Who Viewed My Facebook Profile? Who’s Spying On You?

Over the past few years, the rapid advancement of technology has increased the use of social media worldwide. People are addicted to such platforms. Facebook is an open platform and has a huge user base where you can visit other’s profiles. The users share their pictures, text, videos and much other information along with their friends. This is considered to be the best platform to stay in touch with your friends and relatives.

As we know, a coin has two sides. Every other thing has its pros and cons. So, along with its benefits, there is much more to know. People especially your enemies or the ones you envy with, can use your personal information and pictures against you. This is all because of the existence of infinite fake accounts which are created with the intention to hinder others by using private details.

Many such fraudulent cases have been recorded which leads to the life of the person or even the financial loss. So, for the sake of safety and security, people demand a feature to know how to see who viewed my facebook profile. Many of the Facebook users have their hands on LinkedIn which provides this feature. But, no such feature is provided by the official facebook developers. Still, there are some ways to know who viewed my facebook. To know more about this, read the entire article below.

Apps That Claim To Let You See Who Viewed Your Profile:

Sadly, the Facebook does not provide any app that lets you know and see who views your Facebook.  But several third party apps that claim to let me see who viewed my facebook profile. For the sake of safety and security of the Facebook accounts, the users get influenced by such third party apps easily. And, then they install and use up these apps on their device which causes trouble and lands them into a huge scam.

The use of third party apps to know how to see who views your facebook account is never recommended. If you have pre installed any such app, then you need to uninstall it as soon as possible as it may risk the security and privacy of your Facebook account. Once you sign into the app with your Facebook ID and password, the app developers find it easy to get access to your Facebook account and everything along with it.

This might sound strange that what is the reason for the increasing number of such apps? Well, the reasons for it are as follows.

  • To sell your personal data such as likes, preferences etc to the advertising companies to earn a profit.
  • Using these apps, it becomes rather easy for hackers to hack your Facebook account for their personal use.
  • Your facebook profile contains all your purchase settings along with your credit card information and several other sensitive data. App developers get easy access to it in order to steal money from your bank account.
  • Also, all such apps contain Malware, viruses etc that can harm your device.

So if you have installed it already, please change your account’s password, and revoke the app permissions for extra security.

What Can You See About Your Account On Facebook?

What’s the big deal if I cannot know who viewed my Facebook profile? There’s still plenty of information and much more to know about your friends and followers using the native tools provided right in front of the screen. Let’s discuss the things you could actually see about your Facebook profile.

See Your Friendship:

Using the “see friendship” feature, you can see all the interactions you’ve had with a particular friend by going to the friend’s profile. All you need to do is to click on the 3 dots available on the right of the screen. Then click on “see friendship”. This will give you all the details regarding how long you have been friends with each other, your photos together, the posts you’re tagged in and many more.

Activity Log:

You have the benefit to check your entire activity log on your Facebook profile. You can see the interactions you’ve done with your friends, all the searches you’ve made, newly added friends, your likes and reactions on the post, and so on. To check it, click on the three dots icon in the drop down menu, and select “activity Log” as shown in the image.

People Who Viewed Your Facebook Page:

If you run an online business via Facebook pages, then you have the best opportunity to check the reach of your business page using the insight feature. You can see the likes, views and actions your page has got. This feature is not available on your Facebook profile. To check it, you need to go to your Facebook page. You will find multiple options on the left side of the page. Click on “Insight” and this will display the complete analysis of your Facebook page.

Review Your Timeline:

You can review the timeline of your Facebook profile. You can see all the posts or photos you’re tagged in.

See Who Viewed Your Facebook Pages:

Some people run Facebook pages to promote their business and enterprise. Although, you don’t know how to see who viewed your Facebook profile, but at least the Facebook provides an option where you can know about, who all viewed your Facebook pages.

You can do this by using the ‘Insight’ option available on the top of the screen. This insight option helps you to provide all the information related to the page, such as the number of views, likes, followers, engagement on the page. There are many other options that show interesting information about how your page is helpful and interacting with the viewers. They are as follows:

  • Likes- It shows all the number of likes your page has received.
  • Views- The number of people who actually visited your page and viewed its content.
  • Reach- It shows the number of people who have seen your page at least once.
  • Page Preview- Number of people who hovered over the links available on your page to view the page preview content.
  • Action- It shows the number of people who took an action by visiting the websites mentioned on your page.

Although, the users may not be able to see the names of the people who viewed their profile, but they get an option to view the data using demographics to study the analysis.

This study shows the country, gender and other details of the viewers and the visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

There are several questions asked by the users related to their Facebook profiles. We have enlisted some of the common questions to help you.

Q. How to see who looks at your Facebook profile?

A. There is no such feature or app to let you know who viewed my facebook profile. But still, there are several methods you can use to know this.

  • Using some IOS apps
  • Using google chrome extension
  • Manually find out who viewed my facebook profile

Q. Is it safe to use third-party apps to see who views your Facebook?

A. As already mentioned, it is neither safe nor helpful to use such third-party apps to know who viewed your Facebook. As they contain a virus, malware etc. that may harm your device.

Q. How to keep my Facebook profile safe from stalkers?

A. To add extra safety and security to your Facebook profile, you need to have a strong password that includes upper case, lower case, and the numbers as well. Also, you can use a 2-factor authentication feature that provides more safety to your account. If anyone tries to log in to your account, you will get an SMS on your phone number. The person cannot log in to your profile without your permission.

Q. How to lock your facebook profile?

A. Facebook provides an amazing feature to lock your profile so that it can be safe from unknown viewers. Follow the steps below to lock your Fcaebook profile.

  • Open your profile on the Facebook app.
  • Click on the three-dot menu icon available next to the “Add to your story option”.
  • You will see a lock your profile option. Click on it and you will see a page that contains all the information regarding it.
  • Now you will get a pop-up message, “you locked your profile” and you’re done.

Q. What is the benefit of locking your profile?

A. Locking your profile keeps your account safe from outsiders. They can neither see your profile picture nor your friends or your activities. Thus, it is necessary to stay safe and away from hackers and stalkers.


At last but not least, all we want is the safety of all the readers who ended up reading this article. We hope, this has proven to be advantageous and of great use to you. Here we have tried to provide you with all the information to help you to know how to see who viewed your Facebook. There are certain features provided by Facebook for IOS apps. On the other hand, android users need to wait to get access to the recent features. If you come across any third party app providing you with the guarantee to let you know how to see who views your facebook, in such case, it is advisable to stay away and report them before you link your facebook account with it to avoid disclosure of your profile’s details and password. Also is you have any queries, feel free to ask us.



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