How To Download Embedded Video From Any Website? [2021 Latest]

We have been using the internet in a variety of ways since its invention. Earlier it was used for searching knowledge, but with each day passing, its usage has been varying like never before. Today we are dependent on websites and the internet for our educational, financial, entertainment, and all sorts of needs. And watching videos on the internet has been a great pastime for many of us. Sometimes we want to watch videos related to our work, education, and sometimes it’s for fun. But at all times, we have to think about whether we want to watch them now or should we keep them for later after downloading them.

After deciding what to do with the video, we go on playing it on any platform. Usually, we don’t face any issue while watching or downloading any video from these platforms, but sometimes apps such as YouTube ask us for payment to watch some videos. This is where embedded videos come into the picture. They facilitate us with the option to watch or download these videos for free. This article covers the methods through which you can download embedded videos without any complexities. But before jumping into that, let us explore embedded videos.

What is An Embedded Video?

Embedded videos are the media files in different video formats that are built on web pages such as HTML5 and they are hosted by themselves. In other words, these are the videos that allow you to host them at locations like articles or simple blogs where you don’t expect them normally. These systems aim to make you watch these videos without really visiting the original website where it was located. Usually what happens is that you are asked for different modes of payment for watching any videos that are for premium members or specific people with access granted via membership.

However, if you don’t want to pay such fees and want to directly watch or download the video, then embedded systems come into play. Embedded videos effortlessly help you to enjoy your favorite content at different anonymous locations that aren’t linked with the source and thus help you achieve payment-free entertainment. But accessing these embedded videos is very complicated and downloading them from these embedded links is more difficult. The next section will help you to download embedded video chrome for free if you are facing such issues and that too without any complex steps.

Easy and Free Methods to Download Embedded Video Online:

Embedded videos are a great way through which you can download your favorite content without paying any money to any party involved. Often you must be confused with the thought of downloading any video or watching it online. And while downloading the embedded videos, many people have faced problems in the past.

It doesn’t matter which website you are on; complications will lead you to disinterest in the video. This section of the article covers all those methods on how to download  embedded videos using which you can easily download and save any video you want regardless of the type or location of the video.

To download video from website has different approaches and the easiest of them are explained below:

Downloading Embedded Videos Directly From The Sites:

In some cases, the embedded videos are easy to download and don’t cause any trouble. Some websites provide the video in mp4 format which is very easy to download just like saving a picture from the internet. The steps for downloading embedded videos directly from the websites are as follows:

  • First search for the video you want to download. Then go to the website that you prefer. And if the website supports downloading embedded videos, then carry out the next steps.
  • Select the video that you want to download. Then right-click on the video and you will see a dropdown menu.
  • From the menu, you will see options such as play, mute, etc. You need to select “Save Video As” and click on that.

  • After clicking on the option, you will be asked to set the download location that you can select as per your preference. Once you are done, to save embedded video, click on the “Save” button or you can also press the enter key. After this, your video will be saved at your desired location.

Downloading Embedded Videos With Free Video Downloader:

The next method for downloading embedded videos from any website is by using downloaders that not only allow you to download embedded videos from websites, but also you can select the quality of those videos. There are thousands of video downloaders available on the market and a few of the most efficient ones are explained as follows:

Free HD Video Converter Factory:

This free video downloader is known amongst users for its simple user interface as well as quick and efficient download capability. The steps for downloading through this app are as follows:

  • Open the application and you will see a button that says New Download. Click on that and you will be taken to a window where you will be asked to paste the embedded video URL.
  • Once you paste the URL the app will ask you to click on the analyze button, and once the analysis on the file type is done, you will be asked to select the video quality and format.
  • Then you will be asked to click on the “Download” button and then after that, your file will be saved to your desired location.

4K Video Downloader:

The next free video downloader is a 4K Video Downloader which is known for its access to various types of files across the internet. Not only video, but you can also download great quality audio by using this application.

To download embedded videos through this app, first, download this 4K Video downloader in your system and then follow these steps:

  • Open the application and you will see an interface that has a box for pasting the URL.
  • Go to the website that has the embedded video and copy the URL. Then paste that same URL in the URL box of the downloader. There is also a dedicated button that says Paste URL and will precisely do the same.
  • You can then hit enter or click on the “Download” button to start the download for your embedded video.

EaseUS MobiMover Free:

The third most used video downloader application is the EaseUS MobiMover that is popular all over the world because of the different features available inside the app. It supports most websites including Facebook, YouTube, and many more. The steps to download videos using this app are explained below:

  • First, download EaseUS MobiMover from the official website of the app. Then launch the application by opening it.
  • You will see a “Video Downloader” option on the left side of your screen. Upon clicking that, you will be asked to paste the URL of the embedded video you want to download.
  • After pasting the URL, you will see a “Download” button that you need to click. The app will then analyze the link and if the video is downloadable, it will be saved to your device automatically.
  • If your video is still not downloaded by these applications, you can follow any other method that is explained in the following sections.

Download Embedded Videos Using Chrome/Firefox Browser:

There are many extensions and video downloaders available on the internet that facilitate downloading the embedded videos you want. But there are also ways through which you can download your videos directly from the chrome or Firefox browser. The process on how to download a video from a website continues as:

  • Go to the website on your Google chrome or Firefox browser from which you want to download the embedded video. Then play the same video.
  • Then use the F12 key or right-click on the margin of the page. This will open up a window that will have a “Inspect element” in the Firefox browser or an “Inspect” option in Chrome. You need to click on that. Then navigate to Media Tab through the Network option.

  • Now press F5 to play the video and the download link will be located. Open a new tab on your browser and then paste the same link you located. Or else you can right-click on the link and then tap on the option that says “Open in a new tab” and select it. This will take you to the website where the video can be downloaded easily.
  • There will be a download button available and even if it’s not present, you can right-click on the video and click on the” Save As” option to save the video.

Download Embedded Videos Using Online Services:

We understand that many of us don’t want to go through this process of installing applications or we even don’t want any complications regarding the whole downloading process. And to our rescue, some various online services or websites do the work for us. One of the most promising service websites is the Fetch File. We will use this as a reference to explain the method. To download videos through this, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the website from which you want to download videos. Then copy the URL of the same page.
  • Now go to and paste the URL. Then you will see a “Download Video” option. You need to click on that.

  • Then your video will be downloaded without any issues.

Download Embedded Videos Using Browser Developer Tools:

Another method for downloading embedded videos is by using browser developer tools. For chrome, it is known as Chrome developer tools and the steps for using that are:

  • Right-click on the website page where your video is located. Then choose the inspect option from the menu.
  • Then press the network tab and then go to the media tab.
  • Now, the video should be visible on the screen. Opt for Right-clicking it and after that, opt to select “Copy”.
  • Copy the URL and paste it into a new tab. Then after the video opens, right-click on it and click on the “Save Video as” option to save the video.

For Firefox Page Info tools, you can follow these steps:

  • Right-click on the webpage of the embedded video. Then select the Page Infor Tools and then tap on the media tab.
  • This will show you the link to the video. Opt for Right-clicking it and after that, opt for the selection of “open in a new tab”.
  • Once the video is opened, right-click on it again and you will see an option for Saving the video. Click on that and your video will be saved.

Download Embedded Videos Using Command-Line Program:

The last method for downloading videos is by using command-line programs. One of the most famous ones is the YouTube DL and is very robust to use. Although the use of this program is more complicated than browser extension, it is very fast and secure since it’s based on the FOSS platform.

Apart from all these methods, you can also download embedded videos using extensions that can be installed in the browser itself. There are different variations of these extensions available on the internet. 

Download Videos Using Browser Extensions:

One of the most promising as well as easy methods for downloading embedded videos is by using browser extensions since after installation, they can download your content with just one click. There are dozens of browser extensions available on the internet from which you can select the one you need for your specific requirements. 

For example, videos on most of the websites can be downloaded by Flash video downloader or Video download helper or extensions like Free video downloader. But if you want to download from YouTube, then you will need extensions such as fastest Tube or YouTube video downloader. In this section we will discuss some of the most used extensions and the stepwise process to use them on your browser one by one:

Flash Video Downloader:

The first one in the list is the Flash Video downloader that works on almost all kinds of video formats and can be very helpful if you are a Chrome or Firefox user. Although the technology for this extension is considered out of date and insecure, this still promises convenience in downloading embedded videos. The steps to download any video through this extension are;

  • Open the website you want to download your videos from. Then it will automatically show you if the video is available for download.
  • When you have this extension installed on your browser, a small arrow will appear blue at the top of the taskbar. You need to click on the extension icon with the arrow.
  • Then it will ask you to save the video which you need to click yes.

Video DownloadHelper:

The next one on the list is the Video DownloadHelper Video DownloadHelper which is famous for its quick and simple interface. It has many versions available on the internet for Windows as well as Mac users and it runs on most browsers. For you to put to use the extension, given are the steps:

  • First, search the Video DownloadHelper extension on your browser. Then from the first website, click on the install button. After installation, a yellow download button will be added to your browser’s taskbar.
  • Then go to the website from which you want to download the embedded video and then click on that yellow button on the taskbar.
  • If the video is downloadable then the interface will ask you to select the destination folder and you will be able to save it effortlessly.

Free Video Downloader:

This extension is also similar to the other two that have been discussed so far. It supports most of the video formats such as MOV, MP4, AVI, etc. it also has the facility for downloading multiple videos at once without any interruptions.

The steps to download videos using Free Video Downloader are as follows:

  • First, download and install the free video downloader extension from its official website. Then after installation, the extension button will be visible on the taskbar of your browser.
  • Then go to the embedded video and then click on the extension. It will ask you to confirm the download and then on clicking yes, you will be able to save the video.

FastestTube And YouTube Video Downloader:

Sometimes normal extensions on browsers don’t work on all websites like YouTube, and in those cases, you can use extensions such as FastestTube and YouTube video downloader for downloading the embedded videos. For you to put to use the extension, given are the steps:

  • First, download the extension from their respective website whichever you need for your browser. Then after downloading it, click on the “add as extension” button, and then the extension will be available on the taskbar of your browser.
  • Then go to YouTube and search for the video you want to download. After reaching the page, click on the extension button.
  • An interface will appear where you will be asked to set the download quality as well as a storage location. You need to select those and then click on the download button to save the video to your device.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

  • Are embedded videos safe to open?

Yes, embedded videos are completely safe to open. Every embedded file is safe to open. They are just normal videos that are stored at different locations like blogs and articles and are usually self-hosted.

The pages containing them are just like normal web pages apart from the slight variation in their type as HTML5.

  • Do I need to pay anything to download embedded videos?

No, the methods to download these embedded videos don’t ask you for any payment. They are used for the very purpose that no one has to pay anything for the embedded videos.

  • Do I need any special software to download embedded videos?

There are different methods for downloading embedded videos. Few of them involve the use of certain applications that can fetch you embedded videos and help you download them effortlessly.

So, if you are using any of such methods, you will need to install those applications.

  • Is it illegal to download embedded videos?

There are no legal questions involved if you are downloading simple videos. If you want to stay secure, then you can use a VPN on your device that will hide your IP address and will even let you access videos that aren’t available in your country.

  • Will the browser extensions for downloading embedded videos harm my device?

Browser extensions don’t harm your computer or mobile let alone the extensions for downloading the embedded videos. The extensions provided in this article are tested by thousands of users.

However, you should always check the user reviews before trying any other browser extensions.

  • Will the browser extensions for downloading videos take storage space on my device?

No, these browser extensions don’t take any storage space on your system. They are just extensions that help you to capture video from website and they have nothing to do with your storage space. All the extension data is stored in your browser space and doesn’t trouble with used up storage.


Every time you want to watch a video online, there are certain restrictions from the platform owners for which you need to pay them or perform a task. But these methods explained in the article covers all the ways through which you can easily watch any video via embedded solutions. In this way, you can enjoy free kinds of stuff from the internet and watch them without any interruptions. It doesn’t matter which device you are using, the steps with these processes remain almost the same. All these methods that have been explained are tried thousands of times and are safe to use.



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