“High Memory Usage Windows 10” Fix Latest Guide 2021?

Computers have been around us for so many decades and their use has been varying with time. With each day, we get better and upgraded versions of the computer systems. Also, computer memory is a big part of any PC that decides its efficiency. There are two kinds of memory usage in any PC i.s., RAM and ROM, and both have their specific tasks. Memory itself is a great term that covers many aspects of computer technology. RAM processes the programs and stores the temporary data for the CPU while the ROM stores the data for a longer period.

In this way, working closely, both RAM and ROM operate the programs by sharing application memories. There is also another part of the memory called cache that consists of temporary files and helps to smoothly run the computer. All these memory files help the CPU to operate the hardware as well as the software of the PC. Many times, the storage space for the RAM gets filled resulting in a slow computer. This is when you ask why is my memory usage so high. Also, you think of various solutions at the same time.

Well, this article aims at covering all the aspects of high memory usage windows 10 and various methods with their steps to solve this issue.

What is High Memory Usage?

When there is a shortage in the physical memory of the hard disk, the operating system transfers some data to the random-access memory temporarily and this combination is called virtual memory. This process is done by the operating system to compensate for the shortages in the memory. And sometimes this virtual memory or the unexpected rise in the usage of RAM causes the memory usage of the computer to go very high. This state for the growth in the memory usage of RAM, ROM, or any cache file is called high memory usage.

What this high memory usage does is that it potentially stops any running program by delivering a popup message that says the computer is low on memory. So, when you have such high memory usage, your computer will stop working down, or at best will slow down causing varieties of troubles for you. This is a common issue in most Windows operating system-enabled computers and anyone can face this issue if they are working with large computer programs. The below section provides some of the best methods through which you can solve the Windows 10 high memory usage problem.

10 Fixes for High Memory Usage Issue in Windows 10

Various methods can be applied to solve the memory usage windows 10 issue. You can choose to apply any of the methods and solve your issue related to RAM usage:

Increasing The Physical Memory

One of the most logical solutions to the problem of Windows 10 ram usage is that whenever your PC is running out of memory space, you can add external memory storage to expand its capacity. This will ultimately solve the issue of high memory usage of the RAM. But before doing that, you need to check for the different parameters that consist of your computer memory. You can follow these steps to increase the physical memory of your computer after checking these parameters:

  • Right-click on the “This PC” icon and then select the “properties” option. Then from there find the option that says “task Manager”.
  • Once you open the task manager, find the performance tab, and then from there click on the “Memory” option.
  • From the window, thoroughly check the speed and size of the memory. Then, decide the type of memory card you will need and add it to your computer.

  • Restart your computer and it will detect the new memory instantly.

Defragmenting The Hard Drive

Sometimes you need to create memory in the hard drive for the proper usage of the system when there is an error with high memory usage or RAM. The easiest way to do that is by defragmenting the hard disk into different drives for easier memory access. The process to do that is as follows:

  • Press the “Windows” key along with “R” that will open the run dialog box. Once this opens on your screen, you have to type “dfrgui” in the command box and then you have to click on the “Defragment and Optimize drives” that will open the settings for defragmentation.
  • Then select the hard drive you want to divide into different fragments and then select the “Optimize” option given on your screen. This will help you optimize the memory space in your hard drives.

  • The process will take some time. Then the defragmentation will be completed and the hard drive will consist of different portions.
  • Then you need to restart your computer after which your high memory usage should have been eliminated.

Adjusting The Best Performance:

Sometimes even after defragmenting the hard drive, the system shows high levels of memory usage by RAM. Another method to reduce memory usage even after defragmenting is by adjusting the performance settings. Performance settings adjust the different settings for optimized delivery of the applications in your computer system. To do that you need to follow these steps:

  • First, go to the “This PC” icon and then right-click on it. Then you will see a list of different options from which you need to select the “Properties” option.
  • From there you need to click on the “Advanced system settings” and you will see a performance option. You have to select this performance tab for further steps.
  • In the performance tab, you need to click on the Settings option. This will open a window that has a bunch of options.
  • You have to click on the “Adjust for best performance” and click on the apply button. Then click on the OK button to confirm.

Fixing System Error For Disk File

Sometimes file system error is responsible for the high RAM usage in your system. This ultimately affects the CPU memory space and the system becomes slow. This is when trouble starts with insufficient memory storage and mostly occurs in Windows 7/8 or 10. These kinds of errors occur when there is an improper process followed for the fragmentation of the hard drive. To get rid of it, follow the given steps:

  • Download any professional partition manager software that can help you solve this issue very easily.
  • After downloading the software (e.g., EaseUS Partition manager), you need to open the software and then right-click on the fragment of the hard drive.
  • Then click on the “Advanced settings” and then click on the check button. This will take some time to find the errors and then fix them one by one.
  • The process is automatic since the software handles all the tasks of finding and fixing the errors.
  • Once the process is completed, click on the “Finish” button.

Disabling Start-Up Programs

The next method involves disabling the programs that start when we wake up the computer. These programs can cause serious high memory usage for the RAM and need to be ended. Ending these programs can help save a lot of CPU memory. The process to do that is as follows:

  • Open the task manager by pressing the Ctrl+ Alt+ Del keys simultaneously. Alternatively, you can open the task manager from the search bar itself by typing “task manager” as well as going through the Windows icon and then selecting task manager from the list.
  • Then you need to click on the “start-up” option. This will show a list of different applications. You have to right-click on all those apps that you don’t want to run when the computer starts up. Then, all you got to do is click the “disable” option.

  • After disabling them, you should be able to get away from the problem of high memory usage of RAM.

Setting Up Registry Hack

The next method involves deleting the pages from the registry and thus cleaning the virtual memory. This solves the issue of high ram usage windows 10 from your system. So, to delete the registry pages, you will need to follow these steps:

  • First, you will need to open the run dialog box. You can open it by going to the search option present on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and type “Run” and click on that or else you can directly open it by pressing the Windows button with the “R” key.
  • Then once the run box appears, type “Regedit” and hit the enter button. You can also click the open button.
  • Then you need to go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Session Manager/ Memory Management.
  • Once it opens, right-click on it and then select ClearPageFileAtShutDown. Then change the value of this option to “1”. Then, simply opt for clicking the OK button.

  • After this, your virtual memory should be reduced, ultimately helping you to solve the issue of high memory usage.

Increasing Virtual Memory

The next method involves increasing the virtual memory of the system. Virtual memory acts as a supporting memory space for the main memory when there are too many things going on with the computer. Also, in such cases, high memory usage arises. So, to solve the issue, one solution is increasing the virtual memory itself. Follow the given steps:

  • Go to the “This PC” icon and right-click on that. You will be available with a variety of options on a dropdown list. You need to select the “properties” option.
  • Then there will be a pop-up window appearing on your screen when you complete the previous step. You need to find the option saying “Advanced system settings” and then click on that.

  • Then find the advanced tab and click on the option that says “settings” from the menu on your screen. Then you will see a screen that has a “Change” option from the “virtual memory” section.

  • Then uncheck on the “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” and from there select on the C drive.
  • You will have to now check on the “No page file” and then click on the “Set” option. Then click OK.
  • On the next screen, you will be asked to select a non-system partition from which you need to check the “Custom size” and then set it to a maximum size. Usually, you should select it to a size twice that you currently use for your system storage.
  • Then click on “set” and then click on OK that will save the changes.

Disabling The SuperFetch Services

Sometimes disabling the SuperFetch service can help reduce the risk of high memory usage. To do that you need to follow these steps:

  • Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows key with the “R’ key simultaneously. Then you have to type “services.msc” to open the SuperFetch. So, you need to type the keyword and then click on the ok button.
  • Then you need to find the SuperFetch option from the list of different programs and then right-click on that.
  • Then you will be available with an option “property” from the menu. Then after you click that, you will find a “Stop” option from a popup window on your screen.
  • Click on the “start-up type” drop-down menu and then select “disabled” from it. This will disable your SuperFetch.

Disabling NDU

This method is used when you want to disable the NDU registry to solve the high memory usage problem. To do that, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the search bar from the taskbar on your screen and type “Regedit”. Then click on the Registry Editor which will open it.
  • Then you need to navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/controlSet001/Services/Ndu.

  • Then find the Start DWORD option and right-click on it. Then select the “Modify” button.

  • Then you will need to change its value to “4” and restart your PC.

Cleaning Up The Virus

Virus infection is another cause of this issue. To solve it:

  • Download and then install any anti-virus application that you find suitable.
  • After that, run it and scan your PC. It will scan for virus-infected files on all your drives.
  • Once the scanning is done, the antivirus will automatically clean virus-infected files ultimately solving your issue.

Closing unnecessary applications

Sometimes the cause for high memory usage is the running of too many background applications. These apps run on your computer when you move to others without closing the previous ones. So, eliminating them solves the issue of high memory usage naturally. Below is a stepwise process to close the running apps in your computer system to resolve high memory usage:

  • First, you need to right-click on the Windows icon present on the corner of your monitor screen. Then from there go to the task manager from the list. Alternatively, you can go to the search bar present on the bottom taskbar, and then type task manager, and then hit enter. From there you will be directly taken to the task manager page.
  • Then click on the process tab from which you can find a program option. You need to click on that and then select all the tasks that you don’t need to run on your PC at the moment.
  • Then after selecting the unwanted programs, click on the end task button and the tasks will be ended successfully.

Bonus Tips: How To Avoid High Memory Usage Issues On Windows 10?

There are different ways by which you can stop the high memory usage of the RAM. No matter how hard you try, you can’t eliminate the high memory usage problem permanently. But you can always avoid this error if you are careful with your computer system. Some of the tips to avoid this crucial error are as follows:

Adding More Storage Capacity To The PC:

The easiest and simplest method to prevent this issue from happening is enhancing the capacity of the system in terms of storage. You can increase the RAM capacity or hard disk space whichever is suitable for your requirements and this problem will be avoided.

Running Cleaner System For Viruses:

Regular virus cleaning is another step that you can take to prevent high memory usage. Often viruses are possible reasons for this problem and frequent cleaning can stop them very easily.

Disabling Start-Up Programs:

You can also disable the start-up programs that cause the computer to be slow and result in high memory usage. A complete guide to doing that has been discussed in the previous section of this article.

Releasing Virtual Memory:

Virtual memory creates a lot of trouble if it persists for too long. It uses the RAM too much causing high memory usage. You can prevent this by releasing the virtual memory out of your PC.

Defragmenting Hard Drive:

Defragmenting the hard disk regularly whenever you see a spike in memory usage can also save you from the problem of high memory usage. The fragmentation process is really easy and can be concluded in a few steps.

Fixing File System Error:

You can also try fixing the file system error that can cause high storage usage. The guide to the stepwise process for fixing such an error has been explained in this article in the last section.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to fix high memory usage in Windows 10?

There are various solutions to the problem you are facing. The most common ones involve closing the unwanted apps and increasing the virtual as well as physical memory.

Apart from these, you can also try any methods to stop high memory usage that is explained in the article with a stepwise process.

  • Why am I facing high memory usage?

Computers face high memory usage because of many reasons such as too many background programs running, any possible hack, and defects in the programs, insufficient hard disk storage, viruses, and many more.

Apart from these, there are also causes such as start-up programs that can result in high memory usage.

  • What is the normal value for memory usage in Windows 10 computers?

This question depends on what kind of configuration you are on right now. Generally, for most of the computers running on Windows 10, the RAM usage ranges between 1.5GB to 2.5GB and varies according to the type and size of programs running on the computer.

  • Are there any permanent solutions to this issue?

Unfortunately, NO. Every time you start using the computer, it will take up some memories on the RAM. Also, it will eventually grow if you are running too many programs, or can grow because of various other reasons explained before. The best way to avoid high memory usage is by preventing these things from happening.

  • Are the methods explained safe for my PC?

Yes, the methods explained in the article for stooping the high memory usage of the PC are very safe and have been tested out by thousands of users all over the world. You can apply any method that you find suitable and can use them to solve this issue.

  • Will my data erase if I apply any method?

It depends on what method you are choosing to control the high memory usage of the computer. Generally, all the methods involve safe processes that don’t affect your permanent data.

However, methods such as reinstalling Windows can sometimes erase data if you chose not to save the previous data at the time of installation.


Various reasons may be responsible for the high memory usage of your computer. This issue not only takes our valuable time but is many times very irritating. We often are almost done with our work and this issue nearly destroys everything. To help you with this, these methods are the best possible solutions available at your fingertips. Also, you don’t need to worry about the safety of all these methods since they are tested by thousands of users all over the globe. Try any of these techniques and surely you will be able to fix the high memory usage.



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