How To Manually Restore Last Session In Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a lifesaver for all of us being the largest search engine there is. The massive popularity means you can get everything and anything from here. But continuously browsing and opening different tabs and switching from one to another means a higher chance of mistakes. Just imagine being in the middle of work with 20 different tabs open and all of a sudden chrome crashes or the network is gone. For a professional, the idea is scary enough in their head, let alone in real. But the situation is unavoidable for so many reasons and this is why you must know how to handle it.

Google is the most popular search engine for a reason and has evolved rapidly over the years. You can restore tabs in Chrome without much hassle if you are using the latest updates of the browser. Default settings, as well as third party extensions, can be used to do this. The key is to stay alert and ready to handle the situation so that your browsing pages are not lost when the browser crashes or you accidentally click on that close button.

A Few Tips To Avoid Abrupt Closing Of The Session

how to restore tabs on chrome

While you can restore the pages from the last session manually, if you want to avoid putting in so much work, you must take a few preventive measures to avoid this situation as much as possible. Here are a few tips to prevent the pages from crashing. When you follow these dedicatedly, you can avoid as well as solve the trouble in no time:

Check your Chrome History

This is not exactly a preventive measure, but it is the simplest and most effective solution. Go through the history in Chrome after you reopen the browser. There will be an option “Recently closed” and under it several sites that were closed in the last few hours. Simply open the ones which you need.

Continue Where You Left

In the Chrome settings, there is an option to command Chrome to re-launch all the pages that were abruptly closed. Select the option “Continue where you left” as your default settings so that you can keep the tabs organized especially in a professional environment. Thus even if the browser crashes because of an overwhelming number of tabs, at least you have the option to start where you were forced to leave.

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can easily re-launch the closed tabs with the respective keyboard shortcuts in a matter of seconds. For Windows OS, use Ctrl+Shift+T and on Mac use Command+Shift+T. It is a way of restoring any page that was closed accidentally but cannot restore all the pages that were open before the crash.

Also, in case you are trying to open the tabs you closed another day, you have to look up the history of the specific day and find out the URLs. Alternatively, you can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H for Windows and Command+Y for Mac.

Avoid Closing The Browser Too Early

If you wonder how chrome restores the last session, the first and foremost habit to develop is avoiding clicking the close button too soon. Often as soon as you think the work is completed, the first impulse is to click on the cross symbol on the top right corner. Instead, go to individual pages and see if they are needed or it is safe to close. This way you will not have to hanker around trying to restore tabs chrome in any situation.

Google Chrome Extensions

Believe it or not, you get extensions to restore previous session Chrome. These are designed to save and organize the open tabs. So if you have to work with 20-30 tabs simultaneously, you can still avoid losing them in case the browser crashes. Especially when you tend to turn off the history or have too much history to look through, such Google chrome extensions are particularly useful.

Steps To Manually Restore The Last Session

The Google Chrome browser has been designed in a way to make surfing so much enjoyable worldwide. It is possible to import new bookmarks just with the click of a mouse. Another fantastic feature is restoring the last session Chrome or even the recently closed tabs. When you do not have an extension installed specifically for this purpose, seeking a manual solution is the only option left. Thankfully, the manual solutions are not too complicated and anyone with basic computing and browsing knowledge can execute these:

A Quick Guide To Restoring The Tabs In Chrome

If you accidentally closed a tab while working in Chrome, you can get your way back simply. The steps to be followed are:

  • Firstly, start by right-clicking anywhere in the tab bar and a drop-down menu will come up.
  • Select the option of reopening the closed tab from this menu. 
  • There are simply shortcut options that you can opt for on the keyboard. It is Ctrl+Shift+T.

Restore tabs in Chrome just with this simple step. Other steps are not necessary to be carried forward.

If Google Chrome automatically crashes on its own, it will restore the sessions when you start Chrome. Just confirm you want to convert, and you will get all the closed tabs back. However, if you have closed the browser by accident, all tabs may not be restored this way and you will have to look through the history to individually open every one of them.

Restoring Of Multiple Tabs

If you are wondering how to restore tabs on Chrome, the answer is straightforward. Chrome offers a restore session option even when the browser crashes. Likewise, the following are the steps you will have to follow to restore several tabs at once:

  • Visit Chrome and open the main menu. There is a three dots icon located at the right of the address bar. Also, Alt + F are the shortcuts to open the main menu in Chrome. 
  • Then, select the history option in the main menu. History opens in the new menu. Further, Chrome lists all the tabs that have been opened in the last session. 
  • To restore the last session Chrome, hold the Ctrl Key and then click all the tabs you want to open. All the pages will automatically appear in the tab bar. 

This is especially useful for those who tend to work with several tabs opened at a time. Looking up so many tabs from history can be hectic so this option is a good alternative.

Configure Chrome To Reopen The Previous Sessions By Default

There is an option in Chrome to reopen all the recently closed tabs. Besides, make the changes in the settings. Specify that you want to continue from where you left off every time you open Chrome. This way, even if the browser closes suddenly, you don’t have to worry at all. Just restart Chrome, and you will restore all the tabs. 

  • Start by opening Google Chrome.
  • Open the menu by clicking on the three dots icon or even using the keyboard shortcut.
  • Click on the settings
  • Scroll to the “On Start-up” section
  • Select the option “continue where you left off” right in the middle. 

While this is a helpful solution especially if your browser, as well as device, tends to shut down abruptly if the trouble becomes too frequent you should check for the possible reasons behind the situation.

Chrome Unable To Open The Closed Tabs- What Should Be Done?

If no other option is working, you will still be able to get the tabs back on. Chrome restore the last session is so easy if you know the right way. 

  • First, open the Chrome menu. Click on the 3 dots icon present in the upper right corner of Chrome. 
  • Click on the History of Chrome. 
  • Click on the tabs if they appear correctly. 
  • Click on any tab to check if they open individually. To see all the tabs opening together, click Cmd + Y for Mac and Ctrl + Y for Windows. 

It’s best to bookmark all the web pages that you visit regularly. You can do it by clicking on the star icon present on the right side of the address bar. It will place a button on the Google Chrome browser. By directly clicking on the button, it will redirect you directly to the web page.


Experiencing a crashing browser is inevitable for everyone at one time or the other. This happens for much reason but thankfully there are many different practical solutions as well. Now that you have an idea about so many different preventives and solutions to the situation, feel free to browse away for everything you need. Crashing a browser will not be a problem anymore. However, it is always a smart choice to check what is leading to the crash so that it can be fixed in time.



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