How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually? [Step Guide 2021]

Technology has been updating with time for all sectors of life. A big part of our life comprises the use of computer systems. When it was invented, it revolutionized society just like a reform. Moreover, just after a few decades, laptops came into the picture and became so popular that the competition among different companies is still going on for different specifications. One of such specs of any laptop that affects the purchase of a laptop by customers is its battery life, which is usually about 4 to 5 hours. This battery life usually declines when the laptop ages and then the need to connect to a charger becomes more important. However, how to charge laptop battery manually when laptops require continuous charging?

Well, to continue their work without any interruptions, they are required to keep it plugged in. Moreover, often there are situations where they are stuck with no adapters or chargers but still need to work. This is where charging laptop batteries manually comes into play. There are different methods through which you can charge laptop battery directly even if you don’t have your adapter with you at the moment.

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5 Ways To Charge Laptop Battery Manually:

At times there is the need to charge your laptop and if you don’t have your charger with you, or suppose you have trouble charging your laptop normally when trouble arises. In such situations, where you don’t have any conventional methods available for charging the laptop, you need to follow something out of the box.

Some of the methods that can help on how to charge a laptop battery without a laptop i.s. manually are explained as follows:

Externally Charging The Battery:

The first method on how to charge laptop battery without laptop that we are going to discuss is the one that can be applied for detachable batteries. One of the benefits of using detachable battery-enabled laptops is that you can always have a battery for your backup that is suitable for situations where you are unable to charge the laptop battery due to any reason. Suppose you are traveling and you don’t have a power source, then in such situations having an extra backup battery can help a lot. But then the question arises, how can you charge a laptop battery externally?

Well, some of the detachable laptop batteries can be hooked up with any external charger and can be charged without the need for a laptop. This is a major advantage that can help you with a charged battery at your disposal all the time and can help you work even if you face electric power failure. There are nearly dozens of compatible interfaces for the pins of different laptop batteries. Also, if you are planning to connect your laptop battery with any external adapter, you must see that the pins are compatible. 

So, you need to first identify your laptop model and then go to any vendor’s website to buy the compatible adapter. To find the details about your laptop by following these steps:

  • If you are using Windows 7 on your system, then you have to right-click on the “computer” icon and then select “properties” from the dropdown list available.
  • Or else if you use any version of windows, you can go to the start button and then go to the control panel from there.
  • Then there you will find an option that says System and Security. You need to click on that and you will be then able to see the system information.

After you are done with inspecting the model of your laptop, you can go to any online store that sells adapters for charging your battery and then buy one according to your budget. It should be noted that this method only works for detachable laptop batteries and shouldn’t be tried with the non-removable types.

Using A Similar Laptop:

If the previous method on how to charge laptop battery without laptop doesn’t work, and you don’t have any option left to charge your battery in your laptop, then using another laptop with the same model to charge the battery is another solution. Often what happens is that your system of charging gets faulty or the battery in your laptop stops charging like it usually does. 

In such situations where changing the adapter, or any other method doesn’t solve the issue, you can detach your battery and attach it to a laptop that has the same model and configuration. Again, this method is only applicable for laptops that have removable type batteries. Here’s a stepwise process:

  • First, go through the user manual to detach the battery from the back of your laptop. If you don’t have a manual, you can browse the internet with your laptop model name and learn about the process.
  • Then try to detach your battery from your laptop carefully. Follow the same steps on the other laptop as the same as yours.
  • After you are done detaching, attach your battery to the other laptop according to the manual. Connect it to the charger and your battery should start charging.

If this method also doesn’t work out, you can try other different methods which are explained in the following sections.

Charging via USB:

Every laptop has several ports that have dedicated functions. There are 3 types of ports that are available in modern-day laptops and can be used for data as well as power transfer. Those are type A, B, and C. Type-A port is generally responsible for data sharing as well as charging external devices through the power from the laptop battery. 

On the contrary, type-B ports can give charge as well as receive it (to make sure your laptop’s port B supports charging, you can read the user manual). They can also be used for data transfer. So, you can charge your laptop battery. To charge your laptop battery via a USB B port without using a regular charger, you can follow these steps:

  • First, make sure that your laptop has USB B-type charging support. You can see the input charging support in the laptop’s user manual.
  • After you are done checking, connect a USB type B cable to your laptop. Connect the other end to any power source such as an adapter or a power bank.
  • Your laptop should be charging by now.

In case you have a modern laptop that has a type C port, you can charge your laptop since it supports power output as well as input. To charge your laptop battery via type C port:

  • Connect a C-type cable to the Type C port of your laptop. Then connect the other end of the USB cable to any power source.
  • You can choose power sources such as a power bank or even you can connect a mobile that will start charging your laptop instantaneously.

Using A Universal Adapter For Battery:

The battery health of any laptop stays much optimized up to a certain period. Then the battery starts dying and it doesn’t support the long run of the laptop without the plugged-in charger. In some cases, the regular charger doesn’t provide proper charging for the dead battery. In those cases, universal adapters are something that can save your day. These are adapters developed for use in different models of laptops available in the market. They are cheap and very easy to use. But you should always check whether they are compatible with your laptop or not.

Most of them are like oxygen to the deteriorated batteries that don’t work properly. But some of them are bad for your batteries and can harm your system. So before purchasing a universal adapter, you should always see user reviews as well as detailed features of the product. The steps for using any universal adapter are as follows:

  • First, acquire the right type of adapter by knowing about the pin of your charging interface.
  • Then you just have to plug the adapter into a power source and then charge your laptop.

Using AC Adapters:

Some of the laptops these days have the facility to connect them directly to the AC power source that your laptop starts charging. The manufacturer provides connectors with the laptop most of the time. If you don’t have such a facility in your laptop, you can buy one connector from the market itself. Then, you can connect it to your laptop to charge it directly from the AC power source. Here’s a stepwise process:

  • Connect the hookup to your laptop and then make sure the connection is secure and tight.
  • Then connect the AC adapter to the power source you have near you.
  • Now you will need to connect the AC adapter to the hookup.

After you complete these steps, your laptop should start charging. If this doesn’t solve your issue, you can try other methods explained to charge your laptop battery manually.

Using Super Batteries:

The batteries that have a longer lifespan than the normal laptop batteries and are optimized for usage for a long time are known as super batteries. There are many types of super batteries available on the market that facilitates battery life of up to 7 to 10 hours on a single go. The use of these batteries is very simple and they support as a backup to the original batteries. Also, the amazing part about this is that you won’t need your regular charger if you have a super battery at your disposal.

This will provide you instant power even if you are traveling or stuck in situations where charging your laptop battery through the normal charge isn’t possible. The process of using a super battery to get instant power in your laptop is as followed:

  • First, you need to understand what type of battery your laptop has. Since this method only works for batteries that can be removed from the system, this method isn’t suitable for non-removable batteries of laptops.
  • Then you make sure that you know the model of your laptop and then acquire a super battery that has the same pins and interface as your original laptop batteries.
  • After you get the super batteries at your disposal, you can detach the normal battery of the laptop after reading the user manual of your laptop.
  • Then replace the normal laptop battery with the super batteries and you will get an instant power backup of 7 to 10 hours.

This should charge your laptop instantly or else you can get any other method explained in the rest of the article.

Charging Using Solar Power:

One of the most promising as well as energy-efficient ways to charge your laptop when you are running low on power is by using solar power. Of course, you would need some accessories to get the power from solar energy, but considering the power source is free, all other expenses seem very less. There are some other complications such as bad weather which can affect your charging speed but you can overcome it by charging an extra battery from your solar charger. The steps to follow to charge your laptop battery via solar charger are as follows:

  • First, you need to acquire equipment that is necessary for the charging process. That includes accessories like a solar panel and an adapter that converts solar energy into electrical energy. It further includes a charging panel that you can connect with your laptop to charge your battery.
  • After you collect all of the materials necessary to make a connection, you will need to put the solar panel outside where abundant sunlight is available. Then you would need to connect the adapter with the solar panel and then complete the connection to the charging socket of your laptop.
  • Then when your connection between all these components is established, you can plug in your charger to the laptop and charge it. Additionally, you can also equip one extra battery in case you have a detachable battery associated with your laptop so that you can use it whenever you need to.

Charging via Power Bank:

One of the other promising methods on how to charge a laptop battery externally that you can use (while the conventional charging methods are not available) is the power bank to charge the laptop battery manually. The process for doing that is as follows:

  • First, connect your power bank available with a USB cable that can be connected to the USB type B or C port in your laptop. You should make sure that your laptop supports charge input via a USB type B port. Or if you have a C-type port then you can directly use it.
  • So, after you are done connecting one end of the USB cable to the power bank, you can connect the other end to the USB type B or C port. This will instantly start the charging process.

Use Of Portable Laptop Charger:

Often what happens is that you are traveling or you don’t have any power source near you, and in those situations charging through the conventional charger isn’t possible. In those situations, a portable laptop charger is of great help. They have power stored inside them and can be easily used. Their connection to the laptop for charging is pretty simple and they can be just plugged into the laptop charge input port and then the charging will start automatically.

What about Non-Removable Internal Batteries?

Most of the batteries that come with present day laptops are non-removable and aren’t detachable. These new laptops have been more convenient for both the manufacturers as well as customers. Moreover, if you currently have one of these kinds of laptops, then charging it manually can be a lot more complicated than charging easily detachable laptop batteries. The removal of such a battery requires expert technical skills and you will need a different bunch of tools to open it. These days laptop models are slim and light and that’s why their battery configurations are also different. So, to open such a laptop, you will need a lot of experience.

Even if you manage to open the laptop, you will need to de-solder each connection from the battery to the laptop, which is a huge task if you are not experienced enough. Recharging the battery after following such a complicated process would cost you more than the battery itself. But if you are an expert who can pull out all of these, then creating a contraption with the same voltage rating as the laptop battery can work. But we still won’t recommend it since it’s not safe to use.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

Some of the frequently asked questions around this topic for charging the laptop battery manually are as follows:

  • Are detachable batteries for laptops better than non-detachable ones?

In terms of charging capability and usage, the non-detachable batteries give superior performance as compared to the detachable ones. Most of the detachable batteries are larger as compared to their other variants.

However, when it comes to charging batteries with different methods, the detachable ones are better than the non-detachable laptop batteries.

  • Are there any techniques to charge laptop batteries manually?

Yes, there are many techniques apart from using your regular laptop charger to charge the battery manually. Whenever you don’t have the option to charge the laptop battery with the normal method, you can use any of the techniques that are explained in this article with complete steps in the processes to charge your laptop manually.

  • Is it safe to remove the battery and charge it manually?

Batteries themselves are very volatile and shouldn’t be tempered with anything. But when you desperately need to charge them, you can remove the laptop battery and charge it if there are no other options left.

However, you should always keep in mind that removing the non-detachable batteries from your laptop creates more risk than the detachable ones.

  • Do any of the methods to manually charge the battery affect my battery life?

Initially, your battery health remains unaffected since it’s new, but with due course of time, the battery gets weaker. In these situations, if you use the methods to charge it manually, then they don’t have many adverse effects on your battery. We recommend you to use these methods only if other options are unavailable.

  • Are there any experiences required to use methods for manually charging the laptop battery?

Manually charging the laptop batteries has a different process. Some of them can be applied very easily while others need little technical expertise. When you are working with removing or plugging foreign accessories into your laptop, you will need to take precautions if you don’t have prior experience.

  • What’s the best way to keep the battery life healthy for my laptop?

Laptop batteries mostly work for 4 to 5 hours in their first few years of purchase, but any laptop battery no matter what brand you use will lose its optimal use after some years.

The best way to delay that process is by using proper means of charging the laptop i.e., avoiding accessories that don’t fully charge the battery or avoid faulty gadgets.


All of the methods that were explained in the article are safe to use. They don’t cause any harm to your laptop. These techniques were tested out by millions of users worldwide. Moreover, if you follow the steps properly, you will be able to charge your laptop without the laptop charger or any accessory that you usually need. Safety should be in your mind whenever you are dealing with batteries since they are volatile. We suggest you not use broken or cutout cables or accessories ever since those might harm your laptop as well as you.



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