Discord Screen Share No Audio [Ultimate Fixes 2021]

Discord has gained popularity over the years among gamers with its brilliant features allowing users to share their screen as well as Audio with other users. However, not everything works perfectly and many users have been facing the issue of “discord screen share no audio” while trying to make a connection.

However, we have tried out all the possible fixes and solutions for you so that you do not need to look all over the internet for it. Moreover, the guide here contains all the possible causes that might have led to this condition so that you can look over it and understand more. The issue has been running on Discord for over years now and there have been multiple updates to fix the bug.

Let us look at all the fixes you can try for the issue and get back on Discord.

Possible Causes of Discord Screen Share No Audio:

There could be various reasons that had led to the discord screen share no audio issue. It can be a frequent occurrence and quite frankly it is super frustrating having to experience it while you are on a winning streak. Here we have listed multiple reasons that could be interfering with your system too leading to discord no audio screen share issues.

Here are all the possible causes leading to discord no audio screen share issue:

A lot of software on the internet is stuck or causes an error due to the Antivirus working on your system. The same goes for Discord as well. 

As soon as you log in to your profile on Discord while your Antivirus is active, you might receive the error message on the screen and encounter the discord screen share no audio issue. No matter the type of Antivirus you are using, it could be the main reason behind your Discord behaving unwantedly.

If you are new to Discord then you might be unaware of the Audio problem in the early stages of the software. The team behind Discord has been ruling out several updates to fix the Audio issue and fix the bugs. 

Hence, if you are still using the older versions of the software, you might need to update it to the latest version through their official site or download the one available on the store for your system.

no audio discord screen share

Another similar cause that led to discord screen share no audio issue is due to faulty Audio Driver. Even if your system Audio is working fine, the main problem might be due to the specific drivers used by Discord. 

It could either be outdated or simply having bugs that need to be repaired immediately. Well, for this, you might have to simply head over to the Device Manager and take the necessary steps to update all the Audio Drivers to fix the issue.

You might have missed out or selected the option “No” for admin access while working on Discord. There is multiple software that needs access before they can fully be functional with all the features working as it should be. 

This could simply be another reason that had led to the Audio not working on Discord Screen Share where you might have mistakenly disallowed the admin access. Moreover, since the software requires a different screen resolution for screen sharing, such issues often occur.

If you have tried joining a voice Discord and have encountered the issue of “No Route Error”, here is the reason for such an error. Your IPv6 connection might have been disrupted due to the IP address that is set to change automatically. 

Hence while connecting to an Audio server on Discord, you might come across the No Router error which ultimately leads to no audio discord screen share problem. Since the software runs directly through the Internet, you can simply choose to restart the router for the fix.

Another possible cause for discord screen share no audio issue could be because of interference with other applications already running on the system. 

Well, it could be any application that you might have used in the past for a long time but now might not match the configuration of this particular software. Such issues mostly occur with any new application that you might have downloaded and hence you need to get rid of it.

Most of the gamers these days not only have been playing high-end games, but they prefer streaming it on YouTube by forming a channel for the same. Well, Discord is not always the best option and not highly compatible when it comes to sharing screens. 

There have been loads of cases recorded by users where as soon as you connect it on YouTube, the Audio simply stops working and the stream is interrupted.

Discord Screen Share No Audio- Solutions:

Well, now since we have looked upon the multiple problems and errors that led to the discord screen share no audio chrome issue, we can now head over to the possible solutions. All the methods below are tried and tested by us and have made sure that it works most of the time. 

Also, all the fixes might not work for you at the same time, hence keep trying them since these are the ones that you need to get over the issue for good. Furthermore, make sure you follow the process as listed here and not change any other configuration on your own. Let us now look at the solutions.

Hold on! Before you skip this step as it might seem way too basic to you. The foremost action that any user must take in case of any error or problem with your system is to restart your computer.

It simply stops any application or bugs interfering with the system and reboots it from the start. Once your system restarts, you can now launch Discord again and try starting the Screen sharing feature to check with the Audio.

discord no audio screen share

Although Discord is set up in a manner that it updates automatically every time a new update is available. However, due to certain issues, the update might not have been scheduled as needed and thus this problem occurs. So, you now need to manually run an update for Discord and follow the steps mentioned here for the same.

  • Press Win + R and open Run.
  • Enter %LocalAppData% and hit Enter.
  • Search for the Discord folder and open it.
  • Now look for the Update.exe file and run the application.
  • Once the update process ends, you can now relaunch the app.

You can also try another method to update the application. For this, you need to delete all the Discord files from the system and reinstall the latest version from the internet.

As we mentioned that there are times when your Antivirus protection can be interfering with your Discord configuration. In such cases, you need to either permanently or temporarily disable the Antivirus program to fix the discord screen share no audio issue. Here are the steps to disable Windows Defender temporarily.

  • Open the Start menu and type Windows Security.
  • Select from the options and tap on them.
  • Now, on the left menu bar click on Virus & threat protection.
  • Scroll down and tap on Manage Settings.
  • To turn off the Antivirus, switch off the toggle buttons under Real-time protection.
  • Restart the system and launch the app.

You can also make changes to the Audio Settings on Discord and make changes to it. Here are the steps you can follow.

  • Open the Discord app and head over to the Settings or Gear Icon on the bottom.
  • Tao on Voice and Video option on the side menu bar.
  • Now, select Reset Voice Settings at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on Okay to reset all the settings likewise and set it to default.
  • Launch the app once again and see if the issue is resolved.

Next up, we have to update the Audio Drivers on your system associated with Discord as well as all the others just to be sure. For all Windows users, you can follow the steps mentioned here to update the Audio Drivers.

  • Tap Win + R  to open Run.
  • Type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter to open Device Manager.
  • Expand Sound, video, and game controllers.
  • Right-click on the Audio Driver and tap on Update Driver.
  • Now, select Search automatically for drivers and allow Windows to update the driver by itself.
  • Simply restart the entire system and relaunch the app.

You might have heard about cached data that is used to optimize the application’s performance every time you use it. A lot of data is stored on your system that you might not need and could be leading to errors constantly. Even after you have updated your system and the audio drivers, the cache data remains as it was before that needs to be deleted. Here is how you can do it.

  • Open Run by pressing Win + R on your keyboard.
  • Type %appdata% and press Enter.
  • Now, look for the Discord folder and make a right-click on it.

Tap on Delete to clear the cached data.

You can also try to fix the discord screen share no audio issue by simply relaunching the Discord app through administrative access from your system. If you are unaware of how to perform this action, follow the steps given below.

  • Press Windows + E on your keyboard to launch File Explorer.
  • Now, head over to the Discord Installation Tab.
  • Make a right-click on Discord.exe.
  • Select Run as Administrator and tap on OK.

The above process will now relaunch the Discord app on your system and will fix any issue with the Audio or Screen Sharing.

Lastly, you might have heard of the unique Push-to-talk feature on Discord. Well, it allows you to speak only when you have hit the button on the screen. Since many gamers do not have a proper studio to play on and the background noise can be a little too much, this particular comes in handy.

However, this feature has its own disadvantages since it automatically detects and keeps the mic on mute. Instead, you can make the necessary changes from the Applications Settings so that the Audio does not go off and it is in your control completely.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The main cause of Discord Screen Share lagging could be due to multiple applications running in the background. It could be due to third-party apps interfering with the Discords settings. In such cases, you can simply close down all the other apps on your system while using Discord. Another issue could be an unstable Internet connection or else it could be your Antivirus as well.

Well, you are already aware that Discord screen sharing or even simply streaming works entirely on the Internet connection. To make sure everything works out perfectly and smoothly for you, make sure the Internet connection is stable. 

If you are not getting proper video quality on Discord the main reason behind it is bad internet speed, connection, or even bandwidth. To fix this, you can simply choose to reboot your router or the modem and launch the app once again.


Well, here we are with everything you need to know on all the fixes you can try to fix the Discord Screen Share No Audio issue. Make sure to go through all the causes that led to this error as well all the fixes too even if you have successfully solved on your own. It is important so that if at all you face anything in the near future, you know all the fixes and can apply them instantly.

Moving on, Discord is a brilliant application and gamers love to Screen share it with their followers. Not only is it super smooth to work on but also easy to understand. If at all you have been still facing any issues while working on Discord, you can let us know in the comment section below so that we can help you out.



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