How To Fix The Windows 10 0xc000021a Error Code? [2021 Updated]

The error code 0xc000021a Windows 10 is the most common issue faced by the users. It is also known as the blue screen of death “BSOD” and is used to display the stop code of your system, at times when your system does not respond. The error is found in the Windows OS whenever it detects any sort of modification in your system. 

Microsoft often works for the betterment of its products. It releases several stable updates to enhance the workflow and to resolve the existing issues. However, some of the updates for Windows 10 often create obstacles for the users. The updates sometimes pave the way for the windows 10 error 0xc00021a code. By the time you update your Windows, you may probably encounter this error.

The errors occur at various instances, like when you install a new program or have unclear registries. The stop code 0xc00021a is problematic as the user can no longer work on their device. There lies a heap of statements that a user is unable to understand. Receiving a 0xc000021a loop of error code indicates that your system has crashed. After this, you will be unable to boot your device and access the data. 

When your peripheral devices start connecting with the startup process, the BSOD error is more likely to get into your system.

We have encountered multiple cases where the user is unaware of the BSOD error and thinks of ways to fix it. We will discuss all of this in detail.

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Cause Of Stop Code 0xc000021a In Windows 10:

The Windows 10 error 0xc00021a is the most common error faced by the users of Windows 10. How does the error code 0xc000021a windows 10 originate? Here are some common causes of the stop code 0xc00021a that would be helpful to examine the error more closely. 

  • WINLOGON File: As the name itself suggests the importance of this file. The WINLOGON file is used to perform login and log-out operations for your Windows Operating System. Whenever this file undergoes any sort of damage, your PC happens to reboot itself. Within the process, some of the system files and other third-party applications may cause damage to the winlogon.exe file which in turn causes windows 10 0xc000021a error code.
  • Incompatible Applications: Downloading a few third-party applications is one of the causes of the 0xc000021a loop. This happens due to the incompatibility of these applications as they may not support your Windows OS. 
  • Corrupted Device Drivers: Whenever you use an outdated or improper configured device driver, there is a possibility that Windows 10 0xc000021a may attack your device.
  • Damaged Windows Registry: The corrupted or damaged Windows registry often leads to the cause of windows 10 error 0xc00021a. Damage in the registry is caused due to the improper cleaning of the registry after uninstalling an application. 
  • Unknown External Devices: sometimes the connected external devices also cause the occurrence of an error. This happens due to damaged or interrupted devices which on interacting with your Windows leads to some unhealthy errors.
  • CSRSS File: The other internal file is the CSRSS file that imparts the 0xc000021a windows 10 error code on being damaged. They can either be damaged due to the Windows updates or some other reason.
  • Insufficient System Partition: At times when our system partition has insufficient free disk space, it lacks performance. The OS requires proper storage space to perform the required tasks and to access data. If this condition is not fulfilled, then your system is more likely to get a 0xc000021a loop error code.

Methods To Fix Windows 10 0xc000021a Error Code:

Once your system has been subjected to the error code 0xc000021a Windows 10, there is no chance of going back. The error will not allow you to enter your system. There is a way through which you can save your device from this error. Resetting your device is one way to get rid of this issue. But this is quite impractical. 

There are a bunch of ways to fix the stop code 0xc00021a error in a few minutes. Use any of the below troubleshooting solutions to remove the error code from your device.

Start The Windows In Safe Mode:

The first and the easiest way to remove the windows 10 error 0xc00021a code from your Windows system is through the Safe mode. This mode is a secured booting environment that helps to disable all the components causing the error. Here are the steps to do so.

  • Launch the Windows troubleshooting through the boot sequence window. Hold on to the window thrice to open it.
  • On this window, click on “Troubleshoot”, then go to “Advanced options, and under this window click on the “Startup settings”.

0xc000021a windows 10

  • Now, restart your device through the option available.
  • The next step is to activate the Safe mode. Use the F5 key for this.

windows 10 error 0xc00021a

  • Your system should now be restarted automatically. If this process does not happen, use the F4 key to enable the safe mode without a networking facility.

Start your device and you will notice that your system has removed the error code.

Clean Boot Your Windows 10:

If you have successfully done the safe windows procedure, you can now boot your system to make all your changes to be permanent. This will completely troubleshoot the stop code 0xc00021a error present in your device. Following are the steps to boot your PC.

  • Firstly, start your device in safe mode.
  • Now open the system configuration. The shortcut for this is, press Window key + R, then type MSConfig and click “Enter”
  • Under the system configuration window, select the General tab and click on and then click on the Selective Startup option.

error code 0xc000021a windows 10

  • Below this, there are two choices, uncheck both the Load system service and Load startup items. Later on, click the “Apply” button.
  • After this, go to the Startup tab and then open the Task Manager.

0xc000021a loop

  • All your applications will be displayed on the screen. Click on the applications with “enable” written in front of it. Click on it and disable the application. Perform this for all the enabled applications.

stop code 0xc00021a

  • Once done, restart your computer and check that the error has been fixed.

Replace All Corrupted Registry Hive Files With Backups:

Whenever your device tries to access the editor configuration of your registry files, then having corrupted registry files may affect the working of your PC. You may then have to restart your PC which will throw an error code. To overcome this situation, it is necessary to replace all the corrupted files with their backups. 

Once you have entered the safe mode, all your corrupted files can be replaced through File Explorer. And if you haven’t done it, then continue performing this operation through Command Prompt under the Windows Registry Environment. To reach the Windows Registry environment, use the Windows Installation USB or any other disc that contains the installation files of your Windows version. Soon after this, follow the below steps to continue. 

  • Firstly, insert your USB or disc containing the Windows installation file into the affected device. 
  • Now, restart your device to enter the BIOS in it. You can use the Delete, F2, ESC, or other combination of keys to perform this task.
  • Later on, you have to set your USB or disc for the first boot and then follow the on-screen instructions mentioned over the BIOS Window.
  • Save all these changes and exit the Window.
  • Go to the Windows Recovery Environment by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Under the recovery environment, click on “Repair your Computer” => Troubleshoot=> Command Prompt.
  • In the command prompt, type c: and then press “Enter” to continue the process.
  • After this, type “cd windows\system32\config”  in the next line and again click “Enter”. 

windows 10 0xc000021a

  • Again type dir and click “Enter”. This command will display all the files and folders available in the directory.
  • For all the displayed files on the screen, type the “System System. old” command where the system represents the actual file of your directory.
  • The next step is to create backups for the directories. Rename the current files, type “cd RegBack” and then click “Enter”.
  • Now for the second time, type dir and click “enter”. Once you see the entire list of all the existing files and folders, move ahead to the next steps.
  • Again type the below commands and press enter after each one of them.


copy /Y SAM

copy /Y SYSTEM

  • The last step is to keep all the registry hives in the renamed folders. Close the command prompt and exit the Windows recovery environment.
  • You can now restart your PC to view the fixed error.

Update Your Windows Drivers:

Sometimes, the pending updates may also result in the error code 0xc000021a windows 10. Hence, it is always recommended to keep your Windows drivers updated to the latest version to avoid the occurrence of this error code. Here’s how you can update them.

  • In the start menu, search for the control panel and click on it to open the window.
  • Scroll down the entire menu under the panel and navigate the “Windows update” section in it.
  • As you enter the Windows update option, you will see the device manager option that includes all the information related to your Windows drivers.
  • If any of your drivers show an error sign, this is an indication that you have some updates pending.
  • Right-click on these drivers and click on “Update driver software”. 

stop code 0xc00021a

  • The drivers will now start updating. Wait for them to perform the task.
  • Repeat the same process for all the outdated drivers.
  • Once they are updated, close all the tabs, and your drivers are now updated.
  • You can even set the drivers to update “Automatically”. For this, go to the “Change settings” option located on the left side of the Window.
  • Under the drop-down menu, select the “Install Updates Automatically” option.
  • Click on “OK” to save the required changes. And here you are done with the process.

Run The SFC Scan Tool:

The Windows System file checker is an in-built tool in all the Windows OS. It is used to repair all the corrupted files and prevent your system from triggering BSOD. This is yet another solution to fix the windows 10 0xc000021a error code appearing on your system. Here are the steps to perform.

  • Go to the start menu and search for the Command prompt.

0xc000021a loop

  • Right-click on the application to open a menu. From this, click on “Run as Administrator”.
  • The command prompt window will appear on the screen where you have to type “sfc/scannow”. Then click Enter.

error code 0xc000021a windows 10

  • The scanning process will now start. Wait till the verification is completely done. You will get a message when it is 100% done.

NOTE- If the tool does not display any integrity in the system files, it means that there is no corrupted file present. And if it does not perform the scanning procedure, try doing it in safe mode.

Uninstall Third-party Applications:

Not every third-party application is trusted and should be used. Several applications are designed to work on specific operating systems only. Likewise, if you have a few applications that do not support your system, they may conflict with each other. These applications may crash your device and your device will encounter error code 0xc000021a Windows 10 code. Therefore, it is better to uninstall those applications. Follow the steps to uninstall them.

  • Launch your Windows 10 in a safe mode to avoid inconvenience.
  • Go to the start button, right-click on it and click on the “Apps and features” option.

windows 10 error 0xc00021a

  • Now, sort all the applications by their installing date. Click on “Sort by”=> “Install date”.

0xc000021a windows 10

  • Uninstall the application through the option given on the right side of the window.

windows 10 0xc000021a

  • Follow the same process for all the recently installed applications.
  • Once done, boot your device and you will notice that your device is now free from the 0xc000021a loop code.

Reinstall Windows OS:

In case, none of the above methods has fixed the 0xc000021a windows 10 error code, then you can try it by reinstalling your Windows. To reinstall Windows, perform the following steps.

  • First, you need to create a bootable USB drive. Use the Windows 10 media creation tool to do this. You can download the tool from the Microsoft store.
  • The drive is to be created using a working device.

stop code 0xc00021a

  • Once the USB drive is created, insert it into the affected device. Press Delete and F2 key, this will enter the BIOS in the device. Now, you have to set the USB drive as a preference for the first boot device. Then boot the drive carefully.
  • As soon as your system has booted the USB drive, the Windows screen will appear with some fields.
  • In the fields mentioned over the screen, fill the entries such as the language, time and currency format, and keyboard input. Once done, click next.

0xc000021a loop

  • The next option should be followed by the “Install now” option.

error code 0xc000021a windows 10

  • Let the Windows OS install, follow the on-screen instructions to perform the other tasks. Once the window is done installing, sign in with your account.
  • The new Windows will be free from the error code.

Recover The Missing Data:

As already discussed, Winlogon and the CSRSS are the two most important system files. Thus, in any of the cases, if your system lacks the presence of either of the two files, your system may catch the error. To fix this issue, we have a method in which you can recover the missing data.

For this, you need the Minitool partition wizard that helps to recover the missing data. Here are the steps to get your data.

  • Reboot your device with the help of a bootable drive and set it as the first boot device.
  • Then enter the Minitool loader. Click on the Mini tool partition wizard and launch the application.

windows 10 error 0xc00021a

  • Now, visit the home page of the tool as shown in the image given below.

0xc000021a windows 10

  • Click on Disk, then on the Data recovery option.
  • Now you can choose between the Logical drive, lost partition, and the hard disk. Here we are using a “Hard disk”. 
  • Click on scan to continue ahead.
  • A new window will display the entire scanning process that is taking place.
  • Once the scanning is done, select the files and click on save.
  • The next step is to select the location where you want the files to be restored. It is advised not to select the same location where the files were located earlier. This may damage the files. After selecting, click “OK”.
  • Soon after, the processing will start. The program will then set all the recovered files to the required destination. Wait for it.

windows 10 0xc000021a

  • Once the process is over, all your files will be recovered immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Listed below are the most common queries arising in the minds of the user. Have a glance at them.

  • How do the external devices cause error code 0xc000021a Windows 10?

Your external devices have a high risk of getting the error code on your device. The peripheral devices happen to interfere with the internal processing of your device which in turn originates the error in your device. However, it is recommended to unplug this device to stop getting the error. If the error disappears, then that device is the only cause.

  • Which method should I use to fix the 0xc000021a windows 10 error code on my PC?

All the above methods are completely safe and secured to use. They do not harm your device in either of the processes. They only use your device’s internal processor and help you to get rid of this error code.

  • How to deal with the stop code 0xc00021a?

Whenever you face the error code 0xc000021a windows 10 on your device, it is necessary to eliminate it from your system. To remove the error, we have enlisted some of the best ways that will help you in the process. You can use any of the above methods for this.

  • Can I fix the error code using the DSIM command?

Yes, the DSIM command is another method through which the error code can be eliminated. DSIM stands for Deployment ImageServicing and Management tool.

Open the command prompt and type: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth command and complete the process. Restart the system and your error has been fixed.


Hopefully, by now your BSOD error has been fixed. No one will ever think of getting stuck in any such situation. The BSOD errors are known to harm your device once entered. Fortunately, this article aimed to impart sufficient knowledge to the users who have been facing this issue. The causes and the solutions to fix the stop code 0xc00021a error have been discussed above. All the above methods are reliable and have been used by millions of users globally. By using either of the methods, you can repair your Windows system and can protect your data. We hope these solutions will help you out to rescue your files safely and efficiently.



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