel where gamers from all over the world can come and connect with you and also discuss your gaming skills, strategies and share everything about gaming.

The app is particularly popular among those who want to live stream their gaming or learn about the different cheats and techniques of various games. Some DND campaigns are also run through the app which makes it all the more important.

What Does Await Endpoint Mean On Discord?

Though the platform is so popular, users often complain about the discord awaiting endpoint error. The issue is experienced frequently by many users and hence has become recurring trouble to be solved. When the error occurs, you cannot connect with discord at all. To many users, this appears more like a network issue. The users are unable to connect with each other or the server or the visitors when the discord stuck on awaiting endpoint error happens.

Another major sign of this error is the inability to connect with the discord server. However, as soon as the server is working properly, the problem is automatically solved. The problem can be very annoying when you are in the middle of a collaborative game or have a meeting to attend through discord. In the next section, we have further discussed what can possibly cause the error and the eventual solutions which you can try executing on your device.

What Causes Discord “Awaiting Endpoint” Error?

As you have learnt earlier, the error does not let you connect to a server when you try to open Discord, but why does this error occur in the first place? The problem is undoubtedly annoying and it is caused mainly because of the following reasons:

  • The internet connection is too slow to connect to the discord server and as a result, you get the Discord Awaiting endpoint
  • The server of the discord app is down or overloaded for some reason and as a result, you are unable to connect with it.
  • There is any kind of connectivity error on your end or in the device and hence it is unable to connect to the discord server.
  • The Discord application has been corrupted for some reason on your device.

Solutions To The ‘Awaiting Endpoint’ Error

When discord awaiting endpoint error occurs, accessing the discord server becomes impossible. This can be very annoying to an avid gamer when they are about to participate in any team game. Once you figure out the reason behind the error, however, it can be solved quickly and efficiently. The following are the different ways in which you can solve this trouble easily:

Check The Voice Region Of The Discord Server To Connect

The discord servers are connected by geographical regions. So, if you are closer to the region, the easier and faster it will connect and there will be less lagging in the voice calls. In case your region is facing a server outrage, you can also connect to the next closest region to fix the issue. The awaiting endpoint discord fix is simple in a regional server outrage situation and can be handled through the following process:

  • You can open the admin of the server in the region to make the change or get in touch with the admin and ask them to change the server for you.
  • In case you have admin access, open the Discord app first.
  • Select the server you are having trouble with and then select server settings.

discord stuck on awaiting endpoint

  • In the server overview, look up the region and change it to your preferred option by clicking on change.

discord stuck at awaiting endpoint

  • Make sure you select the server which is closest comparatively to smoothly access the services.

Check whether you can connect to the new server after saving the changes. In case the problem still persists, check your internet connection and try again. Connect and disconnect the internet connection and refresh the device several times. This should fix any further problem if the error arises due to regional server outrage in the first place.

Note To Change Server Region

Did you know the process to change your server region has been made automatic by discord now? Changing the server region is a common way to tackle discord awaiting endpoint error and many people resort to it as the first choice of resolution. However, there are a few things that should be kept in mind when you are opting for this method.

  • You will need administrative privileges still to make this change,
  • The steps to change the region are the same as before except that now you can scroll down to the region override header and from the drop-down menu you can switch on or off the automatic server region changing option.

Through the automatic option, the closest server which has the maximum speed will be selected automatically. If you keep this turned off, you can choose whichever server you prefer, manually.

discord awaiting endpoint

Reinstall The Discord App

When you are stuck on the Awaiting endpoint discord error and unable to find out what is causing the trouble, uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version of the app can fix the problem. This is because the error may often arise because of not updating the software from time to time. The following is the process of reinstalling the Discord app:

  • In the search bar, look up the task manager and open it.
  • In the list of the process, you need to lookup any process related to Discord and then select it and click on End Task.

awaiting endpoint discord

  • Next, go to the start button and select Settings>Apps.
  • Click on Apps and on the next windows look up the Discord app from the list. Right-click on the app and then click uninstall.
  • A confirmation window will pop up where you need to confirm the uninstallation and the process will be undertaken. However, there may be lingering files and data which you have to delete manually.
  • Go back to the start menu and hit “R” and open the Run application.

discord stuck at awaiting endpoint

  • In the respective dialogue box, type “%appdata%” and hit Enter.
  • A window will pop up after this. From here you need to select the Discord folder and right-click on it to delete it.

discord stuck on awaiting endpoint

  • Again, go back to the Run dialogue box and enter “%localappdata%” and hit enter.
  • Another window “Local” will pop up and here again you must look up the discord folder and delete it.
  • Restart the computer once the uninstallation is completed.
  • Go to the Discord website to download the latest available version of the application. Once you download the installation package, right-click on it and choose the option “Show in Folder”.

awaiting endpoint discord fix

  • Go to downloads where the setup file will be saved and then double click on it to start the installation process.

Once the reinstallation is completed, you can log in to your old discord account once more and start using it without facing the error again.

Issues with IP Address and Wi-Fi Settings

Many users face a problem like awaiting endpoint discord error often because of troubles with the IP address or the IP address not recognized or allowed on the server you are connecting to. In such a situation, you can use a VPN to mask your original IP address and choose the server to which you want to connect without any such restrictions.

Once you have turned on the VPN, simply try the connection to the app server once more and in case the masking is successful you will be able to connect to the server easily. Another reason why users face this specific trouble is because of the Wi-Fi settings.

You can simply configure the Wi-Fi settings to solve the problem. First, you must ensure the Wi-Fi is working properly. Simply try browsing through any other website and check whether the internet is working properly. You can also check the internet speed online for this. In case there is an error with the Wi-Fi, then you have to refresh the modem and the router which can solve the issue.

If the trouble persists, you will have to log in to the admin dashboard of your network and tweak the settings as required or change them all to the default settings and try connecting to Discord again.

Check For Server Outage

In case there is a server outage then you need to simply wait it out or change to a different server. Once the server is back on track the problem will be automatically solved. To find out if there is a server outage in the region, you can simply connect with your fellow gamers from the region and check whether everyone is facing the same types of trouble at the same time.

In case everyone is going through the same problem, there is nothing you can do but wait it out. You can also take the help of applications like “downdetector” to find out if you are the only one facing the issue or if it is a general problem.

discord awaiting endpoint

Once you have detected the server issues, either you need to wait or change the server. But it is best to wait a while as these problems are very temporary on Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

Q) Why am I stuck on connecting in Discord?

A) The trouble with connecting to discord can happen because of your internet connection and proxy settings. In such a situation you should recheck the Internet connection and try tweaking the network settings. If you have multiple connections, try switching to a different network which should work as well.


Q) Why is Discord 502 a Bad Gateway?

A) The 502 Bad gateway error is an HTTP status code which means that one server on the internet received an invalid response from another one. It is entirely independent of your personal setup for the device and can occur on any OS, any device and any browser. While trying to access discord, this can also happen when the server of discord is unable to connect with your device.


Q) How do you know if you banned Discord?

A) When someone is banned from any server on discord they are not notified of any mail that is not sent. No reason for the ban will be provided either. In case there is a reason behind being banished from the discord server or “kicked”, the user is likely to receive a warning notification before it happens.


Q) Are Discord Bans permanent?

A) When you are banned from a discord server, it is likely to be a permanent ban unless the moderator decides to unban you. During this time the user will not be able to access any of the services provided by discord. The ban can also be done temporarily with the help of a bot. In case the user receives the “kick”, they are temporarily banned and can join again, opening a new account if they want to.


Q) What connects RTC in Discord?

A) In Discord, RTC means real-time communication or chat where you can connect with fellow users through voice chat through a channel or a call. It makes the end-to-end connection for the users to successfully connect and converse through the Discord server.


The Discord Awaiting Endpoint error may happen frequently but it is fortunately not very difficult to solve when you have a thorough understanding of what needs to be done. The above-mentioned methods are easy to execute and you can be assured your discord services will be up and running in no time when you implement them correctly.

With all this information at hand, now it will become even simpler to handle the troubles and enjoy the games with your gang too. Chat, exchange tips, video calls and more with discord without any hindrance by ensuring the discord stuck at awaiting endpoint issues are resolved at the earliest.



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