Razer Synapse Not Opening [Fixed 2021]

With the invention of computers, the world of information technology has been rapidly growing over the years. The upgrades and updates in the case of both hardware as well as software are what make this field a great place for new possibilities. Not only the systems but also the cloud services which stores data on different servers online without any physical means are also a great technological achievement for developers. In recent years, the world has acknowledged the power of cloud computing and the resourcefulness of such technology.

Not only do cloud-based services operate and run many of our tasks, but also help in synchronizing different areas of information technology thus effectively utilizing different components in any network. Razer Synapse is a system developed by Razer Inc. It is cloud-based configuration software that allows the user to rebind any controls or handle tasks such as assigning macros to any of the Razer peripherals. What it does is that it saves all the configurations automatically in the cloud so that the user doesn’t have to configure everything again every time they arrive at their workstations.

With the help of Razer Synapse, the user can store an infinite number of settings to their device with a different set of control requirements thus allowing them to create an infinite number of profiles with more complex macros. But sometimes there are some issues due to which the user is unable to open it. Sometimes, the issues are very simple and don’t need any detailed action, but sometimes the problem is persistent. In those times, the user has to find a way to fix such kinds of problems in the Razer Synapse. 

The following article list some solutions to fix the razer synapse won’t open issue.

How To Fix The Razer Synapse 3 Not Opening Problem?

razer synapse not starting

Razer Synapse is a very important application for any user. However, most windows users complain about the razer synapse not opening issue. The simplest solution would be to reinstall device drivers. But if the problem is still there, then there are several ways in which it can be solved. The following is a list of methods by which any user can solve this issue thus fixing Razer Synapse:

Reinstalling the device drivers and Razer Synapse

One of the most common approaches that can be used to solve the razer synapse not starting problem is by reinstalling the Razer Synapse. Once done, you may opt for installing the device drivers again. Following is a step-by-step process of how to do the same and get rid of this issue:

  • The first step in this is going through the system configurations and devices. For that the user has to first right click on the start button and then from there, the user has to go to the Device Manager menu to open the device settings. In the device manager window, they can find the Mice and other pointing devices, keyboards. Then they have to find the Human Interference Devices category in that menu. Then the user needs to double click on these options.

razer synapse won't open

  • From these categories, the user has to right-click on all the Razer devices and select the Uninstall device options from the side menu. Then a dialog box will appear saying “Delete the driver software for this device” which the user needs to select for each Razer device.

razer synapse not working

  • Then there will be one uninstall button which the user needs to select to confirm.

razer synapse 3 failed to start

  • After few minutes, the user then should unplug all the Razer devices and try restarting the PC or Laptop. After the windows get restarted, the user needs to Plug in the Razer devices again. Windows will then automatically reinstall the device drivers.
  • Then the user has to download the latest Razer Synapse software and reinstall the same. By the end of this step, the problem should be gone.

Closing The Razer Synapse Processes And Performing A Clean

Sometimes, what happens is any of the Razer device drivers become old or sometimes are missing or corrupted. In those cases, the razer synapse not launching problem will occur. So, the user needs to perform a clean and close the Razer Synapse processes. If the problem persists, the user can follow the following steps to solve the issue:

  • First, the user has to press the Windows logo key with “R” simultaneously. This will bring the Run box. Then they have to type “devmgmt.msc” and click on the OK button provided. This will showcase different Razer devices that will be present under the category of Razer devices, Keyboards, Mice, or other pointing devices.

razer synapse failed to start

  • The user has to select the uninstall button from the menu of these devices. This will remove all the Razer devices from the computer. Then the user has to disconnect the Razer devices and reconnect them after some time. The windows will reinstall the device drivers automatically.

razer synapse not launching

  • If the windows are unable to reinstall the device drivers by themselves, then the user can download any of the third-party Driver software that can be used to detect and download all the drivers that the system needs.
  • After downloading such software, the user can run it to scan the different Razer drivers that the PC needs. There will be an update button for respective devices which the user needs to select to install the drivers. After following all these steps, the user should be able to Razer Synapse normally.

Installation of the latest Microsoft .NET framework

The .NET framework is a software system that was developed by the Microsoft team. It generally runs on Microsoft Windows and has a large class of library. Now talking about the razer synapse 3 failed to start problem, the .NET framework is a basic system requirement. So, if Microsoft .NET isn’t installed on the device, then the latest Razer Synapse won’t open sometimes.

Sometimes when there is an older version of .NET installed on the computer, then also this problem arises. So, to solve this issue, the user needs to install the latest version of Microsoft .NET. To do that, one has to follow the following steps:

  • First, the user has to access the official Microsoft webpage in their browser. Then they have to find the latest .NET software program from the webpage main menu. There will be one download button. They have to select the download button and then the software will automatically be downloaded to the PC.

razer synapse 3 not opening

  • Then after downloading the .NET software on the PC successfully the user needs to install, it. To do that, they have to click on the .NET program and click on the Run button. During this time, there must be an internet connection to the PC or the laptop.
  • The system will then ask to run the software as an administrator. The user has to select Yes and then a download wizard will appear. The user has to agree to different terms and conditions and click on the Install button. After the successful installation of the same, they should be able to open Razer Synapse without any problem.

Turning off Antivirus Programs

Sometimes third-party antivirus programs or the windows firewall causes the error in opening the Razer synapse. To solve the razer synapse failed to start problem, the user needs to turn off them. For doing that, the process is explained below:

  • First, they have to click on the Windows button with the “R” key simultaneously. This is a shortcut to invoke the Run box. Then in the search box, they have to type “firewalls” and press OK. This will open the windows defender firewall control panel from the settings.

razer synapse not starting

  • There, the user can find one Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or Off option. They need to click on the radio button that says to turn it off and press OK. This will turn off the windows defender automatically. This should generally solve the issue.

razer synapse not working

  • If the user has installed any third-party antivirus software, then they need to temporarily disable the program. To do that they need to go to the control panel from the Windows menu. Then they need to find the programs list.
  • From the list of all programs, they need to search for the installed antivirus program and then right-click on it. This will open a dropdown list of different options one of which will be a disable or enable radio button. The user needs to select the Disable option from there and click on Ok.
  • After this, all the system firewalls will be disabled and the user should be able to open the Razer synapse software without facing any problem.


Like it was discussed in the above segment, there are many ways in which problems relating to the Razer Synapse being not opened can be solved. The easiest and quick methods have been discussed applying which a user can tackle the problem. It is up to the user to choose what solution they want to go through for solving the issue since all of the mentioned fixes are very helpful and work well in different cases. The user can compare between different processes involved in each of the solutions and then can go for the most suitable method in that particular issue.



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