What Is Windows BT And How To Delete It?

Our systems usually have unwanted folders and files, which can affect the overall performance of the system. It is necessary to remove such files and folders timely to make the system work efficiently. Windows BT is one such folder that gets saved in the system where OS gets installed. The folder gets created when you upgrade your system to Windows 10 and takes enough space on the hard disk, thus affects the performance. These folders are said to be the backup or temporary folders and are present in the hidden state. In order to view the folder, you need to change the setting to unhide the hidden files and folders.

If you have recently upgraded your system to Windows 10 and facing the issue of space on your hard disk or getting errors due to the unwanted installed folders and files present in your system, you need to remove the $Windows. BT folder. Know all the details about the $Windows BT Windows 10 folder and how you can make your system free of such unwanted files. Let us get started by knowing what the $Windows. BT folder is.

What Is the $Windows.~BT Folder?

When the users upgrade their Windows operating system to Windows 10 or a new build of Windows 10, the files and folders related to the older version get stored in the $Windows.~BT folder along with the log files to help in troubleshooting. $Windows.~BT is the hidden folder present on the root drive where the installation of Windows 10 has occurred. 

The folders and files get saved in $Windows.BT folder makes sure users can roll back the Windows OS to the previous version. But if you delete this folder, it will not be possible to restore OS to the older version. However, it takes space in gigabytes that too in the drive with OS installed. The folder can get deleted, though the process to delete is not that straightforward. In this article, you will learn the steps to delete the folder and save that space occupied by this folder.

Should I Delete the $Windows.~BT Folder?

Windows BT is the temporary folder that gets created when you upgrade Windows to the latest build of Windows 10. These folders are hidden and can be seen by checking the checkbox with the text ‘Show hidden files’ under the View tab in C  Drive. Once you enable the option to view hidden files, you can see two folders, i.e., $Windows.~BT and $Windows.~WS. But the question is whether you should delete the folder $Windows~BT. There is no harm in keeping this folder on your PC unless you are not short of space on your hard disk. That is because the space occupied by the $Windows BT folder is around 625 MB, and by $Windows WS is almost 5.65 GB. Hence, you can reclaim enough space by deleting these folders.

There is one benefit of keeping the folder on your system. The benefit is that the files and folders are present inside the $Windows. BT folder can let you roll back to the older version of Windows. But if you delete the folder, you won’t be able to restore to the previous version. Hence, you can delete the folder if you are sure that you do not need to move your system to the older OS version of Windows. Let us see the method to delete the Windows BT folder.

How to Check If You Have a $Windows.~BT Folder?

Before you follow the steps to delete the Windows BT folder, first, you need to know if your system has this folder. As the folder is present as a hidden folder, you need to do the settings to make the hidden files and folders unhide. Follow the below steps to see if your computer has a $Windows.BT folder.

Step1: Click on the Start option and then search the Folder Options. Select the File Explorer Option from the search result.

Step2: Select the View tab on the File Explorer Options dialog thus opened.

Step3: Choose the option Show hidden files, folders, and drives under Advanced Settings > Files and Folders > Hidden files and folders. First, click the Apply button and then the OK button to save the changes.

Step4: Open the drive where Windows is present on your PC. If the restore backup is available on your system, the Windows BT folder will get displayed. $Windows. BT takes around 5 to 6 GB of space on your PC.

How to Delete the $Windows.~BT Folder?

Windows BT folder deletion is not direct as we delete any other folder by right-clicking on the folder and selecting the Delete option. To delete the Windows BT folder, a disk cleanup tool gets used. Follow the steps below to delete the Windows BT folder.

Step1: Open the Search bar and type cleanmgr and open Disk Cleanup. System scan will start.

Step2: Click on the Cleanup system files option on the app and let the scan complete.

Step3: A number of options will appear in the list. Check the below options:

  • Temporary files
  • Temporary Windows installation files
  • Windows upgrade cleanup
  • Windows upgrade log files
  • Previous Windows installation

Step4: Click on the OK button. All the setup, log files, and installation-related files will get deleted from the Windows BT folder.

Now check whether the $Windows-BT folder gets deleted. If the folder is still present, right-click on the folder and click on the Delete option. The remaining files in the folder will get deleted manually by right-clicking.

Follow the steps if you do not have the permissions to access the $Windows~BT folder:

There is a possibility that you get an error message due to the lack of permissions. If you do not have the permissions, and you getting the error, you need to delete the folder using Command Prompt. Follow the below steps:

Step1: Open the Search bar and type cmd, and select Run as administrator.

Step2: A pop-up will open asking for access. Click on the Yes option.

Type “takeown /F C:\$Windows.~BT /R /A” and click Enter button.

Type “icacls C:\$Windows.~BT\*.* /T /grant administrators:F” and click Enter button.

Type “rmdir /S /Q C:\$Windows.~BT\” and click Enter button.

Now the Windows BT folder will get deleted completely. Also, replace C $Windows.BT with the drive in which the OS is installed.

Handling Remaining Files in the $Windows.~BT Folder

Once you have successfully deleted the $Windows BT folder following the steps shared in this article, you might have saved enough space on your system. It is possible that the folder is still present in the root directory. It might be because of the setup files or log files present in this folder. You can delete them manually and get rid of the folder completely.

To delete the folder, right-click on the $Windows-BT folder and click on the Delete option. It will remove the remaining files and the folder itself. In case you do not have the permissions to delete the folder, run the below commands as an administrator in the command prompt:

Takeown /F C:\$Windows.~BT\* /R /A

icacls C:\$Windows.~BT\*.* /T /grant administrators:F 

rmdir /S /Q C:\$Windows.~BT\

You can replace C:/ drive with the drive where your $Windows~BT folder is present.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Is it safe to delete the Windows BT folder from the system?

A: Yes, it is completely safe to delete the Windows BT folder from the system. The deletion will not harm your PC. You can keep the folder if, in the future, you want to roll back to the previous OS version. Otherwise, you can remove the folder following the steps shared in this article and reclaim the space taken by this folder.

Q2: What will happen if I delete the $Windows-BT folder from my PC?

A: If you delete the Windows BT folder from your PC, it will save you around 5 to 6 GB of space, thus improving the system performance. Also, you will lose the backup files to restore your system to the previous version of the OS.

Q3: I followed the steps shared in this article to delete the $Windows~BT folder, but the folder is still present.

A: It might be possible that log files remain in the folder even after you follow the steps to remove the Windows BT folder. In that case, the folder will still remain in the drive. Run the commands mentioned in this article to handle the remaining files in the Windows BT folder and get rid of the folder completely.

Q4: I tried following the steps to delete the $Windows-BT folder, but I am getting the error and unable to access the Windows BT folder.

A: If you do not have access to the Windows BT folder, delete the folder using the command prompt. Steps and the commands for the same have been shared in this article. Follow those steps and remove the C $Windows.BT folder.

Q5: My system is working very slowly due to the less memory available on my system. How to free the space on my PC?

A: There are some unwanted files and folders present in our system that occupies a large space and affects the overall system performance. Windows BT folder is one such temporary folder that is present as a hidden folder in our system and takes around 5 GB of space. You can delete that folder and reclaim the 5GB space.

Final Verdict:

This article was all about the Windows BT folder. I have explained the different methods and tricks to get rid of these unwanted and installed files. I hope the article was helpful and informative to you clearing all your doubts about deleting the $Windows~BT folder. I have also tried to resolve the general questions through Frequently Asked Questions. You can get in touch if you still have any queries.



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