How To Clear Clipboard On Android [Delete Copied Items]

Android is a feature-rich operating system and offers so much to its users. There are very subtle integrations that we don’t even notice in our day-to-day usage that makes our user experience a lot better. Now one of such features is the clipboard. It’s a very simple and silent feature, which is so unnoticeable, that I am sure you haven’t even thought about even once since you have bought your smartphone.

We often copy different types of text in our day-to-day smartphone usage. Most of the time we copy text from our web browsers so that we don’t have to type it ourselves. When we want to wish a list of people, we copy the same message and forward it to everyone. If you are a writer or PR manager, you know that you have to approach a lot of people, so you create a basic format of a message and just paste it in your chat-box, at the time of sending the message, as it seems a logical choice and it also saves a lot of time. 

So copying and pasting is a very basic operation that we use all the time.
Now if you don’t know how to copy the text on your android smartphone, don’t worry, it’s very basic and simple. Let me explain:

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How To Copy The Text On Your Smartphone:

clear clipboard android

Many users copy the text, at times when the text is too long to type or it’s the same text that you want to type repetitively. Copying text from any article or message is very simple.

This is how you do it. Long-press on the text you want to copy. Now a blue or in some cases black marking will appear in the background of that text, and this will highlight the text you want to copy. There are two handles at the two ends of that highlighted part. 

Using these two handles you can increase or reduce the length of your selection. Now if you want to select the complete message, tap on the select all option and this will highlight the entire message. Now you will get an option to copy the selected or highlighted text, simply tap on that option and now that text is copied.

Now you have copied the text, how do you paste it? After all, that is why you copied it in the first place. That too is very easy. Navigate where you want to paste your text. Long press in the chat box, you will get an option to paste the text. Tap on that option and there you go, you have successfully copied and pasted your desired text. Told you, it was simple. 

Now that you know how to copy and paste, let’s see what is a clipboard? And how to clear a clipboard on Android?

What Is A Clipboard?

A clipboard is a space in RAM where all your copied data is stored temporarily. Now, this data could be anything, it could be text or image. So any text you will copy will get stored in the clipboard. So that’s a simple task of a clipboard. Looks very simple, we don’t pay much attention to it, but it is a very useful tool.
Now you may have questions like, 

How to remove the link you copied on Android?

How to clear the clipboard on the phone?

How to clear the clipboard on Android?

How to clear the clipboard on a smartphone?

Let’s answer those questions. So there are a few ways you can find how to clear the clipboard on Android?

Classic Method

First of all, let’s try the tried and tested method. This is the most common method that every user uses and maybe doesn’t even know about it. I would say that you are going to use this method more than any other method mentioned in this article. The reason for that is you don’t have to do anything to try this method and I mean that.

So in this method, we will use the basic feature of the clipboard. Whenever you copy a new file or text, the previous file or text that you had copied gets erased. This is how a clipboard is designed to work. So if you want to erase the previously copied text, just select any other text and copy it, and you are done here. Now the previously copied text stays inside the cache memory and gets wiped completely when you clear cached data.

Using the Clipboard Setting

There is a reason why your Android smartphone is called a Smartphone, as everything about it is ‘Smart’, doesn’t matter how small that thing is. Does that apply to the clipboard, is it smart? Yes, it is. Way smarter than you thought. It can keep track of your most used phrases or words or sentences. It stores all the words that you use frequently, in its memory. So that’s why whenever you try to fill an email, your keyboard suggests the complete email, as it knows that you use that keyboard very often.

You can also specifically store some words, phrases, emails, or links in the clipboard storage so that whenever you want it, you don’t have to type it, your clipboard will suggest it and you can simply tap on the suggestion to paste the text.
Let’s say you have stored a few words in your clipboard storage and now you want to delete a few of them for some reason. How would you do that? This is what you have to do.

1) Go to any message application, like WhatsApp, Messenger, Twitter, or the stock messages app.

2) In the text box, long press in the blank space.

3) There you will get an option. Now this option could be different depending on the smartphone that you are using. If you are using a Samsung smartphone, then that option will read as ‘clipboard’. But if you are using, say a Xiaomi smartphone, then that will read as ‘Frequent Phrases’. In any case, it does the same thing.

4) Select the clipboard or Frequent Phrases option.

5) This will open a new window where you will be able to see all your saved words, phrases, emails, and links.

6) From here, just tap on the word you want to delete. After tapping on it, it will give you an option to delete that word.

7) From here, you can delete every word phrase, email, or link that you have saved.

This is also a very simple yet effective method to clear the clipboard on Android.
Now as I have said, after clearing your clipboard, you can also add new words here.

You can do that, from the same clipboard panel. Here you get an add button. Using this, you can add a new word, phrase, email, or link that you think, you will use often.

Use Third-Party Clipboard Managers

Both the above-mentioned methods don’t require you to look beyond what you have. But this method will need a third-party clipboard manager. So you can choose any third-party clipboard app for this method.

There are so many options available in the google play store. Look out for a reliable third-party application with credible reviews and download numbers. It is imperative that you choose one with minimal UI and doesn’t flood the interface with ridiculous advertisements. I have selected this clipboard manager app. It’s a very basic app and comes with a user-friendly interface.Now, the intention behind choosing a third-party app is that it offers more functionality and extra features. 

This app also works the same way our second method works, but it offers some extra features. So you can choose any clipboard app you want, it will surely get your job done.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

1) How many words can be stored in the clipboard?
A. We have discussed earlier that the clipboard stores all data in the RAM. A word or phrase that we copy is a very small piece of data. So you can store as many words as you want as it occupies negligible space in the memory. 

2) How to use a clipboard effectively?
A. Clipboard seems a very small thing, but if used correctly can save a lot of your time and efforts. You can store your emails or important links in the clipboard. These long sequences of letters are very tough to remember. So keeping it ready to use in a clipboard is an effective way to use it. Even for basic users,  names, addresses, area codes, etc are frequently used information that can be stored in the clipboard.


There you go, these are solutions for how to clear the clipboard on Android. All the methods mentioned here are very simple and do not require extra knowledge of smartphone handling. So it doesn’t matter how good you know your smartphone, you will be able to easily use every solution mentioned above. 



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