Outlook Not Responding? – How To Fix It? [2022 Updated]

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With the invention of computers, developments have been made both at the hardware front as well as the software used in these devices. Also, the use of Microsoft services in various fields starting from OS in computers to office uses was a pioneering step in history. Today, billions of computers have Microsoft services embedded in them. Among various features available from Microsoft technologies, Microsoft Outlook is possibly one of the most useful and fast email client tools that are available to use readily. It’s versatile enough to be used by various organizations across the world. But like every other software used in computers and smart devices, this is also prone to occasional bugs inside the interface or the Outlook not responding issue.

As a user, you might get irritated because of these bugs since they cause errors while you are working with Outlook. And the most common type of error that we all have faced along the way is the Outlook interface saying “processing” or it is stuck somewhere we are working. There can be various reasons why this is happening to your PC and mostly it can be solved by just updating the software. But if you are unable to solve this Outlook freezing issue, then this article is perfect for your needs.

What Exactly Is Outlook Not Responding?

outlook freezing

Before jumping to the solutions for the Outlook keeps freezing error, you must first understand what exactly is the “Outlook 365 not responding” error. Outlook, like any other software, reaches a deadlock for resources while it’s operating or working on a certain task, and out of nowhere a “not responding” message appears on the screen on the title bar of the main screen’s application window.

This error is called the “Outlook not responding” error for Windows-operated computers. And it’s not just specific to one version of Windows since it has been faced by many users across the world using different OS versions of Windows.

How To Fix “Outlook Not Responding” Error?

There can be various factors that might be responsible for the “Outlook keeps not responding” error and depending on the reason, you should go for a solution. Below are some of the best possible fixes for the Outlook not responding error:

Killing The App From The Task Manager

One of the basic methods that can solve the Outlook not responding windows 10 issue is by killing the Outlook program from the background with the help of a task manager. To do that:

  • Go to task manager from the search bar by typing “Task Manager” in it.
  • Then navigate to the processes tab and search for Outlook.
  • Then for all the processes with the Outlook name, click on it and then click on the “End Process” button.
  • After that, your Outlook program should be closed from the background.
  • Now try opening the app again and your issue should be gone by now.

Identify And Remove The Add-ins Causing The Error

When add-ins are faulty then they cause the “Outlook freezing constantly ” error and due to this Outlook doesn’t work. To remove the add-ins:

outlook not responding

  • First, identify the problematic add-ins by navigating to files>Options>add-ins>Go.
  • Here on this page, there will be plenty of add-ins that help Outlook to operate smoothly.
  • This will show some of the add-ins that are unchecked by default because of the safe mode. Check all the boxes and click on the ok button.
  • Finally, restart your PC and open Outlook again.

Turning Off The Antivirus

Sometimes the running antivirus programs cause the Outlook application to be stuck in a loop of commands where it’s unable to access the permissions for successfully operating. In these situations, disabling the antivirus program is one of the best options. To do that:

  • Go to the Antivirus program and open it.
  • In its interface, find the option that says “Disable antivirus program”.
  • Click on that and the antivirus will be turned off.

In case your system uses Windows defender

  • Type “Windows Defender” in the search bar and navigate to the default security page of Windows.
  • Here finds the option that says “Disable Windows Defender”. Click on that and then click on the confirm button.
  • Now try reopening Outlook just like you normally do.

Archive And Organize Stuff

This is one of the simplest solutions for the “Outlook is not responding” error. Sometimes an organized file directory is necessary with cleaned files every week to smoothly operate Outlook on your PC.

So, you should make sure to organize all of your emails by grouping them according to the labels. Also, cleaning the trash bin of Outlook helps a lot in most situations.

Reducing The File Size Of Outlook

Outlook data is stored in .PST file format in the computer and due to the extensive working of the software, sometimes its data grows too much. In such situations reducing the Outlook file size is one possible solution and to do that:

outlook not responding windows 10

  • Open the Outlook inbox and then select the unwanted mails.
  • Then clean all of them along with the folders that you don’t need.
  • Empty the deleted items folder and if still the file size is too large, use the compact feature for compressing the data files.

Repair Or Update Outlook

If the previous methods didn’t work according to the plan, then you should repair your Outlook package or if necessary, then update it.

outlook keeps not responding

  • First, go to the control panel and then find “MS Office” in the installed programs.
  • Then right-click on that and select the option that says “Change”.
  • Then click on the “Repair” radio button and click on continue.
  • Wait for the process to finish and if the issue is still not solved, then update the MS Office Package.

Starting Outlook In Safe Mode

Another solution for eradicating the “Outlook not responding” error is by opening the Outlook program in safe mode. To do that:

outlook keeps freezing

  • Go to the search bar and type “Run” or press the Windows key with the “R” button simultaneously.
  • Then type “Outlook/safe” in the textbox and hit the enter button.
  • This will open the Outlook software in safe mode.
  • Once it starts in the safe mode, close the application and reopen it normally.

Updating Windows

Sometimes, a missing major update in the Windows OS is responsible for the Microsoft Outlook not responding error and it can be solved by updating the Windows to the latest version. To do that:

outlook 365 not responding

  • Go to settings from the taskbar and then navigate to “Software and Updates” or else type “Updates” in the search bar on your screen.
  • This will take you to the updates tab where you will need to click on the “Check for updates” option.
  • If there is an update available, then you can click on the “Download and Install” option and after the download is finished, Windows will automatically restart the PC to install updates.
  • After the process is finished, try opening Outlook normally.

Creating A New Windows Profile

Sometimes the solution for the “Outlook not responding” error is as easy as creating a new profile for your PC.

outlook freezing

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

  • What is the “Microsoft Outlook not responding” error?

When the Outlook software gets stuck between any operation and there is a deadlock situation, then it doesn’t respond to any commands and this error is called the “Microsoft Outlook not responding” error.

  • Is it normal to face the “Microsoft Outlook not responding” error?

Yes, it’s a common issue for Windows users across the world no matter what version of Windows OS you are using on your PC and you shouldn’t stress too much about it.

  • Is the “Microsoft Outlook not responding” error a serious problem to my PC?

No, the “Microsoft Outlook not responding” error doesn’t indicate that there is any serious problem with your PC. It just has a minor functional issue with the Outlook software which can be solved easily.

  • How to solve the “Microsoft Outlook not responding” error?

There are various fixes or methods which can help you solve the issue depending on the type of factor that caused the issue. You can apply the respective solution explained in the article concerning the reason behind the error.

  • Are the methods explained in this article safe to use?

Yes, all the methods that have been explained in this article are completely safe to use and they have been applied by millions of users across the world. So, you can use any of these fixes without any hesitation.


This error of “Outlook not responding” can be infuriating at many times. But fortunately, this article has some of the best solutions to solve this issue. And if you are facing the same problem, then you can try applying any of these fixes to your computer. Depending on the reason behind the software not responding, you have to apply a suitable method. Along with all these fixes, sometimes the PST file may be corrupted which can be fixed by using any PST repair software on the internet. If nothing works out, feel free to contact the Microsoft customer service team.



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