Discord Update Failed – Fix Error Guide 2021

In the world of gaming and entertainment, Discord is a well-known name since it has so many features that help games as well as media influencers to get in touch with others, to help create a virtual society of like-minded people. One of the most promising things about this platform is that it gives instant access to everyone for easy reach and distribution creating a great community for everyone. This application allows the user to communicate with fans, friends, and communities through voices, chats, videos. The servers are well organized and are very capable of making collaborations as well as sharing ideas, concepts easier.

Whether it’s a small school group or yours or a large community from all over the world with a common interest, Discord makes it happen. There are facilities for streaming your gaming sessions, live commentaries, and many more whenever you need to, and that too with the click of a button. Discord is designed to update itself when it is opened. And sometimes the program is stuck when the download for the update has been completed but the update doesn’t take place. It shows that the discord update failed issue has occurred. This runs in a loop making the user unable to use the app.

What Discord Update Failed?

discord update failed loop

When a user opens the Discord application, the app sets itself to update automatically. This auto-update feature is what helps the users to stay in the current upgrades as well as the bug fixes with the app. But sometimes this update is stuck in an endless loop of errors where the update isn’t completed or installed and the user won’t be able to use the app. Whenever the user will start the application, it will ask them to update but the process never gets completed. The possible reasons for this problem sometimes are the different settings of the device that opposes the permissions given to the app.

In this way a conflict arises between the updates and the system itself and the process is stuck in a discord update failed loop. The error has been seen in computers if many users and everyone who has faced this problem seem to be annoyed by this. This not only disturbs the up-to-date flow of the software but also stops the user from starting the application. And if you are facing such an issue with your system, where the screen is showing a “Discord update failed” error, then this article can help you solve it.

Causes of Discord Update Failures

There can be multiple causes that affect the functioning of the app and will create this error in updating. However, many times what happens is that the user has weak or unstable internet connectivity which causes the updating process to slow. The downloading process takes too much time which is why the update gets stuck in the loop and this is where the error in the update happens. This is a common issue that happens with thousands of users when they open the application without an active internet connection or strong WIFI connectivity which causes the app to display a message of “update failed” on the screen.

Another type of connectivity issue arises when you are using the application and suddenly the internet connection is lost due to any reason. This is where the working of the application stops right away and you start getting into trouble. Similarly, whenever there is an issue with the system connecting to Discord servers while the app is running it will cause it to get an error. This will show your Discord is having issues with the server and the main reasons for this include factors like different antivirus software installed on your PC or different firewalls by your system defender. Other system settings that stop the app from using its necessary permissions can also cause the Update failure error.

Another type of system setting that causes the error when your internet is working just fine but still you get the update failed error is the corrupted Discord file that is stored in the memory drive of your PC. Local driver files are very necessary for the running of any application and when due to some reason they get corrupted, the system will resist them and won’t allow the application to run those files. This is when Discord will show you error messages one of which will display “Discord update failed”. So, removing these programs that are generally causing such issues is a great solution that will reinitiate the update of the app smoothly thus solving the problem. But if it doesn’t work, you can try any of the methods explained in the next section on how to fix discord update loop.

6 Ways To Fix The Discord Update Failed Error:

If you are stuck with the discord update loop problem and you are unable to solve it, then the following methods will help you get over the problem:

1. Running The App As An Administrator

Discord is programmed to update itself whenever it has permission to do so, and sometimes there is a conflict between the system settings and the application. This is where the update failure error arises. And it is very annoying since every time you open your Discord, it doesn’t let you in. To solve this problem the natural solution would be to allow administrative permissions to the app. This will allow the updater program in the Discord app to run freely as well as download the update.

Since there will be no such conflict like before, the app will be able to automatically install the updates. But you must know the fact that your local account should have administrative permissions otherwise you will have to acquire the password for that. Once you are done with the administrative account setup, you can follow these steps to run Discord as an administrator:

  • Open the Discord application through the icon on your screen. Otherwise, if you don’t have a shortcut placed on your screen, then you can go to windows, and then from there you can search “Discord”. On Windows 10 when you type Discord on the search bar, you will see the Discord application on your search results which will be typically shown as the best match.

  • When you right-click on that, you will see a bunch of options namely “Open”, “Run as administrator”, “unpin from taskbar” etc. on the screen right under the logo of Discord. From the context menu or the popup window on your screen, you need to click on the “Run as administrator” option.

  • If your device has been authorized by the User Account Control (UAC) and you have the administrator password, your screen will display a popup window that will ask you to confirm whether you want to run it as an administrator. Now, opt for the “Yes” option.
  • This will allow the Discord app to run and then the app itself will make changes in the system settings according to its requirements. This will enable the permissions required to download and update the application effortlessly.

2. Disabling Windows Defender

Windows defender is a very important part of any computer system running on the computer. And often its settings conflict with the permissions that have been allowed to the apps. This is why there are errors in the update of the Discord app and thus you won’t be able to use it. To resolve the following issue, you must opt for the given process:

  • Open settings from your computer by going from the start menu or you can also press the windows plus I button.

  • Then you have to go to the Update and Security tab and click on that.

  • From there you will see the option for Windows security. You need to click on that and then navigate to Virus & Threat protection- Manage settings.
  • Then you will need to turn off the “Real-time protection” and it will disable the Windows defender.
  • Now try to run the Discord app again and it will run and update itself without any issues.

3. Disabling The Antivirus

Similar to windows defender, antivirus programs also safeguard our system for secured connections from various apps. So, they also get conflicted with the apps and stop the update process. In case you use any other antivirus system or you have any other operating system installed on your PC, then you can follow these steps:

  • First, you will need to open your task manager. To do that you have to click on the search bar of your taskbar at the bottom of your screen and then type “Task Manager”. Then click on the result and open it.

  • Sometimes the task manager is opened with a compacted window, so you will need to maximize it. Then you will find an option that says “More details”. You have to click on that.
  • Then navigate to the Start-up tab on the top of the screen and find the antivirus program from the list of many applications running on your PC.
  • Then when you locate it, you will have to click on that and then it will show an option to disable it. On clicking that, your antivirus program will be disabled.
  • Then restart your computer and Discord should be opening normally without any issues.

You should understand the risk that disabling an antivirus program or windows defender poses a threat to your system. So, if you are fully aware of the risks then only apply this method.

4. Disabling The Firewall

One of the causes that are responsible for the update failure of Discord is the firewall that prevents the system from updating the app. And you can disable it to complete the update process. To do that:

  • Go to the search bar and then type “firewall” and open it.

  • Then you will see an option saying “Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off”. You will have to click on that.

  • Then you have to uncheck the “Block all incoming connections”. Then click ok and try to open the app. It should run normally after this.


5. Renaming The Update.exe File

In some cases, giving the application administrative access doesn’t help to solve the issue. Sometimes the necessary permissions required by the Discord app are legit and the system runs perfectly. But due to some technical errors, there is a discord downloading update loop issue. While sometimes the downloading process stops in between,

There are situations where the downloaded update file gets corrupted or unreadable by the computer. In such situations, the computer system isn’t able to update the app. Moreover, Discord update keeps failing and shows the message on your screen. This update process sometimes runs in a loop and becomes an annoying error.

The Discord update file is located in the local drive of the system and is the reason why your Discord app can update itself. But often this file gets corrupted or doesn’t get properly downloaded which is why the app is unable to update itself. And one of the simplest methods to solve this issue is by renaming the update.exe file. And to do that, you have to follow these steps to update the app to the newest version and successfully overcome this problem:

  • First, you will need to go to the folder where all the AppData is stored. For that, you have to first call the run dialog box. To do that you have to press the Windows key along with the R key on your keyboard simultaneously.
  • This will open the Run dialog box from where you will see an empty textbox in which you have to paste “C:\Users\Username\AppData” without putting the quotation mark in it. In this text, you have to change your user’s name instead of the one given in this example command. Then you have to press the enter key. This will open the app data for all the apps on your PC.
  • Apart from this process, you can try another method by opening the file explorer first, and then you will need to go to the “This PC”. From there you will have to navigate to the C drive and then you will see Users. When you double-click on that, you will see a folder with your account name on it. Then you will have to Navigate to the AppData folder from there.

  • Once you are in your local drive where the AppData is located, you will need to find the Discord folder in it. It will have all the essential data stored from the Discord app as well as servers. Double click on that and your folder will open.

  • Then you will see a bunch of files and programs on your screen that were stored inside the Discord app data folder. You will need to find the Update.exe file from that. After that, you will need to right-click on that, and from the options available, you will need to click on the rename button.

  • Then when you see the option to rename it, you will need to type “UpdateX.exe” exactly as it is. Then you will have to press the enter button. This will rename the update file.
  • After you are done with the process, you can try to run the Discord app as usual and your problem should be gone by now.

6. Reinstalling Or Clearing Data For The Discord App

If none of these methods worked out for you and you are still stuck with the problem, then you can try reinstalling it after the un-installation or you can clear all the data for the app. The process to do that is as follows:

  • You will first need to find the settings from your PC. To do that, press the windows plus I button or you can go through the start bar. When you find the settings tab, you will need to click on the Apps tab.

  • This will show all the apps that are running and installed on your PC. You will have to find the Discord app and click on it. This will display different options related to the app on your screen. You will have to click on the uninstall button.

  • It will ask you for confirmation. You need to click yes and the app will be uninstalled successfully.
  • Then you will have to press the windows plus R button simultaneously that will open the Run dialog box. On the utility window, type “%appdata%” without this quotation and then hit enter.

  • This will take you to the app data for the apps in your file explorer. Opt for locating the Discord folder. Then you have to right-click on it and delete all the residual files.

  • Now go to the Discord website and install it again.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Some of the frequently asked questions that arise in most users’ mind while they are stuck with the “Discord update failed” error is:

  • Is something wrong with my computer for which my Discord update failed?

Discord app is designed to update itself on auto-update mode whenever it gets connected to a stable network. And sometimes due to permission conflicts, the app is unable to update. This never surely means something is wrong with your PC. You should thoroughly check the reason behind this and then decide whether there are problems in your system.

  • What are the causes for “Discord update failed”?

There are multiple causes from the application or the computer system that may be causing errors while updating the Discord app on your PC. The most common issue of them all is that the Discord app needs various permissions to run on your PC and sometimes the system settings conflict with those permissions. This creates an endless loop of update failure.

  • What can be done to avoid this error for the update failed?

Many causes make this error happen in your computer. These causes have been discussed in great depth in this article. If you avoid these reasons to happen on your PC, then there are fewer chances that you will get this error.

  • What are the methods to solve the “Discord update failed” error?

Various methods can help you solve this error. All of them have been discussed with details in the above section of this article. You can follow any one of these methods and they will make your problem go away. However, if your issue persists then you can contact the help center of the app.

  • Are the methods explained safe to use?

Yes, the methods that have been explained in this article are completely safe. They have been tested by millions of users around the globe. There are no issues if you follow any of the methods. They don’t affect your computer usage in any way and you can trust to use them.

  • What can be done to solve the update failed error permanently?

Errors like this can occur at any time whenever there is a conflict between the system settings and the permissions of the Discord app. So, unfortunately, there is no permanent solution that can promise that this error won’t occur in the future. But you can apply many methods that will help you to solve this problem whenever this error arises.


All of the processes and solutions that have been discussed in this article to solve the error for Discord update failure have been tested by millions of users all over the world. You don’t need to worry about the safety of your computer if you are following any of these methods. Discord is a great application that aims at providing a great online community for everyone. This is also why it provides so many updates. If your issue doesn’t get solved by any of the methods explained above, then you can always contact the help center of the application.



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