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Building a house is easy. But maintaining the house and making sure the family is safe from the outside world is necessary. From ancient times dogs were a medium of security with whom the residents felt safe. And ever since there is the advent of technology in history, people are more aware of the uses of different products for the safety of their homes. The use of surveillance cameras or CCTVs and monitoring apps has been very effective for knowing the trespassers into the property. Also, when a user wants to secure their business and monitor the happenings, they tend to rely on security cameras. 

wyze app for pc

Security cameras not only provide a live stream of the periphery but also record it for the future. So, when there is something wrong while the residents are unaware or not at home, then the CCTV footage can be used later to identify the culprit. It is a very great initiative to install safety devices at home and CCTV cameras are one of the widely used devices for the same. And to maintain these cameras, the user needs an application. This is where the Wyze app for PC comes in.

What is Wyze App?

wyze cam app for pc

It is one of the most advanced and handy apps which ensures the privacy and security of the users. Wyze Cam is the camera capable of capturing high-quality surveillance footage with its well-equipped gears and security cams. It is a very popular choice amongst those users who wants an easy-to-use surveillance camera.

It also can be used to record normal videos, but it is widely used as a surveillance device. Wyze cam comes with the free Wyze app for PC making it a very popular option in the market from all other camera devices. It helps the user maintain the safety of their house with smart technology. To get the security footage, one simply has to login into the Wyze app on their PC and then enter the date and time they want to review. The app will automatically show them the footage of the same date and time.

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Wyze App for PC Features

The Wyze cam app for PC does provide a variety of features such as super zoom in the app, 360 degrees pan, AI motion tracking as well as other important uses. Some of the most important features of the Wyze app for PC are:

High-Resolution Image

The cam app comes with a full HD plus 1080p video recording support which is the highest image resolution considering this price range. The focal length of the lens is 2.88 mm with a wide-angle view of 110 degrees. It also has a CMOS sensor with an aperture of ½.9″. These all features allow the user to see every detail about the video of the camera. The better the details, the easier it is for the user to perform the surveillance work. The images are very clear making it a very satisfactory application.

Two-Way Audio

Sometimes features such as two-way audio are necessary when the user needs to communicate with the people or pet in the frame of the camera. The Wyze app lets the user speak to the people in the room or office and receive their responses as well. So, this facility from the app eliminates the need for a video call.

Sound Recognition

The camera is also capable of recognizing different kinds of sound when paired with the Wyze app. These sounds include sound patterns such as CO monitors or smoke alarms. After recognizing such sounds, the app automatically sends the user a notification and the footage of the event attached so that the user can act faster to prevent any misfortune.

AI Motion Detection And Intelligent Security

One of the most promising features of this cam app along with the proper hardware is that it can smartly monitor as well as detect motion happening in the periphery. The app lets the user receive alerts and notifications from the camera itself when there is any suspicious movement of a person or object in the home. It is very capable of recognizing different movements and lets the user instantly go through the video of such happenings right away.

With these smart controls, the user can feel safe for their home and ensure that there is nothing wrong in the periphery. Inside the Wyze app, there are other useful features such as adjusting the sensitive controls of the motor, image rotation, and timestamp watermark. There is also an option for cloud storage in the app where the user can directly upload the footage from the camera to the cloud.

Night Vision With Accuracy

All the fancy cameras that are available in the market and come with an app don’t meet the requirements of the user. They promise to deliver clear night vision but fail to do so. This is where the Wyze app comes in handy. Along with its proper hardware support, this provides sharp as well as crystal clear videos both for recording as well as live streaming through the app.

The IR-CUT filter that comes with the camera makes it a good companion for the app providing very clear night mode images. Along with all these, the app is also capable of recording visuals up to 30 feet in full dark mode.

Crystal Clear Live Stream With 8x Zoom

The images captured in the live stream of this application are very clear and the 8x super digital zoom provides good quality with the finest details even when zoomed to the farthest. No detail is missed with such capable features. With the help of the live streaming feature, the user can see every activity by placing the camera anywhere in their home or office and connect to the Wyze app.

The Wyze app also provides a pan mode so that the user can experience the wide-angle view of the room they want to monitor on. The CMOS sensor helps a lot when the user wants to capture the face or object in the video with proper details.

How to Download & Install Wyze App For PC Windows 10 / 8 /7?

The user must keep in mind that they need an android emulator to run this app on their PC. Some of the best emulators for this purpose are Bluestacks, Nox App Player, or Xeplayer. This app will eventually help the user to run the software in Windows 10 or 8 or 7. One simply can follow the following steps to download and install the app on their PC:

Download and Install Emulator

The first thing that the user should do is to install an android emulator on their PC. Several emulators are available in the market to fulfill such requirements. The user simply has to go to the Microsoft store or any website and type the word emulator or any specific name such as Bluestacks to download the emulator.

wyze app for pc download

Then, the emulator app needs to get installed. For that, the user can tap on the file and then complete the guided installation process. Then the emulator will ask the user to allow some of the permissions that are needed to run the application on the PC.

Download Wyze Cam App

The next thing the user needs to do is log in or create an account in the emulator. This will help them save their history of applications as well as the settings that they used in them. Then after logging in, the user needs to search for the Wyze cam app from the search bar of any browser or play store.

wyze app for pc

The emulator provides an interface to the user on the PC to use the android apps. The emulator needs the apk file to run the application. So, the user needs to download it and then load the file on the emulator.

Running The Application

After the Wyze app for PC download from the emulator, the user needs to run it on the emulator. To do that successfully, the user first has to click on the file of the apk of Wyze Cam app. After a right-click on the app, the user will be shown with options from which they have to select the run with the installed emulator option. The emulator will automatically convert the file to a usable app type in the PC thus serving the purpose of a connecting interface.

When this process of loading the app in the emulator is finished, the user will automatically find a shortcut key created on the desktop for the Wyze Cam app. Now for using the Wyze app, one simply has to double click on the shortcut icon, and then they will be introduced to the app interface.

How To Use Wyze App For PC?

  • After downloading the app from the website or any store, the user needs to install it.
  • Then, they have to load the app for the Wyze cam through the emulator. This will allow the user to access the app with a shortcut icon after the process is finished.

wyze cam app for pc

  • After entering the app from the PC, the user will have an array of options such as Events, discover, shop and account. The user first has to create an account for the same and then the interface will give a quick tutorial on how to use the different functions available in the app.

wyze app for pc download

  • The events section lets the user see the various events that happened inside the house. These events are synced along with the respective dates.
  • The home button at the start will let the user go to the page where they can select options such as I’m home or Go to bed or wake up options. Moreover, the tutorials for using all these features are already present inside the app which the user can watch anytime they want.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ's)

  • Can Wyze cam be used outdoors?

The different camera configurations have different settings which can be controlled through the Wyze app. Various Wyze cam versions allow the user to record various outdoor activities as well. So, it is up to the customer to choose a Wyze cam that can be effective in Outdoor Conditions.

  • Does Wyze cam continuously record events?

The app cools down the camera for 5 minutes when the AI detects the same type of activity eventually getting stored in the cloud. Apart from this, the app continuously monitors the house with cameras.

  • Can someone use a Wyze cam with a PC?

Yes, the user can install the Wyze app with the help of an emulator and run the cameras with the help of this app. The user can avail of all the features of the app on the PC which is present for the mobile app.

  • What’s cloud recording?

Cloud recording is the function of the Wyze app which lets the user record the footage from the events at any desirable cloud location. The user simply has to select a cloud storage space and the app will do the rest.


There are probably thousands of applications that come with their unique cameras and provide the user with a security system. But comparing their prices with the features they provide, and the level of service they give to the customer, it is safe to say that Wyze is probably the best in the market amongst its competitors. The Wyze isn’t just an app for a PC with a camera; it is more of a complete package for all the security needs of a home or office which the user requires for various purposes.

The Wyze cam which comes with a free Wyze app for PC has very smart features. This involves real-time surveillance and high-quality video resolution which can help any customer meet their demand. It delivers an excellent performance as well as gives satisfactory results that one can’t find anywhere else. This is the most capable app for handling security cameras. The Wyze cam comes with its mic and speaker helping the user to communicate with the people at home or office very easily.



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