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Most users have been working with Microsoft Surface Pro, and few of them have issues regarding ‘Microsoft Surface Pro won’t turn on’ while attempting to turn it on. The Surface Pro from Microsoft is among the most authentic products available in the market. However, the problem has flustered the regular service of its customers, mainly those performing the small task. Here, the problem isn’t restricted to a particular model, i.e., Surface Pro X, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 users have been facing various errors. Surface Pro not turning on has turned out to be a headache for several people.

Most users can’t switch on the Surface Pro, or after switching it off, when they try accessing it, it randomly doesn’t show any response. Few users reported that the issue came up after putting their device into sleep mode. They can see that the keyboard light is turned on, yet there’s no display over the screen. Certainly, this is unknown, and only updates can resolve it. Microsoft released Surface Pro 7 in October 2019, which had multiple changes from its previous models, comprising the 10th gen Intel processors as well as USB C connectivity.

Unfortunately, irrespective of its quality or predecessors’ history, nothing endures forever, and eventually, you’ll require troubleshooting.

Reasons Why a Microsoft Surface Won’t Turn On:

surface pro wont turn on

My surface pro won’t turn on‘ is common for most Microsoft users. Also, it’s natural to go crazy when your high-end device doesn’t turn on, and you’re watching the black display, yet don’t get cheesed off straight away. There are various reasons behind Surface Pro 7 not turning on:

  • Broken power supply
  • Windows is corrupted or won’t run
  • Something is connected with the power supply unit’s charging port.
  • The charging port, power connector, adapter, or/and power cord might be damaged
  • It might have battery problems
  • Broken screen assembly
  • Power Saving Mode is on
  • If you’re working with a Surface Book, then it might be that its keywords are fixed with the screen, making it appear unresponsive.
  • There’s no common hardware problem.
  • It has turned frigid.

As many of the above causes come up in distinct methods, your initial logical step is to know about the symptoms displayed in the device. In case the Surface Pro 7 won’t turn on, and it shows up the below-mentioned symptoms, then you should consider fixing it:

  • Nothing happens after pressing the device’s power button
  • The LED light doesn’t light up
  • The screen continues to stay black
  • The surface logo isn’t visible

How to Fix a Surface Pro That Won’t Turn On?

Follow the below steps for fixing the problem of the Surface laptop won’t turn on

Solutions to Non-System Issues:

Force Restart:

  • You’ve to press + hold the power button for around thirty seconds.
  • The screen might flash, yet don’t release the power button for up to thirty seconds. 
  • Now thumb the power button a second time for turning back on Surface Pro.

Soft Reset Your Surface Device:

When the surface computer gets frozen, or the Surface laptop won’t turn on, a usual method to resolve it is by carrying out a soft reset. It’s a method of forcefully restarting the computer without damaging any programs, settings, or files.

  • Thumb and hold the device’s power button for up to ten seconds.
  • Now release this power button.
  • Again thumb the button for trying to switch on your device.

Switch On Surface Pro Using Hotkeys:

Certain hotkeys help in awakening the Surface Pro system:

  • Tap on the ‘Windows symbol’ + ‘Ctrl’ key + ‘Shift’ key + alphabet ‘B’ key altogether on the keyboard.
  • If you’re utilizing Tablet mode- Microsoft Surface Pro, then press the volume down +volume up button at the same time three times, and you’ve to do this very quickly.
  • Several users have got their issues solved with both these tricks. So you may try it to fix the ‘Surface Pro won’t turn on’ problem. If this doesn’t work, proceed with the next step.

Check The Charger And Charge Your Battery:

  • If you’ve time to charge up your drained battery, then plug in the Surface Pro for about fifteen minutes or even longer. But, of course, it is even more favorable if you do this for an hour. 
  • Few Surface laptops won’t begin even after charging the battery, which has drained. Moreover, ensure that the charger is plugged-in accurately and that the light indicator shows up.

Get Rid Of All Other Surface Accessories:

  • After connecting the power cord, you have to thumb and hold your device’s power toggle for around fifteen seconds. 
  • In case this doesn’t run, then unplug the power cord, thereby trying this again.
  • Hold the volume up + volume down button for about ten seconds until ‘Power Off’ appears over the screen. Then you can release the toggles and wait for a minute ahead of switching on the Surface Pro. 

Solutions to System Issues

  • Activate the System Partition: Generally, Windows may boot only through System Partition, which is set ‘active.’ You must have a single active partition over the hard drive lest you adjust it as ‘Active’ to solve the problem.
  • Carry out a System Restore: The problem becomes more straightforward when you’ve formed a System Restore position. You may execute this for rolling back the windows to the place from where it may boot normally.
  • Adjust MBR: MBR permits the Surface Pro in finding the Windows Operating system, thereby booting it. So when the MBR gets damaged, the Windows shall stop booting. Luckily, you can repair the MBR to restore everything to its normal state.
  • Reinstalling the Windows: Reinstalling Windows 10 shall install the latest Windows 10 version on the Surface Pro device. In addition, it shall restore all the corrupted files of your device which you cannot find.

How to Basic Troubleshoot the Device?

Following are some ways to Basic Troubleshoot the Surface Pro 7 won’t turn on

Check On The Battery:

The primary way is to check the power adapter. It simply might require a reset, or there might be a poor connection. For doing this, follow the below steps:

  • First, unplug the power adapter out of the Surface Connect port.
  • Next, open the power supply out of the electric outlet.
  • Shut off all the USB accessories
  • Wait until ten seconds.
  • Clean all these connections using a soft towel
  • Reconnect the adapter to the Surface Plug-in port, plugging it into the electric outlet.

If these steps don’t function, you might have a faulty battery. In such a case, you’ll need battery replacement.

Forcefully Restart The Microsoft Surface Pro:

  • Forcefully restarting the device can solve the Surface won’t turn on issue. To do this, you’ve to press the power button for thirty seconds and then release it. Then again, after one minute, tap the power button to turn on the device.
  • Next, check whether the Surface is switching on or not. If it doesn’t work, then there lie the possibilities that the power toggle of Surface pro is damaged.
  • It is advisable to look over it and restore this with a new button. When you disconnect a faulty power button, such issues may automatically appear.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

  1. Why Isn’t The Surface Pro System Not Charging?

The problem might have arisen because of several reasons like wholly drained battery and power outage. It’ll only need five minutes to understand that you have a faulty charging cable or more. 

  1. What are the various keyboard combos for awakening the Surface?

You’ve to give a solid thumb to each of the keys, and in case you’re unsure, then try each of the following combos twice:

  • Volume up + volume down button three times instantly
  • Windows key+ Ctrl + Shift + B
  • Windows toggle + P
  1. Where to find the Power toggle on your Surface Pro?

Surface Pro’s power button is situated towards the device screen to the side and the volume button’s left side.

  1. How to resolve my dead Surface Pro?

Thumb and hold your power toggle on the Surface Pro for about thirty seconds, thereby leaving it. Thumb and hold on the power toggle and volume up toggle together for fifteen seconds, then leave both. Your screen might show the Surface logo, yet continue pressing the toggles for at most fifteen seconds.

  1. Why does the Surface Pro continue sleeping?

If this is your problem, you need to adjust the Power settings of Microsoft Pro. Press the shortcut keys WinKey + X together for raising the Power Menu, thereby choosing the power option.

Here, you may change the screen timeout before Surface goes into sleep mode. Adjust the time according to your convenience while it’s plugged in or running upon the battery.


The Surface won’t turn on, or awakening from sleep can be irritating. Yet the solutions elaborated in the article can aid you in solving this problem. If the above steps don’t solve your issue, you may apply for a Microsoft service order to access available replacement or repair choices. You’ve to tap on ‘Device service and Repair,’ thereby registering and choosing the Surface for raising a service order.

However, you need to ensure whether the Service Pro comes under warranty, and also, it is advisable not to carry documents while they are in their favor. Microsoft’s Technical assistant group shall aid you in solving this problem. If your device is under the warranty period, it may even get replaced if it has a manufacturing defect. Don’t panic! This won’t go on long.



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