How To Remove Activate Windows Watermark? [Latest]

Does your desktop screen show up a message – Activate Windows – Go to Settings to activate Windows every time you turn on your computer and bother you as it doesn’t seem to go away even after trying out just about every method? We might help you in the quest to get rid of the ‘activate Windows’ watermark. Here’s sharing the best ways and answers to all your worries.

Reason For Such A Watermark?

You may be wondering why an ‘activate Windows’ watermark is being displayed on your computer screen and what exactly it is. Here’s the thing.

Microsoft provides a trial version of Windows to its users, which allows them to use the operating system without the product key. However, you don’t get full access to the operating system in this version. Some features like Windows Defender are also disabled, which takes care of the device’s security and stops users from customizing the Windows, installing security updates, etc. A watermark reading, Activate Windows – Go to settings to activate windows also comes with this version which one may find in the bottom right corner of the desktop. Most users find it annoying and look for ways to remove it while continuing with the trial version.  

So, if you have been seeing the Activate Windows watermark, it means the copy of the Windows 10 on your PC is not activated yet (using a trial version). Although this is not the only case, sometimes you may get it when the license has expired. Another reason, you may not be able to remove the watermark & continuously seeing it on your system, which could be a different Version. Example: Suppose you have a product key for Windows 10 Pro on your PC but using Windows Home Version instead. 

Users having a valid Windows 10 product key can activate and remove the watermark. However, you can’t use just about any product key available online. You are required to buy it from the official stores of Microsoft, Amazon, and other authorized websites. 

If you don’t have a product key and are wondering how to remove the ‘activate Windows’ watermark, worry not! You can still remove or hide the watermark permanently. 

How to Remove Activate Windows 10 Watermark?

Follow these methods, and the activation watermark will be gone in a jiff. 

Method 1: Get Rid Of Activated Windows By Modifying The Registry:

  • Press Windows + R to open the command window
  • Type in Regedit and then click OK or press Enter
  • A Registry Editor will open, click on the File menu and then click Export. Save it for later use. 
  • On the left side, click on the Desktop option.
  • On the right side, scroll and find PaintDesktopVersion, double click on it, and change the value from 1 to 0. 
  • Click OK to save the changes. 
  • Close the Registry Window and restart the PC. Check whether the Watermark is gone or not. 

Method 2: How To Get Rid Of The ‘activate Windows’ Watermark Using Cmd

  • Click Start menu and type cmd
  • Click right on the option, and choose Run as administrator. 
  • In case prompted by UAC, click Yes to continue
  • In the command window, type bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF and press Enter
  • If you have followed the steps correctly, you should be able to see your operation completed successfully. 
  • Restart your PC and check if the watermark has gone. 

Method 3: How To Remove Windows 10 Watermark With Notepad Method:

If the watermark is still appearing on the screen, follow this alternative method. 

  • Open Notepad on your PC; you can find it in the start menu. 
  • Copy & Paste the following command

@echo off

taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe



  • Save your file by clicking on Save as in the File menu. 
  • Name the file with the extension, .bat. Example: abc.bat
  • In the Save as type section, select All Files.
  • Go to the saved file location.
  • Once you find your file, right-click on it and select Run as administrator.
  • A command prompt will open. Let it close by itself.
  • Now, restart your PC and check. 

Method 4: How To Get Rid Of ‘activate Windows’ Using Windows Powershell:

This method will remove the watermark for 90 days, which means you have to redo the process. 

  • Click Start, now in the search bar, type PowerShell
  • Click right on the Windows PowerShell option, and choose Run as administrator. 
  • In case prompted by UAC, click Yes to continue
  • In the PowerShell window, type slmgr /renew and press enter. 
  • Restart the PC, and check the Watermark must have been removed from your screen. 

Method 5: Get Rid Of 'activate Windows' From Display Settings

  • While being on the desktop, click right on the blank space of the screen 
  • Click on the display settings option.
  • Once a window will open, select the Notifications & actions from the left sidebar.
  • Now, you have to disable the 4th & 5th option, Show me windows… & Get tips, tricks...
  • Now restart your PC and see if the watermark has been removed or not. 
how to get rid of activate windows

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

Q1. How can I Check Windows 10 Activation Status?

A. Go to Settings (Windows+I) > Update & Security > Activation. 

Q2. Why am I not seeing the activated version despite entering the product key?

A. If you have paid for the original copy and yet it is not updated, contact the Customer Help Center to get your issue resolved. Also, check if you have entered the correct product key for your Windows Version. 

Q3. Is there any tool to remove the Activation Watermark?

A. Yes, there are plenty of tools available. However, you should not randomly download them as they could include malware. Winaero is a popular tool you can use to get rid of the ‘activate windows’ watermark. You have to simply download the tool, open it, and Install it. (Make sure you save all the work before proceeding)

Q4. How to activate Windows 10 using a product key?

  • Go to Settings (Windows+I) > Update & Security > Activation. 
  • Go to the Change Product key option
  • A small window will open, enter your 24 character alphanumeric code
  • Click Next, your key will go through validation, and Windows 10 will be activated. 

Q5. What is the difference between Activated & Unactivated Windows?

A. The core functionality of Windows is the same in both, but some desirable services, apps, and add-ons will be blocked or limited in the Unactivated Windows. 


We hope we have covered all the information related to what Windows 10 activation is all about, where this “activate Windows” watermark comes from, and methods related to how to remove the Windows 10 watermark. In case you are looking for a permanent solution to the watermark removal, we suggest you buy a product key and activate the operating system. However, if you don’t want to buy as of now and still get rid of the ‘activate Windows’ watermark, these above methods are definitely for you, do try them and let you know which one works the best.



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