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Photographs comprise a variety of meanings for different scenarios and persons. Be it a memory, a work-related picture, or just an abstract. Each photograph represents something and has a meaning in it. People take selfies, portraits as well as landscapes for different purposes. Some do it for fun, while some chose it to be a hobby and some even chose it as a way of living. It is well known that photography is an activity done by almost every person in the world. Everyone wants their picture to be perfect. Be it a matter of quality or other features in a photograph. 

Everyone wants a picture to be as smooth and detailed as possible. And when one is talking about photography, they can’t ignore the fact that no matter how good the picture is, and editing is something that enhances and elevates it. Every individual who is on any social media platform wants their photograph to be unique. For fulfilling these requirements, people use different kinds of editing applications. Thousands of applications facilitate the user to edit their photo. And one of the most popular as well as easy to use very powerful applications is the Snapseed app.

What's Snapseed?

Snapseed is a photo editing software that has been owned by Google. It is very effective in editing different kinds of pictures. The efficiency of this application as compared to others is very advanced and satisfactory. Snapseed download for PC is available for free to be installed. The user just has to download this Google’s photo technology application from the app store or its official website. Google bought this technology from a company called Nik software which already made it a powerful application by adding an arsenal of editing tools in it. Snapseed has a large number of editing features, plug-in facilities, and a different bunch of filters along with the free video tutorials to use them.

Even after Google bought the technology, they have been developing and adding a ton of new features to Snapseed along with many customizable tools to enhance the versatility of this application. Snapseed is proven to be one of the best alternatives to applications such as Instagram or Snapchat. Even some professional photographers use this application for editing their shots. This app has almost every tool that can be used by an amateur as well as experts in photography. The interface is very unique and intuitive giving it a plus point.

download snapseed for pc

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Snapseed Features

Snapseed for windows has an array of tools and features which are very powerful and can transform any picture giving them a completely new look. However, the following are a few of the features which are unique from any other application for photo editing:


It is one of the first tabs that is popped up when the user opens the Snapseed application. This is the most unique feature of Snapseed, which has a quick preset menu for different adjustments that lets one create stunning pictures with just a click. Also, this is just like a different filter selection of Instagram. This is where the basic adjustments are predefined to choose.

Tune Image

The first tool that one can notice at the start is the tune image. This is where the basic editing of any photograph is made possible. The tune image section is a deep analysis of how the image is supposed to be in terms of brightness, contrast, saturation, and ambiance. As one would guess, these are the most basic control parameters that set the benchmark for the quality as well as detailing in any picture.

The exposure section allows the user to lighten or darken the picture according to the requirements. The ambiance here is a powerful feature that allows the details of the picture and the mount to which these details in the picture are popped up.

White Balance and Crop

The next section is about curves. The curves tool is used for changing the RGB as well as black and white curves as well as monitoring the histogram in the app. The user can change the color curves as they wish and along with this, several other preset curves allow the user for bright, dark, grungy, or other looks.


The next section is about curves. The curves tool is used for changing the RGB as well as black and white curves as well as monitoring the histogram in the app. The user can change the color curves as they wish and along with this, several other preset curves allow the user for bright, dark, grungy, or other looks.

Perspective and Expand tool

Another powerful tool is the perspective feature which lets the user change the way the picture is looked at. And after this, there is a feature called Expand which lets the AI do the work of expanding the picture hypothetically through any direction.

White Balance and Crop

The next option facilitates the white balance. Here the user can control the temperature of the photograph as well as the tint associated with it. In the second row of the tools section, there is the crop feature that lets the user crop the photograph. After that, there is the rotate button for changing the angle.


Then there is a details tool right next to the tune image features. Here, the user can add detailing to the photograph as well as add sharpness to the image for more quality and depth.

Selective tool

Then there is a selective tool that allows the user to select any specific area and change the various basic features of that particular area without affecting the others.

Other Features

Apart from all these, there are other astonishing tools available in the app. A tool such as brushes, healing, HDR scape, glamour glow, tonal contrast, Drama, Vintage with filters, Grainy film, retro lux, Grunge, black and white, noir, portrait, head pose, and lens blur is very satisfactory and gives promising results. After done with the editing, the user just has to click on the export button to share or save the picture.

How to Download & Install Snapseed For PC Windows 10 / 8 /7?

It should be noted that Snapseed was initially designed for android devices. So, the user needs to install an emulator to use Snapseed. The process to download Snapseed for Windows 10/8/7 is explained as follows:

  • First, the user needs to download an emulator they find suitable such as Bluestacks but the user must adhere to a quality emulator.

  • Once downloaded, the user is now needed to install the emulator on the PC. Then the emulator will ask for some permission, which the user can accept after reading the conditions.

  • Then the user is needed to open the emulator after installation and search for Snapseed from the search bar in Google play store or any web search.

  • There will be a download button available for the app in any of the sources. The user is needed to download it and install the application inside the emulator.

  • Then after installation, the user just simply has to tap on the Snapseed icon, and then the app will be launched on the PC. The app will ask about details such as google account credentials to start the processes in Snapseed. Once this basic setup is done, the user can straightly jump into using the app.

How To Use Snapseed For PC?

Once the download snapseed for PC is done and it is installed, the user can start editing their photos. Right after entering the Snapseed interface, the user will be asked to add a photograph from the photos on the PC. The user has to select the photo he/she wants to edit and then the app will import the image to the emulator.

The tools section is filled with a variety of options which are discussed in the above section. The user can simply tap into different tools for performing different editing activities. The user can use the basic editing and tuning tools first to make the basic changes in the picture. These include the curves and the temperature controls. Then cropping the picture and rotating.

After the basic editing is done, the user can choose other multiple tools to fine-tune their image. The selective tool is very promising when the user wants to edit a certain part of the image. The other features such as the vintage filters, the black and white mode as well as the Noir photo modes are very helpful for the final touches in the edit.

Snapseed Alternatives

There are millions of editing applications that are available for perfecting an image. Snapseed for pc download is a widely used and very popular application. But if a person wishes to go through other alternatives, then below are few applications that give satisfactory results:


This alternative for Snapseed is a very popular app among beginners who wants to go for basic filters as well as basic editing works in any image. Some of its useful features are:

  • It is very easy to use.
  • Beginners can learn about different purposes of different basic tools.
  • It offers quick and effortless editing through filters.
  • Stickers are available for free with this app.


This is also a very effective photo editor. This additionally features various online tools which give it a plus point as compared to Snapseed app download for PC. The online platform lets the user recreate the works of other people. Its advantages over other apps are:

  • Users can incorporate different predesigned works by other users.
  • The premium version is cheap.
  • Possibilities are limitless with this application in terms of editing.

Adobe Photoshop

One of the most promising and effective applications is Adobe Photoshop. This is professional-grade software used for various image manipulation purposes. 

  • It’s powerful and effective tools for transforming the image.
  • There are plenty of presets available on the internet.
  • The free version also has an array of features.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

  • How to get started with tools?

After opening an image, the user will be available with a different bunch of tools that he/she can use to correct the image. These tools will help the user perfect any image, from tuning to cropping to rotating or even removing unwanted objects from the photos, the different features of Snapseed will help with all these.

  • What is RAW editing?

The app also supports RAW-level editing. That means the user can manipulate the exposure, shadows, highlights, and contrasts in the picture. Along with that, the user is also enabled with the capability to change the structure as well as the temperature and tint of the image.

  • What is the use of a Histogram?

This feature helps the user to monitor the levels of lights and colors that constitute the exposure of the picture in a graph. This in return helps the user to determine the proper image exposure and set the picture in perfect lighting.

  • How do I use Undo, Redo and Revert?

This simply helps to undo the changes, if the user wishes them to redo then it also does that with the click of a button. And there is a revert option for changing all things back to as it was.

  • How to Share or save or export in Snapseed?

After all the editing work is finished, the user can save the final edit or share it to any platform they wish. The export function lets the user export the image to another application for further changes.


There are a million ways in which the tools in Snapseed PC can be used to enhance the beauty of any photograph. The user is the one who is capable of doing the best out of the editing app. And acquiring the knowledge about this app needs practice as well as time. The more the user experiments with different things in the app, the more they learn about the full potential of the app. 

Snapseed isn’t just an alternative to powerful as well as bulky editing software such as Photoshop but is also very easy to use gaining more popularity each day. A person after downloading and installing the application should go through the tutorials that are provided in the app as well as try to grab knowledge about the above-mentioned features of the app through videos from platforms such as YouTube. If properly utilized, the app can bring charm to any photograph thus elevating the quality of the image.



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