How To Change Desktop Background In Windows 10

A Desktop Background is commonly known as Wallpaper. It is an image or picture that covers your desktop screen, right behind the icons. The default windows 10 background is the famous Windows logo with lights beaming out from the edges. Many users might have not discovered yet that Microsoft supplies a selection of colourful wallpapers with its operating systems. Many users might also be unaware about experimenting with changing the standard background. 

 There’s no doubt Windows 10 desktop background is impressive and nice to look at, but it becomes monotonous to look at the same screen for hours. When you sit in front of your screen whole day, having different background is more appealing. Plus, its fun to change desktop background as per your choice. 

Two instructions to follow before learning how to change wallpaper on windows 10

Before you change wallpaper windows 10, ensure you edit the wallpaper you want to set. Use an image editing tool to resize the image according to the current resolution of your desktop screen. 

If you’re using one Microsoft account on multiple systems or PC’s, then Windows 10 will sync your current desktop background across all your PC’s. Go to the Settings app and turn off this feature to set different backgrounds for all your PC’s. 

Change Desktop Background in Windows 10

windows 10 desktop background

Let’s take a look into different ways or methods on how to change background on Windows 10

Method 1

Step 1 On the Desktop, right-click to see the context menu. From the options, select Personalize

windows 10 desktop background  

Step 2 On the right side of the screen, there will be preview of the current desktop background. Go under the Background drop-down menu, select the Picture option to change wallpaper. 

windows 10 desktop background

Step 3 Under the ‘Choose your picture’ section, click the Browse button. Browse the picture you want to set as the desktop background, select the image and then click Choose picture button to change wallpaper windows 10. And you’re done! 

windows 10 desktop background

Another way to go to Personalization option is as follows: 

Step 1 On the lower left of the screen, click on Windows icon. 

Step 2 From the menu, go to the Settings option. 

Step 3 You will ‘Personalization’ option in the drop-down menu. 

Step 4 Rest of the option to change wallpaper are same as above. 

Method 2

Step 1 In your PC, open up File Explorer (Windows Explorer). Navigate to the folder which has the specific picture you want to set. 

Step 2 Click right on the picture and select the option Set as desktop background from the drop-down menu. 

windows 10 desktop background

Method 3

We will set up the desktop slideshow following the below steps: 

Step 1 On the desktop, click right and select Personalize option to open Personalization settings. 

windows 10 desktop background  

Step 2 From the Background drop-down menu, select the Slideshow option. Go the Browse button to select the folder containing your favourite pictures.

windows 10 desktop background

windows 10 desktop background

Note – While selecting the pictures for the slideshow, you can only use one folder. You’ve to create a single folder with all the images you want for the slideshow and upload by browsing the said folder. 

Step 3 To edit time interval between each slide, select a time from ‘Change picture every’ drop-down box and choose the time space you wish to keep. Click on Shuffle to play the images in random order. 

Method 4

earn how to change desktop background from a web browser. Internet is full of appealing photos of various kinds and what more fun to have such images on your screen. The below steps are only applicable in Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. Users of Chrome browser, have to first download the picture in their PC and follow the steps in Method 2. 

Step 1 Go to the webpage of your favourite picture or where you can find one. 

Step 2 Open the picture and click right on it. From the menu, select Set as desktop background option. 

windows 10 desktop background

Method 5

Another method on how to change computer background is through Photos app. 

Step 1 Open the image you want to change desktop background windows 10 using the Photos app. 

Step 2 Once the picture is previewed with the Photos app, click right on the image and go to the option Set as. Going further, click on the option Set as background to apply the image as the desktop wallpaper. 

windows 10 desktop background

Customize The Windows 10 Wallpaper

Often, not every picture will fit in perfectly across the desktop or you may dislike the layout of the photo you want to keep as background. Some of the images are small and need to be stretched to fit in the space on screen. Do not worry, we’ve got you covered! 

Step 1 After you’ve followed and done all the steps to set the background image. Go to Settings and select the Background option from the drop-down menu. 

Step 2 See to the right side of the screen, under the Background menu. Select the Choose a fit option. You will see a drop-down list with different options such as Fill, Fit, Stretch, Tile, Center and Span. Select and work through the option you prefer. 

windows 10 desktop background

What are The Functions of Fill, Fit, Stretch, Tile, Center and Span?

The option Fill maximizes or minimizes your image according to the space on the desktop. For smaller images, they’re stretched and for bigger ones cropping works. 

Fit is only responsible to enlarge your image as much as possible to fit in the available space. The image is neither distorted nor cropped.

Just as the name explains, stretch either stretches or squashes the image to match the exact dimensions of your desktop screen. It is unappealing for the eyes, to have mismatched shape and size of the image set on the screen. 

With this option, images are put on the screen multiple times in rows, just like how tiles are fitted on a floor. This may not be the best option as tiling may look odd or distorted.

It allows the image to be placed on the center of the screen. It appears as one small image in the center of a blank space on the screen or just focus on the center part of a big image. 

If you’ve more than one displays installed across your computer or device, then Span makes the image span on all. 

If you want to change the colour of the background or an image doesn’t fill the screen properly, you can do it by clicking on “Change your background colour.” Select a colour that matches up well with your image and make the screen more appealing. 

windows 10 desktop background

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

Q1) How to change desktop background of Windows 10? 

Ans. Click right on any empty space of your screen or background, from the available options select ‘Personalization.’ It will open settings and allow you browse and set image of your choice as your background. 

Q2) How can I have a white background on my desktop?

Ans. You can search a plain-white image from the web browser, download and set it as the background. You can also paint a white wallpaper or image using Microsoft Paint using the bucket fill tool, save the image in any folder and set it as you background. 

Q3) How can I have a wallpaper of multiple images combined? 

Ans. You can any paint program to combine or collage the images together in a single frame and set it on your screen.

Q4) I want to set up my own photo as wallpaper. How do I use it? 

Ans. Open that particular image, right-click on it and select the option ‘Set as desktop background’ from the drop-down list. 

Q5) Some wallpapers appear fuzzy or blur on my desktop. Why? 

Ans. The resolution of screens and images differ. A screen doesn’t have the ability to display an image to its fullest detail. Just as an image loose it’s detailing if it’s bloated up and stretched, same way applies for the screen. 

Q6) Can I customize my wallpaper? 

Ans. Yes, you can reshape or resize the image or wallpaper of your screen. Go to personalize option, select background and there you’ll find options to customize under ‘Choose a fit.’ 



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