Snapseed for PC (Windows 10/8/7) Free Download [2020]

Photography these days has become a part of our life. It either is Candid photos or selfies. Most of the people love taking photos whenever they go for an outing and post these photos on social media apps. Everyone wants to post the best picture showing off to their friends. That is why people use photo editing apps to make their pictures look attractive and beautiful. Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps available for android and iOS, but you can still use it for Windows PC with the help of an emulator. I will share the steps on how you can download Snapseed for PC.

What is Snapseed? ​

Snapseed is an amazing photo editing app, developed by Nik Software, which is now owned by Google. After taking it over, Google added several new features and tools to make it more users friendly. This app is produced for iOS and Android. But with the help of emulators, Snapseed can also be downloaded and used on PC. It helps in making Landscape photos with good details in shadows and highlights with the High Dynamic Range Scape option. Snapseed also allows you to enhance your photo editing ability to the next level, and you can easily learn using all the features soon by yourself.

User Friendly in GUI and easy to use.

Snapseed has proven itself to be ranked as the best photo editing software on mobiles and similarly on PC.

This app contains no ads in its use and most importantly, as compared to other apps, no pop-up advertisements. Edits all the photos with smooth effects for free.

Snapseed consists of many filters and looks selections that make it the top-notch filter app for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps. This app lets you add borders to your photos, and you can resize your pictures. It has unique features with multiple functionalities. The Snapseed’s interface is polished and designed in a way so that it can comfortably edit the photos. The Healing Brush helps you in making your pictures spotless, and the Lens Blur allows you to pop the background subject. 

In general, Snapseed is one of the best handy apps for both new users as well as pros.

Snapseed Features:

It is recommended to be friendly with the features of Snapseed before utilizing it so that you will know what all you can do with this app. I am going to uncover all the features below for you to have a look before using it.

  • Edits both JPG and RAW files: Snapseed can be used for both JPG as well as RAW files to edit. You can modify the files available in the RAW format, which can be exported to JPG format with the same picture quality intact.
  • Frames: You can add adjustable and colorful frames to the picture, these picture frame templates later can be used to your Instagram photos.
  • Auto-Tune Picture: This feature can automatically adjust the color, contrast, and exposure according to the pictures. This makes it one of the best features of Snapseed. 
  • Healing Brush: This feature of Snapseed is an amazing and the most-used feature, which helps you edit the pictures like a pro. Using this feature, you can remove the unpleasant scenes from the image and can even remove any person from a group image.
  • Save Used Setting to Make it Personalized: With Snapseed app download for PC, you can edit any image and save that specific setting as your personal preset, which can be used later on any other image with just a click.
  • Vignette: With the Vignette tool of Snapseed, you can add soft darkness at the edges in your pictures, thus making your photos more appealing to the eyes.
  • Lens Blur: Everyone needs bokeh mode to the pictures when we talk about portraits. Lens Blur helps you achieve this by smudging the background so that the subject appears catchier in the picture.
  • Glamour Glow: With the help of the Glamour Glow tool on Snapseed, you can add a fine glow to your pictures and also pop up the color. It also helps in adding more beauty to your portraits and selfies.
  • Double Exposure: With the help of the Double Exposure tool, you can attach two photos and merge them to create a new mood to the photographs.
  • HDR Scape: This tool is mainly used for Landscapes to enhance the details of shadows and highlights, which gets an attractive look to the pictures.
  • Tonal Contrast: Tonal Contrast tool on Snapseed allows you to improve details in shadows, highlights, and mid-tones.
  • White Balance: White Balance is normally not present in our smart phones, but the white balance feature can make the image very attractive and appealing. So do not worry if your image needs white balance adjustment.

In addition to the above-mentioned features, there are many other essential features available in Snapseed for photo editing. These include Brush, Crop, Selection tools, Rotate, Text, Face Enhance, Perspective, Vintage, and more. Snapseed offers a free trial period, where you can use the software for free and decide either you should continue using this app or not. To use Snapseed on PC, you need to install an emulator to the PC.

How to Download & install Snapseed for PC Windows 10/8/7?

It is not difficult for you to download Snapseed for PC. You only need to use the Bluestacks android emulator or any other quality emulators to download Snapseed for Windows 7/8./8.1/10. For more details, follow the below-given steps.

Step 1: First of all, download Bluestacks from its official website or any other quality emulators on your computer.

snapseed for pc

Step 2: First of all, download Bluestacks from its official website or any other quality emulators on your computer.

snapseed for pc

Step 3: After launching the application, sign in to the Bluestacks using your Gmail ID and Password.

snapseed for pc

Step 4: Now hit a click on the Play Store icon displaying on the Bluestacks home screen and type as Snapseed in the search bar of Play Store and click the Enter button.

snapseed for pc

Step 5: Now hit a click on the Play Store icon displaying on the Bluestacks home screen and type as Snapseed in the search bar of Play Store and click the Enter button.

snapseed for pc

Step 6: When it completes the downloading, the Snapseed will automatically get installed on your computer.

snapseed for pc

Step 7: You can either launch it by just clicking the Snapseed icon displaying on the home screen of Bluestacks on your computer or hit the open button to launch it directly.

snapseed for pc

Step 8: Before using this app, it will ask you a few details and you need to provide all the credentials to continue with it.

snapseed for pc

Step 9: Once all the setup is done, you can get going and enjoy editing your pictures and recreate them in any possible way on your laptop or PC.

snapseed for pc

These are the most stable and easy steps to get Snapseed on your computer. This is how you can download this app for windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 10, and Windows XP versions. These steps are suitable for both Laptop as well as Desktop computers.

How to Use Snapseed for PC?

Once you have installed Snapseed PC using the above-shared steps, you are ready to use it for editing your photos. The user interface is uncomplicated, and anyone can use the app with ease. When you are ready to edit your first photo with Snapseed, open the first photo, and click on the tools button that will show a large number of editing tools available with Snapseed.

When your photo is loaded, three buttons will appear at the bottom i.e. Looks, Tools, and Export. With the Looks button, you can select one of the available filters that you want. Under the Tools button, all the editing options are available. Click on the Tools button and then choose the Tune Image option to start editing. Tune Image has all the basic editing features such as brightness, contrast, and many more. The brightness can be adjusted by swiping right or left. You can select another editing tool by clicking on the Tools button at the bottom. You can see the difference between the original and the edited image by just a touch on the picture and hold it.

By using the Export button, you can share your edited pictures to social networking sites, or you can save it to your desktop in JPG format. Overall, Snapseed is a powerful and reliable photo editor. It also offers some advanced editing features such as Brushes and Curves that you should explore at least once.

Snapseed Alternatives

Though Snapseed is one of the best photo editing apps that come with a number of unique features, if you do not want to use Snapseed for PC, then you can try the below-given alternatives of Snapseed.

1. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is also one of the most used editing software by photo editors. This app is paid, but the features it has to offer are worth paying. This app allows you to edit, apply filters, and improve the quality of pictures, 3D artwork, and illustrations. You can also enhance and edit videos using this app. Not only editing photos and videos, but Adobe Photoshop is also one of the best apps used by professionals to design posters, making websites, and much more. Using this app, you can do all kinds of editing in your photographs to make them eye-appealing, but there is a lot that this app has to offer that you might need a course to learn Adobe Photoshop completely.

2. Polarr Photo Editor

Polarr Photo Editing application is used for Instagram posts. This app is easy to use, but you can edit your images anytime, anywhere. Its main advantage is that it consists of many tools like Dehaze and Split toning, which are used by professionals. This app has many filters, which are free to use and let you do a lot of experiments with your pictures. More than one user can use this app, once upgraded to a pro version. The best part is that it saves the history of your edited images, and you can always do “Undo and Redo” to your images.

3. Picasa

Picasa is one of the strong competitors of Snapseed that offers many photo editing tools and in-built functions. This app has all the basic requirements that a person looks for in a photo editing app, along with some fancy filters that are in-built to Picasa. This Google’s App can be used as a mobile application or in a web browser.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

If you still have the questions, then please go through the below frequently asked questions, I am sure that you will get all the queries resolved from these FAQs.

Q: Will the size of the file increase after the editing?

A: Snapseed saves the picture at the same resolution of the real photograph, to the max size that a PC can process.

Q: I am trying to update the Snapseed for PC from the play store, but cannot. Why?

A: You need to check if your PC is compatible with the latest version of Snapseed download for PC or not. If it is compatible and still cannot update, then you need to clear the data in the Play Store and restart your PC. It will surely update the app.

Q: Can you please help me in finding Tilt, Shift filter? I am not able to find it.

A: Luckily, Tilt, Shift has been relocated to the Lens Blur Filter in the recent update.

Q: Is there a PC version of Snapseed available?

A: No, There is not a PC version of this app available. But you can use it on PC with Snapseed for PC download as per the steps shared in this article.


Everyone feels the need of photo editing app the days and there are a large number of photo editing apps available. Snapseed is one of the topmost photo editing apps and is very famous. It is a complete package loaded with every photo editing feature that a photo enthusiast might be looking for. Moreover, the interface is very simple that even a naive can use it without any difficulty. You can use Snapseed on both mobile as well as PC. Snapseed for PC download needs an emulator for which I have shared the steps. So what are you waiting for, just download it and start editing your photos to make them attractive.



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