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The security and safety of our homes have been our priority from ancient times. As technology is being advanced day by day, our living and lifestyle have changed a lot. To make sure that our home is safe while we are physically away, most of the people these days; install various safety devices at home, reassuring safety. Wyze App for PC is one of the best solutions to get rid of this fear.

It is the best surveillance handy app having a crystal clear camera quality, which makes sure of our security and safety. It gives a closer look and also can be used as a video camera. In this article, let me discuss all the mandatory details about the installation and usage of the Wyze Cam app for PC.

What is Wyze App?

Wyze App is a platform to operate different personal and home devices. You can handle all your devices easily by Wyze App and automate your place or home. Wyze App also hosts Wyze Cam, which is a security camera with top-notch quality providing security to your home, shop, etc. It has been one of the best security providers for a long time. Though there are several options for surveillance cameras available in the market, Wyze Cam is highly reliable. It comes with the Wyze Cam app that can be installed on mobile or Windows PC.

With Wyze Cam App, you can see the footage on your mobile device or PC, wherever you have installed this app. You can track what is going on at your home while you are physically away. Thus, Wyze Cam provides better security to your home. The app is easy to install and use, providing you security at reasonable rates. However, it is available for Android devices, but with the help of an emulator, you can also install it on Windows PC. Read this article to learn the steps to install and use this app on your PC.

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Using Wyze App as your security application can solve all of your problems. As of latest update, it has filter intelligence and can control your home wireless by being at anywhere.  

Most trusted app for security. Wyze’s affordable price points finally make it reasonable to connect and automate your home.

Wyze App for PC Features

Wyze App consists of various amazing and beautiful features, which include automation motion tracking, full pan, 8 x zoom, and more. Let me give you a brief idea of these unusual features.

  1. Stylish camera 


The design of the camera is good looking. It is sleek and manageable, unlike other surveillance cameras with a ball-shaped body. The camera has a high capability to tilt, to give you a closer look. Also, it can rotate both horizontally and vertically at 360 degrees and 93 degrees, respectively. In addition to that, Wyze cam can be placed vertically anywhere, as it has no mounting problems.


  1. 8X zoom and live streaming


The Wyze cam comes with 8 time’s digital zoom and also offers live stream surveillance. The images produced are full HD giving clear pictures in the app. Also, the cam has a lens with 120 degrees angle and a 3.5 mm focal length.


  1. Intelligent security


The Wyze app provides very intelligent and smart surveillance providing you the complete security and protection. The Wyze cam has a motion detection feature that can capture every small thing making any movement in your house. Thus, you can rely on your Wyze app for getting all the captured motions, with the smoke detecting a feature of Wyze cam.


Thus you can detect anything unusual with your Wyze app, thus getting the smart surveillance for your home. Wyze Cam also has some additional settings, such as adjusting the sensitive motor controls, timestamp watermark, and rotating the picture image for an upside-down view. You will never run out of storage with this app, as it has the options of cloud storage and micro SD card.



  1. Night vision for darkness surveillance


Wyze Cam consists of six infrared LEDs helping to give a maximum of 30 feet of vision at night. Thus, you will get the HD clarity surveillance even in the complete darkness that most of the surveillance cameras lack. Wyze Cam has detecting features such as F2.3 aperture and IR-CUT.


  1. Smart Sound Recognition


The Wyze Cam detects sound patterns that occur in the case of CO monitors and smoke alarms. The camera sends you alerts on to your mobile device at the time of such an emergency, so that you can take quick action.


  1. Two-Way Audio


The Wyze Cam has two-way audio using which you can communicate with anyone near your surveillance device. This is because Wyze cam has built-in microphones and speakers giving it a two-way audio feature.


Of course, Wyze cam has amazing features providing you the best security, but you will need Wyze Cam apps to control. Wyze Cam has no official app for PC. No need to worry even if you do not have a Smartphone or a tablet, or you want to use this app on your PC, as we have the alternative for you.


Below is the step-by-step guide on how you can download and install the Wyze Cam App for PC.

How to Download and Install Wyze App for PC Windows 10/8/7?

To control the Wyze Cam and see its video footage, you need to install an accompanying Wyze app. For this, you would need the official app for Wyze cam. However, the app is for android devices only, but with the help of an android emulator such as Bluestacks, xeplayer, or Nox All Player, the Wyze app can be installed and used on PC or computer.

With the help of an android emulator, the Wyze app gets available to use on PC with Windows 10/8/7. Below are the steps to install the android emulator and then install the Wyze app. 

I will be explaining the steps to use Bluestacks as an android emulator?

Step 1: Download and install Bluestacks on your PC. The Bluestacks is free to use, and its setup is available on its official website given below:


After downloading the setup, simply install it and open it.

wyze app for pc

Step 2: Sign up on Bluestacks with your email id and then log in. Click on register to create the account and then submit the form.

wyze app for pc

Step 3: The next step is to get the Wyze app for PC download. The emulator needs the .apk file of the Wyze app before you would be able to download and install the app. You can search the Wyze app in Bluestacks emulator and import the .apk file of the Wyze app.

Step 4: Right-click on the .apk file to run it, using Bluestacks and the file will get converted into the usable app format, which you can install on your computer. Now you are all set to use the Wyze app on your computer or PC and get all the footage of your Wyze Cam and get complete surveillance.

wyze app for pc

The Wyze app will appear as an icon on your PC. Just double click on the Wyze app icon to use the app.

How to Use Wyze App for PC?

There are three basic requirements for using the Wyze app:

  • Wyze cam installed
  • Wyze app installed on your PC
  • Internet connection

Follow the below steps to set up your PC with your Wyze cam

  • Create an account on Wyze app

Once you have mounted the Wyze cam and installed the Wyze app for PC download using the above steps, you are ready to use the app. Open the app and create your account. Click on Sign up, enter your email address and password two times, and click on the Continue button. Follow the other instructions that appear on the screen, and the account gets created.

  • Plug-in camera with the help of provided USB cable

Plug-in the camera with the USB cable provided with the Wyze app. Check the LED light on your Wyze cam. If the LED light is yellow, it means your camera has power. If the LED light starts flashing, it indicates that Wyze cam is ready for the setup. Now disconnect the camera from the power plug and insert the one end of the USB cable at the back on Wyze cam and another end to the USB port of your PC.

  • Add a new device to the Wyze app

Now click on the ‘New Device’ that appears in the center of the app and select the Wyze cam to connect. Meanwhile, press and hold the Setup present at the bottom of the camera until a beep sound appears. Click on the ‘Next’ button on the app.

  • Enter Wi-Fi details to connect to the network

Enter the name and password of your Wi-Fi network and then click on the Next button.

Thus your setup is done, and you are ready to see all the Wyze cam footage on the Wyze app.

  • LED lights on Wyze cam

The LED lights give indications of the working of your Wyze cam. A solid yellow light indicates that your Wyze cam is power on and is initializing. The flashing yellow light indicates that your Wyze cam is ready to connect to your PC. The flashing yellow and blue lights indicate that the connection of Wyze Cam to the PC is in progress. The flashing blue light means that your Wyze cam is connected now and is finishing the setup. The solid blue light of LED indicates that your Wyze cam is working well.

  • Moving your Wyze Cam to another place

You can comfortably move your Wyze cam to some other place. You simply unplug it and mount it at some other place and plug it again. Once power on, the Wyze cam will connect to the Wi-Fi network automatically. You can also change the Wi-Fi to connect to your Wyze cam. If you want to add another PC to your Wyze Cam after mounting your Wyze cam to another place, you will have to click on Home tab and then click on ‘+’ (plus sign) present at the top left corner of your app. Then select ‘Add Device’ and start the new setup.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

If you still have the questions, then please go through the below frequently asked questions, I am sure that you will get all the queries resolved from these FAQs.

Q1: Is it possible to use the Wyze app without the internet?

A: No, it is not possible to use the Wyze cam app without the internet. You would need a properly working internet to use the app.

Q2: Can we use Wyze App on Mac PC?

A: Yes, but you need to find out the steps for Using this app on Mac PC

Q3: Can I directly find Wyze App on Google Play Store on PC?

A: No, it can’t be found on Google Play Store in PC as Wyze App has only the mobile version. To use this app on PC, you need to import the .apk file of the Wyze App from the emulator.

Q4: Can we use the Wyze camera outside?

A: Of course yes, Wyze Cam can be used outside.


The Wyze Cam App for PC provides amazing features and performance, which normally can’t be found in other models. It provides excellent surveillance, a great app, and top-notch image quality that can work well even in the complete darkness. The Wyze Cam comes with the in-built speaker and microphone, which help you to connect easily with your kids through this app.

One interesting thing about this app is you do not need any technician for operating the camera. If you are looking for the best safety solution for your shop, home, or any other place, you just need to install Wyze Cam App for PC. I assure you that you won’t regret investing in it. The Wyze App for PC would be the best choice for you.



My name is Sean and I started this project in 2020. It has been growing ever since. I am a serial tech entrepreneur and a tech geek. My experience in blogging and technology helps me understand what type of content people are looking for and I intend to provide the information in the best possible way.

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