Kernel Power 41 Error & Why Is It Critical? [Working Fixes 2021]

You might have encountered the Kernel Power 41 error that causes unexpected system shutdown on repeat. The users can see the error in the Windows Event Viewer that displays the system log and other application messages, such as errors, warnings, and information messages. The Event Viewer usually has a number of error messages that you can ignore if the system is perfectly working but do not ignore the Kernel Power 41 error as it denotes the instability in Windows. 

This error appears when the system shuts down or restarts unexpectedly. It occurs when a computer gets started, but Windows finds it being not correctly shut down during the last shut down. It is the way of a computer to inform the user that something unexpected has happened to the system that has prevented the system from shutting down properly.

There can be a number of reasons responsible for this error. If you have also been facing this error, read the article to know more about it and find out how you can fix this error. There can be plenty of causes and a variety of fixes available. Learn more about these causes and solutions and make your system trouble-free. Let us start by knowing what this error is and why it is critical for your system.

What Is Kernel-Power 41 Error & Why Is It Critical?

kernel power 41

The Kernel-Power 41 error is the error that appears in Windows 10 when the computer reboots without the shutdown. In simple words, we can say that the system has not gone through the routine shutdown properly and encountered a sudden crash due to system restart or power loss. The Kernel Power 41 error is critical as it denotes that the system has some instability that prevents a computer from working accurately.

The error 41 Kernel Power generally occurs due to a number of issues relating to the power outage, though not all conditions causing the error to indicate the problems in the power supply. The Kernel power error has an event id 41 associated with it. Also, the Event id has keywords linked. These keywords are 70368744177664, 2 and can be used to pinpoint troubleshooting. The Kernel Power 41 error appears in Event Viewer as “The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.” 

What Causes the Kernel-Power 41 Error?

Kernel Power 41 is a vital error that routinely occurs in Windows 10, especially during the Creators Update. The Kernel Power 41 error occurs due to a variety of reasons. The most common cause is a power failure or under power. Apart from the power issue, the other possible reasons can be hardware problems related to RAM, outdated drivers, or an overheated system. The error occurs under the circumstances like system boot, start system from sleep, or occur randomly.

Kernel Power 41 is not a fatal error that stops users from getting their machines started. It is the error that prompts the user to restart their system and may cause data loss. The sequence of the incorrect reboot gets followed by the system, which is the most common reason behind this error that occurs due to some internal system instability or power issue. Also, the error does not cause the blue screen to appear or any window, but it gets logged in the Event Viewer. Event Viewer is the Windows component that lets the user access the various events occurring in the OS. 

Most computers that have shown the Windows 10 Kernel Power errors had outdated drivers, specifically the audio drivers. Also, inserting additional RAM or connecting new devices may be responsible for the error. That is the reason updating drivers is the most reliable fix to this problem. One also needs to check the Device Manager to see if there are duplicate drivers. Other causes can be incorrect power plans or enabling fast startup.

Methods to Fix the Kernel-Power 41 Error:

If your system has encountered the Windows 10 Kernel Power error 41, you can try any of the below event 41 kernel-power windows 10 fixes according to the cause in your case.

Keep the Drivers Updated

The outdated drivers can cause the error 41 Kernel Power. Hence you must ensure if the drivers are up to date. You also need to update the audio driver because the outdated audio driver is the main reason behind this issue. If you are still facing issues, then, go and update the rest of the drivers your PC contains. In case you are not well-skilled to solve the problem manually, you can use a third-party automatic tool.

Additionally, the malfunctioning driver can also cause different errors. Hence we strongly suggest you reinstall/update this particular component entirely. You can utilize or get assistance from an automated tool to complete this task as it is not an easy process. Let’s have a look below at how to do it:

Step1: Install DriverFix

Step2: Launch the application

Step3: Let the software detect all the drivers

Step4: You will be provided with a list of the faulty drivers, and you have to choose the one that you need to fixed

Step5: Hang on until the DriverFix download the advanced drivers

Step6: Once it is complete, you need to restart the computer

All the Duplicate Audio Drivers Must Be Disabled

The duplicate audio drivers can give rise to the event 41 kernel power windows 10. If you want to get rid of an issue, you must disable all the duplicate audio drivers installed.

Step1: Press Windows and X keys simultaneously

Step2: Select Device Manager available in the Menu Popup

Step3: Look for the Game, Video, and Sound Controllers option listed there

Step4: Press the Down button to see all the options listed

Step5: Now choose Duplicate Audio Drivers

Step6: Use right-click and click on the ‘Disable’ option

Disable Auto Restart

Step1: Type Advanced Settings in the Search Bar to open the ‘View Advanced System Settings

Step2: Choose the ‘Advanced’ tab

Step3: Go to the ‘Settings’ given under the Startup and Recovery section and click on it

Step4: Remove a checkmark from the ‘Automatically Restart’ box and save changes

You can replace a few hardware components by giving attention to the CPU as well as Power Supply. If the same errors of the unexpected shutdown of the PC persist, you can disable the Auto-restart option.

In any case, if something goes wrong, this robust feature helps to restart the PC and generate an automatic report. You can save your system from unexpected restarts by disabling it.

Uninstall the Antivirus

There are multiple antivirus software that become the main issues behind Kernel-Power 41 errors on Windows 10 PC. If you want to get rid of such software, then you should uninstall it for the moment and check if the problem gets sorted out.

But in case you still face the same, you can try to install the most reliable and trustworthy software, such as Windows Defender.

You have to make sure that the antivirus you install, must be offering brilliant protection and performance, and does not trigger any issues.

Check out the below steps to know how to do it:

Step1: In the search menu, enter ‘Control Panel’.

Step2: Hit a click on ‘Uninstall a Program’ given under Programs

Step3: Check out the antiviruses listed and choose it

Step4: Hit a click on Uninstall appearing at the top of the screen

Step5: After completing all the steps, you need to restart the PC

Try to Change the Power Settings

You can try to change the settings in order to wipe out the Kernel-Power 41 Errors on the PC having Windows 10. Have a look at the below-given steps to go with the fix:

Step1: Open the Power and Sleep Settings by pressing Windows & S keys together and type power and choose.

Step2: Now click on the Additional Power Settings after opening the Power Options as shown in the below image.

Step3: Get to know your ongoing plan and hit a click on Change Plan Settings.

Step4: Find and expand the Hard Disk section and choose to Turn off Hard Disk and click on it.

Step5: To switch it off, you need to set the sleep timer to Zero, available in the Sleep Section.

Step6: Finally, save the changes by clicking Apply and then OK.

Try Uninstalling the Latest Updates

As we already mentioned, keeping the PC updated on time is good but not always. Occasionally, there are numerous bugs that anonymously attack your PC while updating it to the latest version. Hence, if you experience the Kernel-Power 41 Error after updating the system, then you can opt for uninstalling the lately updated version and check if this issue persists.

Check out the below steps on how to uninstall the most recent updates:

Step1: In order to open settings, press Windows and I keys at once

Step2: Hit the ‘Update and Security’ options

Step3: Click on the ‘View Update History’ given in a blue link

Step4: Hit the ‘Uninstall Updates Link’ to complete uninstalling the latest updates

Step5: Restart the System once everything is complete

Shut Out Fast Startup

Step1: Go to the Power Options

Step2: Hit on the ‘Choose What the Power Buttons Do’ appearing the Power Options

Step3: Click on the ‘Change Settings that are Unavailable’ as in the below image.

Step4: Go to the ‘Shutdown Settings’ section.

Step5: Find out ‘Turn on Fast Startup’ and click to remove it.

Step6: Now click on the ‘Save Changes’ option.

The Fast Startup option can also affect. So, we recommended you switch off a feature called ‘Fast Startup’. However, the PC might slow down while starting it, but will certainly sort out the Kernel 41 Error.

Upgrade the BIOS

Firstly, Download the BIOS’s updated version from the official website of the manufacturer to update the BIOS. Before updating the BIOS on the PC, you need to ensure that you cautiously have gone through all the instructions manually, because it may harm your PC for the long term. If anyhow, you have no idea how to update the same on your own, then you can get aid from a geek to do it.

Check out the Hardware

There is a chance that the faulty Hardware can cause the Kernel-Power 41 errors. Sometimes, the users are not aware of it and have to face such errors. In any case, you have experienced a random restart on Windows-10 on your PC. It is possible because of the Hardware issue. Many of the users have replaced the power supply or motherboard in their computer and get their Kernel-Power 41 errors sorted out uncomplicatedly. But several other users also added the issue they face could be due to RAM. Hence check it properly and replace the RAM modules if required. You can also choose to get the Hardware issues resolved from the computer repair shop.

Following are the types of hardware-related issues:

Dusty RAM can cause multiple issues

Overclocking or Overheating

Unorganized or wrong Power Connectors for the motherboard

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

Q1: What is the meaning of event 41 Kernel-Power?

A: It means something surprisingly has gone wrong, which stops Windows from shutting down in a proper way. It also displays a message mentioning that “The system has rebooted without turning off correctly. This error can occur if the system crashed, lost power, or stopped responding suddenly.

Q2: What to do if the Windows shows a Blue Screen?

A: A Blue Screen takes place when Windows 10 spots something specious, which can be harmful to the hardware. Hence it is not a bad sign because it warns you to safeguard the hardware from the damage that can happen in the future. So you can fix this error by utilizing the Third-party tool.

Q3: How to fix Kernel Power error 41?

A: You can apply a total of 9 different methods to fix this error as shared in this article:

  • Check the Hardware
  • Change Power Options
  • Get all Drivers Updated
  • Upgrade the BIOS
  • Disable Auto Restart in Advanced System Settings
  • Switch off Fast Startup

Q4: What is a Kernel Error?

A: The Kernel Error, also known as Kernel Data Inpage Error, pops up if there is a hard disk error, a virus that fails RAM memory, or the bad sector detected.

Q5: What is the Event 41 Kernel Power?

A: It is basically a particular Kernel error code, which turns out when Windows 10 did not formerly get shut down totally. You have to read the entire article as it will help you fix this error.

Q6: What is the motive of Kernel?

A: It is an essential part of the OS, which primarily bridges the hardware to the software. You can consider it as a translator as it easily tackles the computer memory, processes, drivers, and disk storage.


To conclude, the article explained the Kernel Power 41 error and how you can fix it using simple steps. In such cases, if your system has encountered this error, then you do not need to worry. What you only need to do is to try the methods listed in this article for event 41 Kernel-Power fix and get the error fixed. Taking the backup of the system not only lets users protect their data but also helps to restore the system quickly and easily. The article also covers some general queries using the frequently asked questions. In case you experience any difficulty in fixing the error, refer to these FAQs once.



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