Missing DLL Files Windows 10? – 9 Ways to Fix This Error

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A normal user isn’t so acquainted with DLL files; these records are fundamental for running pretty much every program in Windows 10 and any remaining versions of operating systems. Thus, if any particular, significant DLL file is absent from your PC, you most likely will not have the option to run an ideal application or program. Thus, in this article, we will demonstrate how to fix missing DLL files Windows 10

To understand it in a better way, first, let’s start with a brief DLL file. The DLL is a short form of the Dynamic Link Library. This type of file contains instructions set by various programs for performing any specific operations. For ex., if any program uses the DLL file for finding free space in the hard drive, locates any file in the specific directory, and many more. With a missing DLL file, you won’t be able to use any kind of program. The error message will show up. Let’s start to know how to fix DLL errors in Windows 10. 

What is a .dll file?

Missing DLL Files Windows 10

The DLL or Dynamic Link Library is a file type that contains the instructions which other programs might call to perform certain things. In this way, various programs can be able to share their abilities programmed in a single file. 

For Instance, various programs can call the veryuseful.dll file for finding out some free space in the hard drive, for locating some files in a specific directory and to print any test page in the default printer. 

Unlike such files with the EXE file extension, the DLL files cannot get run directly. For using such code, you can use up any other code which is running already. The DLLs are the same format as EXEs, and some might also use .EXE extensions. Most of the DLL ends with the file extension .dll, and some might use it.DRV, CPL, or.OCX.

What Exactly Is Missing DLL Files Windows 10?

While trying to launch an app, you might receive some message mentioning “.dll file is not found or missing.” Generally, the error message pop-up on the computer might display in various other forms. The forms are:- 

  • The program cannot start because the .dll file is not being found or missing from the computer. Try to re-install the version for fixing the problem. 
  • Cannot find the .dll file. Reinstall to fix the problem. 
  • The application failed to launch because .dll is missing. Re-install the application to fix the problem. 

If you are a user of Windows 7/8/10, then this issue is familiar to you. Not found or missing DLL errors are widespread in the Windows operating system. There are various reasons for this. You can have the question of how many ways there are to fix DLL errors Windows 10.

How To Fix “Missing DLL Files Windows 10” Error?

The DLL files errors can occur because of many reasons. First, you will have to make sure how often these are used and how many are there. Second, most errors are found while shutting, using, or starting the Windows operating system. Here are some ways to fix the missing DLL file windows 10. 

1. Restart the PC

Suppose you have a question in mind that “how to fix dll errors windows 10“, this step can be the easiest way to fix the errors of the missing .dll file. Restarting your computer can solve your issue because sometimes there can be a cache problem. So restarting your computer might fix it automatically. 

But there are sometimes when you are not able to restart if any specific .dll files are missing. In that case, you can forcefully restart the computer and see whether it solves your problem or not. 

2. Malware

The Malware program can create some additional .dll files, which might impede working on the existing ones. To avoid the possibility, you can scan the computer with good software. You can restart your computer and then try scanning and find whether it is valid or not. 

3. Restore the system

It is not one of the best fix DLL error windows 10, but you can take a chance on restoring the system for reverting the state of your computer to the previous point. It can also remove the .dll missing error. But, if you go through the process, some installed applications and recent changes that you have made in the registry might get lost. 

4. Re-install 

If there is any installed application or software that gives an error message, then you can give a try to re-install the application and software. For example, you might uninstall the software or application, which gives an error message on the control panel. First, restart the PC and then visit the official download page.

Download the latest file. After you are done with it, then you can re-install the application or software. Installed will place every file on the PC that includes DLL files. If any software offers the option for repairing the program, then you can uninstall the application and see whether it helps you or not. 

5. Update drivers

Sometimes, you might get a missing .dll file error message while using the hardware like a printer. The error message might pop up because of the older version of the driver, which is not that much compatible with the newly updated  .dll file. That’s why the hardware might look for the wrong .dll file and cannot find it. Updating the drivers of the computer might fix the errors of missing.dll

Sometimes, you’ll get a missing .dll file error while using hardware such as a printer. This error can be due to an older version of the driver that is not compatible with the updated .dll file, so the printer is looking for a wrong .dll file and can’t find it. Updating the drivers of the computer might fix the errors of missing.dll. 

6. SFC or System File Checker scan

Using the SFC is the best way to fix the error of Windows 10 missing DLL files. Windows 7 and the latest versions might have the built-in system file checker, replacing the missing .dll files and fixing the problem.

To run the scan, you can type “sfc /scannow” in the command prompt. It will be the best idea to run the command in safe mode. 

7. Use system update readiness or DISM tool

The system update readiness tool or (DISM) tool might help you fix a few corruption errors in Windows. It might work here too:- 

If you are using Windows 8, 8.1, and 10, then open the type this prompt command on elevated command:

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

This command might be used to update the windows for checking the corruptions. If you are running the Windows installation to repair the source or using windows for sharing, you will have to make sure to include the location. In that case, the command will be 

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth” /Source [source url]

If your DISM fix the problem, then you can see a log file in the C:\Windows/Logs/CBS/CBS.log

For Vista and Windows 7, you can download the latest versions of the DISM or system update readiness tool and then run the tool. This will automatically install the update and also fix the problem. You can also restart the computer and then see whether the tool fixes your error or not. 

8. Copy DLL from other systems

Sometimes, the software meant for running the older versions of Windows might require a specific version of the DLL file to operate. If you experience this kind of issue, then you can try to copy the DLL file from any other system and then replace the file in a specific directory and check whether it works or not.

You might have to register DLL files again. The developers of software might offer several versions of the DLL files on the official sites. You can download the DLL files from that official website. 

9. Restore the deleted DLL Files through System Restore

If you doubt missing DLL files regarding a change made to the system configuration or necessary file, then the system restore might help repair the errors of DLL files. 

If you are a Windows user, you can opt to go for system restore for the computer to protect them. If you have created such system restore points beforehand, you will have to fix the DLL errors through System Restore. You can follow these troubleshooting steps to system restore. 

You can do it in Windows. For example, you can right-click on “My Computer “ or “This PC,” go to the “Properties ” and then click on “System Security, “then click on “System Protection ” and then click on “System Restore.” 

You can also do the system restore through “Safe Mode.” Again, various operating systems possess various ways of doing this job. 

For Windows 8/10:

  • While Restarting the button, you will have to hold the “Shift” Key. 
  • Click on the “Choose an option,” then click on “Troubleshooting,” then click on “Advanced Options,” and then click on “Startup settings,” and then finally click on “Restarting.” 
  • Press in the proper key and then select the version of the safe mode.
  • Press right-click on the Start button and then choose the Command Prompt in Admin. 

After completion, you can check if this works for you or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

  • How to open a DLL file?

The DLL files are not opened in the same way as the majority of the files are opened. Instead, the DLL files are opened by the application. Therefore, to view code in the DLL file, you will need to decompile the code by using third-party applications.

  • How to install a DLL file?

The DLL files are not installed like other files. Instead, the installation of DLL files can be done by placing the files in a specific directory.  

  • Why do .dll missing file errors pop up? 

An error of missing DLL files can occur for various reasons. For example, the reason might be when some other programs use any dependent DLL or if someone deleted the dependent DLL file from the system intentionally or by mistake.


In this article, we have discussed how to fix missing dll files in windows 10. If you are experiencing the missing DLL file error, then it’s time to use these several ways to fix the error. Unfortunately, you must try out every step because you don’t know which one will work for you. 



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