Do Monitors Have Speakers? [Guide to Enable Them]

Computers were mere computational devices back in the days, but now they are so much more than that. These days they are used for music, movies, gameplay, and many other entertainment purposes which makes us have a relaxed lifestyle. And one of the major components of this system is the monitor. Sometimes we want to connect the monitor to our gaming consoles or laptops to enjoy a big screen with HD games and we want a good quality sound experience from it. These monitors not only give us an experience of immersive gaming, but also make us feel the virtual world inside any game.

Most of the monitors come with great stereo speakers these days. But what happens when you don’t have any speakers on your monitor? This is where a question arises, is it possible to get sound output from the monitor without speakers? And if it’s so, then how do you go about it? This article explains how to get sound from a monitor without speakers when you connect it to any other device like gaming consoles and laptops. But before learning the process, let us first look at some important things about monitors.

Things to Consider With Your Monitor

When you are looking into a monitor, you should know that they come in two different categories. The first one involves the built-in speakers that allow us to play any audio or any type of sound from the monitor itself. But wait, do monitors have speakers? Well, when there are no built-in speakers available, you can always play the desired sound via any external speaker cable. So, when you don’t have a built-in speaker on your monitor, external links for sound can help. You can see some of these monitors have external audio jacks, which are used to connect them to external speakers.

However, what if there are no audio jacks on your monitor? This is where things get complicated. But don’t worry. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail the different techniques on how to get sound out of a monitor without speakers using which you will be able to activate sound from a monitor. But first, you will need to ensure what kind of connection setup you have on your monitor. There are generally 3 types of display i.e.

  • Display port
  • HDMI
  • VGA/DVI Audio line in

When you have an HDMI or display port, your audio connections are simple. But if it’s VGA then you will need a 3.5mm audio wire.

How To Enable And Use Inbuilt Speakers On Your Monitor?

In the previous section, we were discussing some of the requirements when we don’t have any inbuilt speakers on your monitor. But when you have a built-in audio system in your monitor, you don’t need to go through any complicated process. The sound drivers installed on your monitor are self-sufficient, and in case there are any issues related to the enabling of the preinstalled speakers, you can follow these steps to enable it:

  • First, check whether your monitor has been installed with a soundcard or not. You can check the status of the same by going to the windows, and then the device manager. From the devices, select the monitor and check whether there is a sound card installed or not. If the soundcard is preinstalled, then follow the next steps.
  • Then go to the volume icon on the bottom of the screen at the right corner, where you will find a volume icon. Click on that and then on your screen you will see Playback devices. You need to click on that and you will be directed to the list of devices.
  • From the list of devices connected, find the option that says speaker and right-click on that.
  • After the previous step, a popup window will appear from where you can enable your monitor speakers as the default by selecting the built-in speakers from the monitor.
  • Then go to the configure option from which you can test the speakers. If they are working fine as you needed, then click ok.

After following these steps, you surely will be able to enable the internal speakers of the monitor and will be able to use them without any issues.

5 Best Ways To Get Sound From Monitor Without Speakers [Inbuilt Audio]

In the last section, we discussed the process of enabling the internal speakers of the monitor. But when there are no inbuilt speakers in the monitor, you need to follow some of the known ways to get sound from any monitor.

There are dozens of ways through which you can connect your monitor to any console and then get sound from it without speakers. These are some of the quickest and easiest methods on how to get sound on a monitor without speakers. They are:

Using HDMI Audio Extractor:

The first method to get sound output from any monitor is by using any HDMI audio extractor. An HDMI audio extractor is one device that can be used to connect the monitor to an external speaker via cables. And the HDMI cable feeds the data to the extracting device. The extractor will then pull the audio from the monitor and give it as an output from the monitor through a speaker.

You can connect any monitor to the external audio system but the monitor must have an audio output via HDMI port. In case you want to hook up multiple devices, you can use the HDMI switcher. The process for using an HDMI Audio extractor is as follows:

  • First, connect the output from the source device like your PlayStation or gaming console through an HDMI port to the audio extractor. This will require an HDMI cable which you can connect at both ends. And these cables are super easy to use since there are no complications involving these simple cables.

  • Then you need to connect the extractor to the speaker or home theatre system via analogs for audio devices. There are tons of RCA to aux cables available in the market that can be bought to connect the speaker to the extractor. You need to connect the AUX input of your speaker and then one end of your speaker configurations will be good to go.

  • Then on the other end, connect the aux input from the RCA from the extractor to the aux cable from the speaker. If you have to connect your headphones, then directly you can connect them to the extractor through the aux cable. This will complete the connection for the extractor to the source as well as the speaker.

  • After you are done with the whole process, your speaker output should feed you with the sound from the monitor effortlessly.

Using A 3.5mm Audio Jack:

When you have a 3.5mm audio port available on your PC, you can connect the system to the external speakers through the 3.5mm audio jack. Many types of monitors these days have audio jacks provided for headphones and you can use them for any type of sound system.

Also, if you need to connect two speakers, then you can connect them to the L/R channels by using an audio splitter. The process for connecting a 3.5mm jack with the console and the monitor to an external sound system is as follows:

  • First, you will need a male-to-male audio cable with the 3.5mm audio jack support at both ends to connect the monitor and speaker. You can get one of these easily because they are inexpensive and are available in both online as well as offline stores. Then you will also require a splitter for splitting the stereo into different outputs. When you have both, you can move to the next step.
  • After you have a male-to-male 3.5mm aux cable, you need to connect one of its ends to the speaker. The ports for this are already present in the speaker and you shouldn’t have any difficulty locating them.

  • Then you need to connect another end of the audio jack cable to the female end of the stereo splitter you have by simply plugging it in. The connection should fit right in without any issues.

  • Now after you are done with the previous steps you need to connect the male end of the stereo splitter to the monitor sound port. This will finish the connection. Make sure your connections are tight and then test out the sound system.

Using Optical Out Connection:

The third way of connecting the monitor to any console is through SPDIF. SPDIF is a modern-day cable system that uses optical technology to eradicate the need for analog conversion. Most of the consoles these days come with an optical audio out type connection system that can be connected to a speaker or any audio system. This type of connection is a high-quality digital audio transmission process that doesn’t have to go through the analog conversion process.

Generally, if you have any alternatives for the audio system, then you shouldn’t follow this method. Because monitors are designed to give high-quality video but if you do need to connect it with any sound system, then the process is as follows:

  • First, acquire an optical cable from the market. There are many variations available in the market that have different qualities. You just make sure that you do have an efficient optical cable that you can use for a seamless connection.
  • Then once you have an optical cable, connect its one end to the output port of the monitor. The connection process is really easy and you should be able to do it without getting any issues.
  • Then after that, you need to connect the other end of the optical cable to a device that is optically enabled. You can use mixamp for instance if you don’t have any other device like that.
  • The mixamp has an optically enabled port that you can connect to any headphone or sound system. If you want an immersive experience then you can also connect it to any surround sound system and enjoy it. The connection for that is similar to any other sound system and is done through mixamp directly.

Using Component Cables Or RGB Cables:

There is another way to connect the sound system to the console is through the use of a component cable. The component cables or RGB cables use efficient technology that promises to deliver great audio quality with clear high-definition sounds.

These cables are generally connected to the console itself and they are plugged into the left as well as right connections of the console system. The process to connect them are very easy and you can follow these steps to connect a component cable to the speaker with the console:

  • Acquire a component cable and then connect one of its ends to the AV multi-out port available on the gaming console. The connecting process is really simple and you shouldn’t face any problem relating to finding and plugging it in.
  • Then you need to connect the speakers to the component cable at the L/R channels. The L/R output channels for speakers are marked and you will need to plug the component cables carefully.
  • Like any other composite system, if your speaker system uses 3.5 mm audio jack support, then you will need a 3.5mm audio jack which should be male to RCA female type. These audio cables are easily available on the market at cheap prices. Or else if you are using a headphone system, then you will need to use a 3.5mm stereo coupler that has features for stereo output.
  • Then go to the console and change the audio settings to output through connectors and the sound should now come from the speaker systems which you just connected. With this, your system should be good to go.

Connecting via Bluetooth:

The last method for connecting the audio system to the monitor or the gaming console is wireless Bluetooth technology. For this to work, you will need an active Bluetooth module that can connect with any music system via radio frequency and can be operated remotely. If your console doesn’t have such a feature, you can go and buy any USB to Bluetooth type cable.

You need to plug it into the USB port and you will have an active Bluetooth connection ready to pair. Along with this, you will also need a set of Bluetooth-enabled speaker systems that is another investment. If you already have those then you can follow these steps to make a connection:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth settings of the speaker and make it discoverable. These days speaker systems mostly indicate whenever they are ready to pair with the new device.
  • Then on your PC, go to start, then settings. From there you will find Bluetooth& other devices. When you click it, you will see an option namely “Add Bluetooth or other devices”. You need to click on that. Then click on the Bluetooth device name for the speaker and click on connect.
  • The screen should now show a message saying the connection is established. This is a one-time process and from the second time, these devices will connect themselves automatically.

How To Set Up An Audio Connection Between Speaker And PS?

Gaming requires great audio as well as a video experience. The way things are presented in any game requires a realistic feel and this is where a pair of good speakers come in. when you have a great audio output, your experience is elevated and you get to enjoy every best thing in any game. And when you are using a PlayStation, you can connect it to any speaker or home theatre system that will achieve gaming supremacy.

There are dedicated ports available on the PlayStation that are enabled with presets for the audio devices and you can connect the speaker to any PlayStation by following these simple steps:

  • First, obtain a multi-port out cable with you. You can buy one of them easily from any online or offline store without spending too much. Once you have a multi-port out cable by your side, you need to find the flat end of the same.
  • After you get the flat end of the multi-port out cable, you need to connect it to the console or the PlayStation. There are dedicated ports available at the back of your PlayStation which are named and can be connected easily. The color codes are very helpful in connecting the input plugs with any audio device you want.

The process remains the same if you want to connect it to one simple speaker or a large home theatre system. The surround sound experience is complete when you connect external audio devices to the PlayStation. And acquiring these cables is very easy as well as inexpensive resulting in complete satisfaction. You must keep in mind that the quality of this equipment matters a lot when you want a specific type of sound output from your gaming.

So, if you have a budget, then do find quality cables for your connection. Also, while connecting the cables to the console, the connection should be proper without any confusion among the different ports of the console. Or else the desired sound output may not be achieved.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

  • Do I need to buy expensive devices to get audio outputs from monitors?

No, you won’t have to buy any expensive equipment to get sound from your monitors through any of these methods. In case you have inbuilt speakers on your monitor, then you won’t need any extra equipment or replacement at all.

  • Are inbuilt speakers for monitors necessary for sound output?

No, you don’t need speakers in your monitors necessarily to get sound output. There are plenty of different ways which can help you to get decent sound from any monitor no matter how old or new they are and the methods are quite simple as well as easy to use.

  • Can I connect my console with a monitor to get an HD sound experience?

Yes, you can surely connect your monitor with gaming consoles or laptops to get an HD sound experience. Many users do that to have that surround sound experience while playing HD games which the custom monitor enhances with great audio as well as the video quality.

  • Is it safe to use these processes?

Yes, all of the methods that are explained are safe to use and don’t alter anything in your monitor. There are no errors related to the steps explained and these have been tested out by thousands of users.

  • If I use any method to extract sound from the monitor, will it affect my console?

No, there are no effects on your console if you connect your monitor to it and then use it. The sound output only varies in the entire process and apart from that, there are nearly no consequences for using the monitor to get a decent sound.

  • Are there any drawbacks to using these methods?

There are no drawbacks related to any of the processes. These methods are proven very helpful and they do work in most situations. So, there should not be any problem if you try any of them to get sound output from your monitor regardless of the type of hardware you are using.


Though there is no competition between internal speakers from a monitor and these techniques that have been discussed for monitors without any audio jack support, the audio output with these methods is quite decent and all of these processes are also convenient to follow. These methods explained above are fully tested by users all around the globe. Now, this ensures that these are safe to be put to use. The process of using a monitor to produce without any built-in speakers is easy to follow and doesn’t require expensive peripheral devices that need to be bought. These quick steps will bring the results you want.



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