How to Manually Restore Last Session in Google Chrome

Every web browser offers the functionality to restore the session, and so do the Google Chrome browser. It saves information such as open tabs, size, and position of each window. It happens sometimes with us when we are browsing something on chrome, and it stops working suddenly, this functionality is like a guardian in such times, as it will restore all the information browsed in the last session when you open the browser again and saves you from searching the stuff all over again.

Google Chrome does not restore the session automatically, but you have to do some changes in the setting to make your browser perform the restore function. Only then, you will see the dialog to restore the last session when you open the Chrome browser after the system crashes. I will share the method to answer your questions on how to restore tabs on Chrome.

This freezing problem of google chrome is widely recognized by Mac users, The chrome keeps freezing and the users are not able to restore their last session which results in lost work and low productivity. Also, sometimes the chrome freezes up to a level where it freezes your mac and you are not able to perform any action, in this case you have to factory reset your macbook. Whatever the problem it is, get all answers to your question in this post. Read on..!

Methods To Manually Restore The Last Session in Google Chrome

It is so easy to restore last session Chrome manually, that anyone can do it. I will share the steps to restore tabs in chrome. Following these simple steps, you will make your chrome restore last session that ended abruptly.

Method 1: Using The Windows Startup Folder

Step 1:  Open the Google Chrome browser in your PC or laptop and click on the Utility icon.

restore tabs chrome  

Step 2: Click on Settings in the menu opened.

restore tabs chrome

Step 3: Select the On Startup option in the left pane.

Step 4: Click on the option “Continue where you left off”. Once you select this option, the browser will repair all the recent tabs of the last session, and you can start where you left.

restore tabs chrome

Method 2: Using The History Option

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser and click on three dots icon present at the right top of the window.

restore tabs chrome  

Step 2: Select the History option in the toolbar so that you can see all the tabs closed recently. You can simply press Ctrl + H keys to open the History toolbar in Chrome.

Step 3: Under the Recently closed section, Chrome will display the tabs, which are 12 in the below image. Click on this option and restore last session chrome.

restore tabs chrome

Restore Pages Chrome

restore tabs chrome

You can change settings so that Google Chrome open the pages from the last session. In other words, all the tabs and windows of Google Chrome will open automatically, that you were using before the Chrome browser stopped working. If you configured Chrome browser in such a way that it does not restore the previous session, then Chrome will always start with the new session when you open Chrome after sudden shutdown. But sometimes you feel the need to restore previous session Chrome, but then you cannot do anything. Though you have the option to click on Ctrl + H and select the page to open from the History, you may find it time-consuming and boring depending upon the number of pages shown in the History. Thus, follow the below-given steps to configure your Google Chrome Browser, so that it will automatically restore pages Chrome.

restore tabs chrome

Chrome browser offers a startup parameter that allows it to reload the previous browsing session. For this, simply run Chrome with the “restore last session” parameter.

Some Additonal Tips

Below are some essential tips that you can use to get never miss the search history in Chrome. You should read these tips and troubleshoot any issue that you might be facing while trying to restore tabs chrome

There is an option in chrome that enables you to re-launch all the tabs in chrome that you opened previously. The option is present in Chrome > Settings. Scroll to the option “Continue where you left off” in the Settings page. This is an easy way to maintain an active workspace and access the Chrome browser history quickly and easily.

It may happen at times that you accidentally closed the tabs, but there is a shortcut to re-launch those tabs again. Press Ctrl + Shift +T in the case of Windows PC and Command + Shift +T in a Mac PC. Though with this shortcut, you will not get all the tabs, at least you will get some of them that you closed accidentally.

With this option in Chrome, you will get a warning dialog that asks your permission to close the browser before actually closing it. This dialog acts as a savior in case you click on the close button by mistake or press Alt + X keys.

If your browser has out of tab situation, then there are some extensions available that you can download and use for free. These extensions let you save the tabs. SessionBuddy is one such extension that can help you in organizing and protecting your tab data. It can protect your chrome data for the last three sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

Now you have got the answer to your question on how to restore chrome tabs. But I would still recommend you to go through the frequently asked questions once. You might get the answer to your queries in these questions.

Q1) How can I restore tabs Chrome on a window?

Ans.  Firstly, you need to open Google Chrome on the PC and hit a Right-click at an empty space on the tab. A drop-down menu will appear and click on the Reopen Closed Tab on the menu. It will help to restore the recently closed tab on the browser and reopen it in a new tab. You also can use a shortcut for this if needed, just hit the Shift + Ctrl + T together on the keyboard, it will also reopen the recently closed tab.

This button will appear as Reopen Closed Window if you want to close a window having more than one tab in it. It will show Reopen the Closed Window all of the tabs.

Q2)  What would I do if my recently closed tab is not opening?

Ans.  It is not a big deal if you are facing any issue in opening a recently closed tab or if you are not able to find it after restoring tabs. These tabs can be reopened by just simply checking your history.

Q3) How can I go to my most visited pages on Google Chrome?

Ans.  For this, you need to open Google Chrome to a blank tab. It will list the most visited websites from top-left to bottom-right by default. Bring your mouse over a thumbnail, which belongs to every website displaying two unknown options such as Remove and Pin.


In a nutshell, Chrome has such a beautiful feature to open the pages which you were visiting in Chrome in the last session. All you need to do is follow the simple steps, which are already mentioned above in this article. If you still face any problems after following these steps, then you can go through the above mentioned Frequently Asked Questions and additional tips. You will surely get your issues fixed. I hope the information shared in this article is helpful to you and resolved all the doubts related to your question of how to restore tabs in chrome.



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